Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency by TraderCobb

Learn all about Bitcoin and Blockchain and why NOW is the time to learn all about it.
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What is Bitcoin? Learn about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the hugely lucrative Crypto asset market, and how you can capitalise.
In this course you will learn what opportunities exist within this new emerging market that many are comparing to the internet in 1993, yes you still have time. An absolute MUST for anyone looking to understand in plain English what Blockchain and Crypto is and how you can make life changing returns.


  • An interest in alternative investment strategies.
  • A good knowledge of computers and strong internet connection.


Want to learn about blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the hugely lucrative crypto asset market?

Then this course is for you. In this course you will learn what opportunities exist within this new emerging market that many are comparing to the internet in 1993, yes you still have time. An absolute MUST for anyone looking to understand in plain English what blockchain and crypto is and how you can make life changing returns.

Who this course is for:

  • People who wish to really grasp the emerging technologies of Blockchain and how Cryptocurrency can change our world!

Course content

1 section5 lectures41m total length
  • Introduction - What is Blockchain?
  • What is Bitcoin? How about its adoption and benefits?
  • Supply and Demand, plus an introduction to Candlesticks
  • Let's talk about Altcoins, how to buy Cryptocurrency and get it back to Fiat!
  • How to profit using Cryptocurrency
  • Get started in Cryptocurrency - What have your learned?
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Cryptocurrency Trading Expert
Craig Cobb
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TraderCobb's Story

TraderCobb offers education courses that teach anyone how to trade cryptocurrencies using his simple Checklist Based strategies. It's simple and it works across all time frames and regardless of whether the market is going up or down.

Cryptocurrency trading has turned many part time investors into millionaires over the last few years, and the returns are growing at a rapid rate due to the influx of interest into the markets. Now is the time to get ahead of the pack and learn the skills that will allow you to capitalise on this next wave of wealth transfer.

It is important you choose the right partner to learn how to trade effectively. You need to feel confident in their ability and track record, and be able to easily understand their language and terminology. TraderCobb’s no nonsense approach and seamless delivery makes it so easy to follow and implement. Our Trading Courses let you work at your own speed and at a time that fits your schedule. You can revisit the course material at any time to review the knowledge base. 

To get different results, you need to do something different. We understand that everyone learns differently and has different amounts of time to dedicate to learning a new industry/skill. With this in mind, we deliver our courses in several different formats – videos, slide decks and checklists for you to use every day, as you trade. TraderCobb also offers “over the shoulder” view of daily cryptocurrency reviews. 

During his 15 plus years experience in traditional markets like stocks, FX, commodities and bonds (as well as over 6 years as a mentor to tens of thousands of traders), TraderCobb has worked with some of the biggest names in trading. Having travelled the world, presenting his knowledge to traders, who were looking to either make trading their new life or improve upon their current trading skills, TraderCobb has now brought this amazing program to life online. 

TraderCobb and his team are dedicated to bringing a new standard of education to the cryptocurrency marketplace. The rapid, explosive growth of the cryptocurrency market, has created sharks a plenty, and TraderCobb aims to bring a level of professionalism not yet seen in this fledgling market.

We have created these courses to give you the edge against other novice investors, and to hopefully flush out all the education providers who lack experience, have a poor track record and offer their clients flimsy strategy. We respect you, and we really want to teach you the best way to revolutionise your trading results, by sharing what has worked for us. It’s time to share our wisdom and give back.

Everything we teach is geared towards creating an objective and logical thought process, with a set of simple rules that when combined, create potential strategies for entry, stop losses and targets to aid ones trading results. We have no desire to teach you everything on the internet about technical analysis, because most of it has little to no value.

Rather, we will focus on providing you with the tools, structures, routines and support to become the best trader you can be with focused strategies, unlike the plethora of technical analysis tools and courses out there, that leave you more confused than when you started!