Animate Anything with PuppetMaster

Make animated videos out of your artwork, toys, pets, friends, anything you like - just by moving your body or hands!
How to easily animate anything, using the PuppetMaster app.
An easier alternative to stop motion, cel, or keyframe animation.
Animate your artwork, toys, pets, friends, anything!
Move characters with your hands or your whole body, and make them talk with your voice.


  • You'll need an iPad or iPhone, with the PuppetMaster app installed. PuppetMaster is available on Apple's App Store.


Learn to user the PuppetMaster app, to easily make animated videos out of anything you want. You'll see exactly how to navigate the app, and how to turn toys or artwork into animatable "puppets", mixing the physical and digital worlds. You'll also animate the puppets with screen touch and motion capture methods, against any background you wish, all while making the characters talk with our your own voice. This is a great activity for kids, or creative people of any age.

You can get the PuppetMaster app on your iPad or iPhone, on the App Store.

NOTE: Michal Finegold, the creator of this course, is also the creator and seller of the PuppetMaster app.

Who this course is for:

  • Kids curious about animation
  • Beginner aspiring animators of all ages
  • Video artists looking to add animation to their repertoire
  • Creative people of all ages who like art, crafting, photography, or storytelling
  • Anyone looking for faster alternatives to stop motion

Course content

1 section15 lectures31m total length
  • Introduction
  • Overview of PuppetMaster
  • Animating With Your Fingers
  • Animate Two Puppets Together
  • Create Your Own Puppets and Backgrounds
  • Animate With Your Whole Body
  • Using Both Hands and All Your Fingers
  • Easiest Puppets to Animate
  • Make and Animate Recycled Paper Bird
  • Choosing a Good Background for Your Puppet
  • Using Tutorials Within the App
  • Idea: Your Favorite Song
  • Idea: Animate a Dream
  • Idea: Make a Diorama Background
  • Idea: Animate Dolls in a Dollhouse


Computer Animation Professional
Michal Finegold
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
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Michal Finegold is a visual effects professional and software engineer. She is also an avid artist and proud mom who wants to encourage creativity in people of all ages. Her dream is to help everyone tell visual stories.

With years of experience in film and television, Michal has worked worked on projects such as The Hobbit, Captain America, Happy Feet Two, and the Geico Gecko. She has taught at the college level at places such as New York’s School of Visual Arts, and teaches art and animation workshops to children in schools and after school programs.