Beginner Strumming 15-Video Digital Course

Acoustic or Electric
English [Auto]
Guitar strum patterns made EASY
Practice tips to "lock in" your strumming
Learn arpeggios the simple way
Advanced strum patterns when you're ready
Learn to strum rhythmically and musically with ease, even if you don't think you're a "natural"
Learn how to commit your new-found strumming skills to muscle memory.
Take your strumming to the next level by adding sophistication and texture to your playing.
Discover the magic of playing "liquid chords" to create a fast and flowing sound you and others will love to hear.


  • All you need is an acoustic or electric guitar


Who are you?

Hey guys, my name is Tim Gilberg, and I'm the founder and president of Guitar Jamz, which for nearly ten years has been one of the Web's leading guitar instruction portals. We've taught tens of thousands of guitar students around the world with an all-star roster of instructors.  

The best known among those popular teachers is Marty Schwartz. Marty teaches this course and has a massively loyal fan base because he has a way of breaking every technique down to its smallest piece ... and he always keeps it FUN in the process.

This approach has resulted in nearly a billion worldwide views on our various online channels, but what's most important is the feedback we get every day from our students. They regularly report "a-ha" moments and exclamations of, "Wow, I can finally play that!" all because of the detailed, step-by-step nature of Marty's lessons. This is especially true for beginner guitarists — even those who feel they don't have a musical bone in their body.

Now let me tell you about this course. It's called "Beginner Strumming Secrets," and it's absolutely perfect if you're just starting out for guitar.  The lessons are shown with an acoustic guitar, but you can use an electric guitar if you wish.

What's this course about, exactly?

This 15-video lesson series is the perfect supplement to a beginner guitar course. How? By teaching you how to strum easily and naturally. You'll be taught a variety of common strum patterns, and you'll be shown how to play them in a free-wheeling manner. You'll also be given ways to spice up your strumming by learning special enhancements such as palm muting, rhythmic slapping, chucking, and picking. You'll also learn about all the elements that fit into strumming, such as what a measure is, and what the different types of notes are.

What will I be able to do by the end of this course?

Simply put, you'll be able to strum you guitar in an easy, free-wheeling way. Do you ever wonder how experienced players can strum their guitars in such a relaxed and care-free manner, as if playing their instrument was as easy and natural as breathing?  Well, this course helps get you there.

Is this course for me?

This course if for you if you're just starting out on guitar.  It will be helpful if you know just a few of the simple chords starting out. No knowledge of music theory is necessary. This is a basic course on strumming. While it's probably too basic if you are already an intermediate player, the lessons do give some helpful strumming techniques and practice exercises if you feel you would like your strumming to flow more naturally.

Why should I take this course?

Look, there's already a ton of lessons online that show you how to play chords ... how to change chords ... but it's really hard to find pinpointed instruction on how to specifically improve the quality of your strumming.  This is a very focused course on a very specific — and crucial — technique: strumming. Strumming naturally and easily is a goal of every guitar player, and this course will help get you there

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to strum a guitar

Course content

1 section15 lectures1h 21m total length
  • Learn some common strumming patterns to help you develop your rhythm.
  • Learn a fairly easy rhythm using what Marty calls the "Super G."
  • Here you'll learn to master another simple strumming pattern. By adding new pat
  • The strum pattern you learn in this video builds off the previous lesson by addi
  • Learn another useful and easy strum pattern to use in various songs. The E Mino
  • You'll learn a straightforward strum pattern with a simple twist added — you'll
  • Here we speed up the strum pattern a bit with some chords mixed in. You'll alre
  • Now you'll learn how to break up your strum patterns with arpeggios. This is wh
  • In this video, you'll learn a picking pattern with single notes again in the sty
  • Here you'll learn a commonly used strum pattern that is one of the most valuable
  • In this video you'll learn how to add special effects to your strum patterns. T
  • Here you'll learn the popular technique known as palm muting, which is a nice “d
  • Learn yet another strum pattern, this one a little "sadder" in tone. Learning t
  • Here you'll learn another strum pattern, but time using a triplet, which is thre
  • Here Marty passes along some valuable advice in conclusion. Among other things,


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Guitar Jamz has long been recognized as one of the Web's premier guitar instruction portals. Delivering lessons in a wide variety of genres andstyles such as blues, rock and soloing, it features world-renowned instructor Marty Schwartz and a well-known roster of guitar teachers. These include legendary L.A. session master Tim Pierce, John Konesky of Tenacious D fame, Brett "Papastache" Papa, and others.

Marty Schwartz alone has garnered nearly a billion views online with his various video lessons.  He is known for an approachable, "user-friendly" style, as well detailed, step-by-step methods that deliver results faster than conventional teaching methods.