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As Python is the preferred language for new technologies such as Data Science and Machine Learning,Writing basic and simple coding in Python, can be understood here.
Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. For that, learning Programming In Python is advantageous.


  • Need to have interest in learning programming
  • Get excited about coding
  • Basic Python is where you get to learn syntax, keywords, conditions, loops, data types, functions, exception handling, tkinter etc
  • Refer to this Youtube Account for more information on Python Programming - TechnoVaidya


Why Python? 1

Reasons for Python as the learner are the first programming language.

Introduction to the IDLE interpreter (shell) and its documentation.

Building Blocks of Program: Data, Data Types, Data Binding, Variables, Constants, Declaration, Operations on Data such as assignment, arithmetic, relational, logical operations, dry run, and variables used.

Develop Code using Python: Features, basic syntax, Writing and executing a simple program, Basic Data Types such as numbers, strings, etc.

Declaring variables, Performing assignments, arithmetic operations, Simple input-output Sequence Control:

Precedence of operators, Type conversion Conditional Statements: if, if-else, nested if-else.

Looping: for, while, nested loops Control statements: Terminating loops, skipping specific conditions

Collection Manipulation: declaring strings, string functions, Lists, Tuples.

Functions And Modules: Defining a function, calling a function, Advantages of functions, types of functions, function parameters, Formal parameters, Actual parameters, global and local variables,

GUI Programming in Python (using Tkinter/wxPython/Qt) What is GUI, Advantages of GUI, Introduction to GUI library. Layout management, events, and bindings, fonts, colors, drawing on canvas (line, oval, rectangle, etc.) Widgets: frame, label, button, check button, entry, Listbox, message, radio button, text, spinbox, etc.

Finally, the role of Python in ML and NLP.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to learn programming
  • Python for anybody:Basic To Advanced Concepts
  • Python developers are curious about Data Science, AI and ML.


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25+ research papers in various National and International conferences in my credit along with few books and articles in ACM, IEEE, Elsevier and Developer IQ magazine. Acting as a reviewer for the journals like IEEE Access, ASSA, IGI Global, and many other prestigious journals.

Acted as a Udemy Instructor for Beginning with Python Programming(Free) course

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