Become Full-Time Freelancer In 2021 (The Full Course)

Fast-Track Your Freelancing Journey, Achieve Complete Freedom & Get Paid Well
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How to define the freelancer lifestyle you want and how to achieve it.
The importance of standing out and how to make you the only choice for new clients.
The best way to price your services to maximise profit.
How to become a trustworthy authority figure in your market and industry.
How to strategically design your portfolio to win bigger budget clients.
Build a personal brand which can open up doors to exciting new opportunities.
How to build a profitable client base from zero, to allow you to freelance full-time.
How to use social proof to become the thought leader in your market & industry.
Manage client's expectations to guide them seamlessly through your process.
Hire the best talent to help improve your business and help it grow.


  • No requirements! Just the motivation to have the freedom, happiness and wealth which comes with being a successful freelancer full-time.


The world is changing. And more and more people are moving to freelance work, to help them achieve a better lifestyle and income for themselves and their family.

Learn everything you need to know to make the transition from your current career to becoming a respected and trusted expert in your field of expertise.

Every lesson is designed to help you identify ways to build your reputation and promote your business so you can stand out and encourage clients to choose you.

You'll discover little techniques and secrets to speeding up your ability to become a full-time freelancer and live a life of freedom, wealth and happiness.

You have the opportunity to become a well-known specialist in your field. You'll learn the foundation that consistently generates client leads that translate into attracting higher paying clients with bigger budgets.

By investing in this course, you'll know what you need to do to effortlessly make your way towards a more profitable and fulfilling freelancing career. You'll know how to be your own boss, and how to put your goals in motion.

Whether you're currently freelancing part-time or you're stuck in a job that you want to get out of, I'll show you how to become a successful freelancer and put your destiny very much in your own hands.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in becoming a professional freelancer.
  • Current freelancers who want to go full-time with their freelancing services.
  • This is not a course for people who expects success overnight.

Course content

2 sections14 lectures48m total length
  • An Introduction To Freelancing
  • Defining Your Lifestyle & Business Goals
  • A Very Important Message
  • Finding Your 'Thing'
  • Pricing Your Services For Maximum Profit
  • How To Build Authority From Zero
  • Building Your Portfolio To Win More Clients


Clementine House Branding Agency & Brighter Freelance
Scott Lancaster
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Scott has worked with thousands of businesses, from large established brands generating millions in revenue annually to humble start ups trying to make their very first sale.

He is passionate about branding, communication and education. Scott is on a mission to help as many people as possible around the world embrace their passion and build a business doing what they love.

His passion for empowering businesses with the power of branding is always results driven, making him the go-to brand building consultant for every client he works with.

He’s the author of the book Parallel: Exploring How Meaningful Connections Are Created in Life, Love & Business. A book which has changed the lives and businesses of thousands of people in over 27 countries.

He is the founder & director of Clementine House Branding Agency & Brighter Freelance. At Clementine House, Scott works directly with carefully selected companies to help them accelerate their brand's growth and profitability. Brighter Freelance is solely focused on giving back and educating anyone, anywhere how to become the best freelancer they can be.

His experience in branding and marketing during his time working at a leading branding agency in the UK.

Since then, Scott has worked as a consultant advising and guiding multiple advertising agencies on a consultancy basis, to help them serve their clients better.

He has educated crowds at multiple events, helping them understand the concept of branding and how to accelerate their businesses growth. Most recently, Scott partnered with the Hilton Hotel to host a 3-hour brand building crash course to help local businesses in his community thrive during the current economy.

He has founded multiple brands and co-founded various companies before focusing solely on consulting and helping other brands around the world.