Become A Freelancer

A business where you can charge $20 - $100+ an hour while working from anywhere you want.
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 (332 ratings)
13,133 students
Become A Freelancer
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 (332 ratings)
13,133 students
At the end of my course, students will able to create their Upwork's account or other accounts on freelancing websites. Start working on their profiles, start bidding and earning calmly.


  • Students needs to know, how to use websites, writing and verbal experience is a plus.

Are you looking to build HUGE WEALTH from an online online?

You might like to have more fun and less frustration in your life.

You might want experience the freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss.

You might seek to maximize your personal profit and create a richer, more rewarding lifestyle for you and your family.

You might have great product ideas you’re passionate about. But lack the systems and tools to market and sell them almost effortlessly, to people who are going to really benefit from them.

Then Become A Freelancer, is for you ...

In a matter of minutes you’re going to be on the quick and easy path to generating magnetic high value business. Without the time, stress and hassle that most others put up with.

You’re going to develop one of the highest earning skills on the planet: - More valuable and highly sought after than an MBA. Simply put ... "The ability to put down words that get people to give you their money".

This course is specifically designed to..

  • Raise your personal revenue
  • Help you to carve out your credibility with new clients
  • Accumulate authority in the marketplace

Get skills for becoming a better, faster and higher earning freelancer. And be equipped to TRANSFORM your business and other peoples businesses to be more profitable and valuable than ever before.

Click the "take this course" button (see top right) ... every moment delayed your missed earnings.

By investing in the course, you can virtually bypass decades of frustration, stress and hassle and get golden nuggets of marketing knowledge and get those insightful 'ah-ha' moments that can change your life forever.

As a bonus you can:

  • Be your own boss. Work as much as you want.
  • Live a less stressful and more fun life.
  • Experience freedom to do what you want without needing anyone else's permission.
  • Differentiate from your competitors
  • Gain financial security for true freedom and independence
  • Get explosive growth in your key markets
Who this course is for:
  • This course is designed for those who don't know anything about Freelancing and Upwork. How to find the job, write proposal and how to get the payment.
5 sections • 40 lectures • 1h 16m total length
  • About Freelancer
  • Freelancing And You - Part 01
  • Freelancing And You - Part 02
  • Freelancing And You - Part 03
  • Freelancing Websites
  • Sneaky Research (With Homework)
  • Ins and outs
  • Dive intp Upwork - Part 01
  • Dive intp Upwork - Part 02
  • Dive intp Upwork - Part 03
  • Dive intp Upwork - Part 04
  • Complete The Profile - Part 01
  • Complete The Profile - Part 02
  • Complete The Profile - Part 03
  • Complete The Profile - Part 04
  • Complete The Profile - Part 05
  • Complete The Profile - Part 06
  • Complete The Profile - Part 07
  • Complete The Profile - Part 08
  • Complete The Profile - Part 09
  • Complete Tests - Part 01
  • Complete Tests - Part 02
  • User Manual
  • Job Hunt - Part 01
  • Job Hunt - Part 02
  • Job Hunt - Part 03
  • Job Hunt - Part 04
  • Writing Proposal - Part 01
  • Writing Proposal - Part 02
  • Writing Proposal - Part 03
  • Building A Lifestyle - Part 01
  • Building A Lifestyle - Part 02
  • Building A Lifestyle - Part 03
  • Working With Clients - Part 01
  • Working With Clients - Part 02
  • Working With Clients - Part 03
  • Working With Clients - Part 04
  • Getting Paid Part 01
  • Getting Paid Part 02
  • Final Thoughts

Succeed. Don't Just Survive.
Nibras Hijazi
  • 3.8 Instructor Rating
  • 332 Reviews
  • 13,133 Students
  • 1 Course

I am Nibras Hijazi, Software Engineering geek possess gigantic amount of work undergo from Software Development to Technical Writing
(Web Development to Business Field).

I'm currently working with four organizations as a volunteer developer for the betterment of orphans. I am the president of Student's Fellowship at Department of Computer Science (University of Karachi) and has won multitude awards in numerous IT competitions. I'd done more then 30+ projects including Web Development, Software Development, SRS, Technical Writing, Data Researching, Data Mining, Scraping, Revamp, MySQL, Black Box and White Box Testing, Designing etc. I'm currently working with three multinational websites (e-commerce) and busy with considerable freelance work. I'd completed my freelance assignments for US, Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and Turkey clients.