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Highlight on Parts of Guitar, Music Formula Use of Plectrum, Practice dedication and Time for Music
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How to Play 3-4 Songs in an appreciable manner


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This will give a clear Picture for a beginner who wants to learn guitar. Right from knowing the guitar to playing the guitar a person will know which guitar to choose for learning, how to involve in practice sessions. He/She would get a brief understanding about why tuning is important? why choose acoustic guitar? why maintenance is important? why music Formula is important, Why practical is as important as theory? All of these questions would be answered here.

All these Topics - along with use of plectrum, knowing about finger names and numbers, Music formula, seating position with the guitar, different types of guitar in detail ,how to deliver in standing and playing of guitar, what is a lead, whats a chord, whats a plucking, how to sing along with the guitar, how to differentiate between bass strings and treble strings, use of belt, how to hold the guitar, movement of right and left hand, how it is important to use both Right hand and left hand, study of guitar parts in detail, , why guitar is called a un-tuned instrument, plectrum playing sound and without plectrum style, whoever watches this course would be in the Right frame of mind to start up with the guitar courses.

Who this course is for:

  • One who wants to learn guitar as a fresher and has no prior knowledge in guitar learning

Course content

1 section11 lectures30m total length
  • Introduction
  • Parts of the Guitar and Types of guitar
  • Parts of the Guitar Continued
  • Parts of the Guitar Final Words
  • Choosing your guitar - Acoustic
  • Maintenance of Guitar
  • Maintenance of Guitar continued
  • Use of Plectrum
  • Practice, dedication and giving time for music
  • Music Formula
  • Conclusion


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My Name is Praveen.Wilson I hail form Bangalore India. I am very passionate towards music currently working as a Music tutor, my talents are singing, playing guitar and keyboard proficiently, learning violin and drums and some small percussion instruments, which really helps in recording and composing  Music is something which i have been liking it, have been listening to it and playing musical instruments now has taken me to such a level that i choose music as my career and I did the right choice in my life. It was a little late though, better late than never. Now being a tutor trying to release my own albums have released a dozen. Therefore teaching, composing music, spreading the love of music is what currently i am interested in and doing it efficiently. Thank you so much for checking me out. Please watch my course videos. definitely you will be benefited I Promise.

Keep learning Music, Keep enjoying music, Spread the love of music,

Thanking you,

Praveen Wilson.