6 Way of Befriending Emotion from Eastern Wisdom Perspective

Various Ways to Support Your Emotional Healing and Befriending Your Emotions through Eastern Wisdom Perspective
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6 Ways of Befriending Emotions from Eastern Wisdom Perspective
3 Kind of Approach to Emotions
2 Kind of Right Attitude toward our Raw Emotions and Reactions
Support System to Enhance Your Emotional Healing
Practical Techniques to Elevate your Energy while Healing Your Emotions
Short Yet Powerful Meditation to Familiarize Yourself with Your Space-Like Wisdom


  • No prerequisites. Just open heart and open mind to explore the foundational and technical aspect of Befriending Your Emotions


6 Way of Befriending Emotion from Eastern Wisdom Perspective

Various Ways to Support Your Emotional Healing and Befriending Your Emotions through Eastern Wisdom Perspective

Do you feel that sometimes your emotion is difficult to handle?

Do you want to change the way your emotion affecting you and your daily, even social life?

Are you looking for the answer on how to transform your emotion but don't have much time to learn?

If you answer yes to one of those question, this course is suitable for you!

It is nothing unusual for all of us for putting our emotion and inner feeling aside when it comes to work or socializing with other people. It is something normal for almost all of us as part of modern society. But what we never told by was the fact that it could cause problem that would be hard to solve if not taken seriously as soon as possible, using the right method. The problem may not arise immediately but for long term it could make a kind of bomb that can explode later any time in our life. That is why we have to know how to deal with it, how to deal with this friend that reside inside of us.

In this course we will explain in series of brief videos about how to befriending and transforming our feeling.

With Andreas, we will explore some ways and wisdoms from East Traditions regarding how to not just simply handle our emotion, but knowing the more effective way to heal ourselves.

With simple explanation and method, this course will be very beneficial for all of you who want to reconnect with your feeling and emotion and in result be more peaceful naturally.

Our Genuine Prayer

Our Genuine Prayer, this module could bring some benefit into your life. May all of your beautiful aspiration be fulfilled. May our journey could be a part for all sentient beings to recognize their true nature. Ultimate Happiness which is the essence of yourself.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to explore meditation to calm the mind and open the heart
  • People who want to Befriending their emotions
  • People which undergo their emotional healing right now
  • People who do trauma healing and want to strengthen their foundation
  • People who want to learn and enrich their relations toward the emotions
  • People who want to learn the eastern wisdom about the emotions


Founder of Inner Peace Indonesia - Meditation Bali
Andreas Pasolympia
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Learning. Exploring. Into the deepest of human potential. Unfolding every aspect of its finite and infinite nature. Everything.

Andreas is the student of Universe since his early childhood. Learning and exploring realities always has been his interest. Exploring sadness and happiness of human experiences, since 10 years old he begun to questioning reality and take turn to the art of human development. "Who am I ? What is my deepest essence ? What is our innate nature ?", Andreas always pondering in his solitude.

Begun teaching several alternative healing modalities of the Eastern Culture at the age of 10, he then exploring West modalities of human development when he is in Junior High School. Then after learning by himself, Andreas pursues hundreds of certification of West modalities and begun professionally training people, corporate parties, government, and communities. Also academically earn Magna Cum Laude in Communication Studies.

Coming Home into The Eastern Direction

After pursuing many knowledge, Andreas has not yet been found what he search. The Ultimate Happiness, the essence of this reality. Then at 2012 he begun experiencing some unusual experiences, realizing deeply that our true nature is not limited to this body and mental faculties.

Wondering about his experiences, Andreas searching and clarifying his truth. Then he study with many teachers and living masters from Indonesia, Tibet, India, Vietnam, and many more. He gains understanding and conviction from many traditions, that what he experiences is actually just a pure fact. Actual fact that our essence is actually Vast, Open, and Luminous like a sky.

Bringing This Path into The World

Still embodying his understanding every day, Andreas now live in Bali with his wife. Together spreading Ancient Indonesian and Eastern Approach to Recognizing Our Inner Peace. Sometimes he manifest as Meditation Teacher in Bali, or teaching Meditation in Bali, or just manifest a teaching or a retreat whatever related to Meditation Bali or Meditation Teacher Bali.

Eventhough what Andreas teaches is beyond that, he want to convey a concept which many people could understand first.Through Inner Peace Indonesia, he aspire to bring benefits into all. With his embodiment, presence, and teaching as his life callings.

Teaching in Udemy

The hobby of Andreas is teaching. Through Udemy, Andreas is very grateful because he can teach and benefits people who are open to his exploration. In Udemy Andreas will teach mainly about Human Exploration and Transformation. Such as Meditation, Eastern Healing, and directly exploring Consciousness.

Sometimes Andreas also will teach about Communication, Culture, and other human exploration path which could benefits the audiences who enrolls to his courses.

Andreas will teach in two languages mainly, English and Bahasa Indonesia. To benefits different audiences and interest groups. But in his heart, the deepest purpose is always the same. Whether directly or indirectly, all his modules is intent to help people recognize their innate beauty and happiness. The deepest essence of humanity, which is free, open, and full of potentiality.

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