Belly Fat and the Number 1 Fat Making Hormone: Insulin

Understand how Insulin works in the body and how it impacts on Belly Fat and other life threatening conditions
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Understand how managing Insulin will reduce Belly Fat
Understand how Insulin increases fat
Understand the relationship between Insulin and Diabetes
Understand Insulin Resistance and how it manifests
Understand how Insulin works in the body
Take positive steps to reducing Insulin Resistance


  • Chat with your family to establish their support, especially if you are the one doing the meal planning
  • No prior preparation or knowledge necessary


Creeping weight gain and belly fat are more than just uncomfortable and unsightly.  They are an indication of increasing Insulin Resistance that may lead to Diabetes as well as increase risks of many life threatening diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer. While Type 2 diabetes used to be a condition only affecting adults, even children as young as 8 are being diagnosed with T2D nowadays and the growing numbers are cause for serious concern. While we are fortunate to have the internet at our disposal, most of us are too busy to search for articles to help us understand how Insulin acts on a cellular level, that may lead to belly fat and more serious health conditions.

If you answer yes to questions such as:

1. My belly is larger than my hips.

2. I crave foods, especially in the afternoon

3. I get a mid afternoon slump

4. I, or a family member have been diagnosed with diabetes

Then this course is for you. 

So many life threatening disease can be avoided with sugar management and for most of us, it is not because we are unwilling to make changes, it is because we simply do not know what changes to make, that we simply give up.

Belly Fat and the Number 1 Fat Making Hormone: Insulin, will explain exactly what Insulin's role is in a healthy body and how this can go awry. This course will explain how Insulin has a prominent role in making us fat and what steps we can take, even if we have already been diagnosed with Diabetes, in minimizing or reversing the deleterious impact on our body.  In so doing, our 'fat making' processes will slow down to become manageable and even disappear. 

Specifically this course will:

1. Address the first indicator of Insulin Resistance, Belly Fat and give you an understanding of why sugars and Insulin contribute, plus tools to begin the process of reducing you belly AND resucing risks of other chronic diseases associated with an enlarging belly. Insulin is the number 1 player in this process.

  • Increase your understanding of Insulin in a normal body and why 'just enough' Insulin is essential for life itself
  • Explain how a poor diet gradually increases cellular mismanagement of Insulin without us knowing this is happening, except for  growing, stubborn middle fat
  • List serious health dangers associated with Insulin Resistance and Diabetes
  • Explain what habits we may have that exacerbate the growing Insulin resistance
  • Explain What to change for greatest Impact.
  • Give downloadable PDF's for easy reference and increased understanding

Why take this Course?

The only way to begin to reduce stubborn Middle Fat and turn your health around is to start at grass roots.  Crash diets, off the shelf powders and quick detox solutions, as well as calorie cutting, simply do not work,  Extra hours at the gym, while beneficial in other ways, do not result in weight loss, nor do they affect cellular health, if they are not accompanied by changes in Insulin management. The single biggest change that will impact on health and longevity is to change INSULIN IMPACT in the body.  The negative spiral to our mood as well as to our health starts with the small and creeping changes that happen slowly, leading to weight gain, depression and exhaustion. Insulin is at the root of all these problems.  As with everything, increasing understanding of why something happens, arms us with information about what to change as well as increases our sustainability when we make these changes. 

The course will explain why Insulin  and sugars are at the root.  It will show you where sugar hides in foods we would NEVER suspect so we can make choices to avoid those foods and this course will Show you what foods are the biggest culprits in weight gain and these are not only the sweet foods. Plus, this course will show you why making adjustments as to when we eat and how often we eat, also impacts on our insulin management and weight gain..

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for people who have Belly Fat
  • People who have been diagnosed with Insulin Resistance or Diabetes and want to understand more
  • Parents who want to understand the impact of poor diet and sugary treats on their child
  • People who have Diabetic family members whom they want to help
  • People who have parents or grandparents with Diabetes and who want to ensure that they do not follow on the same path
  • This course is only one step in the journey towards health, albeit the first impactful one


Functional Medicine Practitioner
Jules Allen-Rowland
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I trained initially as a podiatrist and then went on to do a Bachelor's Degree in psychology and communication. I live in South Africa and have a private podiatry practice specializing in diabetic and arthritic patients, but subsequent to that, I  studied Exercise Science (SA), Health and Nutrition (UK) and Functional Medicine (USA).  Functional medicine looks at the interplay between our genes, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and stress and how that relates to health and chronic, non communicable conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and ageing. My sub- studies include, pain management, detoxification, gut management, energy management, hormone and sexual health. I am concerned at the downward spiral in health care and believe strongly that much of our health status lies within our own power.  Education is everything but most of us do not have the time to sift through the information to establish what will work for us in our own unique context. This course aims at changing that. I am committed to empowering people so they are informed and can make health choices that will impact positively on their life and vitality.

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