Become a Certified Web Developer
4.6 (2,049 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Become a Certified Web Developer

Complete coverage of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP while you Earn Four Respected Certificatons
4.6 (2,049 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
29,902 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Prepare for Industry Certification Exam
  • Earn Certification that is Proof of your Competence
  • Hours and Hours of Video Instruction
  • Dozens of Code Examples to Download and Study
  • Over 25 Engaging Lab Exercises
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  • All Free Tools
  • Comprehensive Coverage of HTML and CSS
  • Client Side Programming with Javascript
  • Server Side Development with PHP
  • Learn Database Development with mySQL
Course content
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+ Certified HTML5 Specialist 2019
18 lectures 02:42:28
Heading Tags
Paragraph Tags
More Text Markup
CSS Text
Div and Span


Please note that the lab download is now available at Please disregard the link listed in PDF below.

Google Fonts
CSS Libraries
Box Model

Important Note:  The download link is now for the lab exercise in this section!

Page Layout

Final Project to Earn your Certificate.

Final Project
+ Certified CSS Specialist 2019
9 lectures 01:47:04
CSS Basics
All About Styling Text
Complex Selectors
Styling Forms and Buttons
The CSS Box Model Revisited
Understanding CSS Postioning
Responsive Design with CSS
CSS Transitions and Animations
Working with CSS Sprite Sheets
+ JavaScript Specialist 2019
15 lectures 03:07:21
Write Your First Lines of Code
JavaScript Variables
Understanding Operators
Decisions... Decisions
Around and Around
Classes and Objects
ES6: Let and Const
ES6: Functions
ES6: Maps
ES6: Sets
ES6: JSON and Destructuring
ES6: Classes and Objects
ES6: Promises
+ (OLDER- For Reference) HTML 5 Specialist: First Steps in HTML
9 lectures 36:17

Mark Welcomes you to the course

Welcome to the course

Mark explains the HTML5 Specialist Designation and how it fits into the Web Development Professional Certification Program

About the Specialist Designation

Learn about your Instructor Mark Lassoff

About the Instructor

Make your first HTML Page in just minutes!

Preview 09:34

Quickstart in HTML

Obtain the Tools of the Trade

You’ll understand the structure common to all documents in HTML5

Learning Basic Document Structure

What is an element? What is a tag? What is an attribute? How about a value. Learn the vocabulary of HTML5

Anatomy of a Tag- The only vocabulary you need to know

The lab exercise for the chapter is explained

Section lab Video PDF and Solution
Wrap-Up Section 1
+ (OLDER - For Reference) Everything you wanted to know about formatting text
12 lectures 36:13

Mark sets the stage for what you will learn in Section 2 of the course

Welcome to Section 2

Learn how to use paragraph tags.

Paragraph Tags

Understand how to use break tags in documents.

Break Tags

Display preformatted text with the <pre> tag

Preformatted Text

Mark discusses the <h1> through the <h6> tag

HTML5 Heading Tags

Display Ordered Lists and Unordered Lists in HTML5.


Understand how to properly markup quotations and citations in HTML5.

Quotations and Citations

Understand how to format text in HTML5 as bold or italics.

Formatting: Bold, Italics and More

Learn how to markup computer code in HTML5.

Computer Code

Understand other containers for text content in HTML5. Divs and HTML5 new containers are covered.

HTML5 Containers

The lab exercise for the chapter is explained.

Section Lab Video, PDF and Solution

Mark wraps up the content discussed in Section 2.

Wrap-Up Section 2
+ (OLDER - For Reference) Hyperlinks- Connecting Pages and Content
7 lectures 24:32

Mark  sets the stage for what you will learn in Section 3 of the course 

Welcome to Section 3

You'll learn how to create links between pages in site 

Creating an internal link

Mark will demonstrate how to create a link to external content or pages

Linking to the outside world

You'll learn how to determine where a linked document opens 

The Target Attribute

Mark will demonstrate how to use anchors to help users navigate long pages

Anchors to Navigate Long Pages

Lab Exercise for Section 3

Section Lab, Video, PDF and SOlution

Wrap-up for section  3

Wrap-Up Section 3
+ (OLDER - For Reference) Digital Media
9 lectures 37:21

Mark sets the stage for what you will learn in Section 4 of the course.

Welcome to Section 4

You’ll learn how to insert images into a document.

Inserting Images
Creating Image Links
Understanding Image and Image Size
Sizing Images Responsively
Playing and Controlling Audio
Playing and Controlling Video
Section Lab Video, PDF and Solution
Wrap-Up Section 4
+ (OLDER - For Reference) Displaying Data in Tables and iFrames
10 lectures 28:35

Mark sets the stage for what you will learn in Section 5 of the course.

Welcome to Section 5

You’ll learn how to create a table to hold tabular data.

Defining a Table

Mark will demonstrate the border attribute of a table.

Defining Border of a Table

You’ll learn how to determine the width of a table and the width of individual cells within the table.

Determining Table and Cell Width

Learn how to use headings in your table.

Defining Table Headers

Learn how to use headings in your table.

Spanning Multiple Rows and Columns

How to use iFrames to display content from other domains.

Inserting iFrame Content

Mark demonstrates how to add the caption to a table.

Adding a table caption

The lab exercise for the section is explained.

Section lab Video, PDF and Solution

Mark wraps up the content discussed in Section 5.

Wrap-Up Section 5
+ (OLDER - For Reference) Interacting with the User Via Forms
12 lectures 51:04

Welcome to Section 6

Welcome to Section 6

You’ll learn how to define a form using the <form> element.

Defining the form

Mark demonstrates obtaining text input.

Text Input

Mark demonstrates techniques to limit the range of text inputs that users can enter.

Limiting Text input
Multiple Choice

The Submit and Reset buttons are presented to allow form submission.

Form Submission

You’ll learn how to tie generic buttons to Javascript code that creates interactivity.

Generic Buttons

Mark will demonstrate how to work with date inputs into forms.

Date Inputs

You’ll learn how to work with numerical input in forms.

Numerical Inputs

Mark will demonstrate how to organize your form with <fieldset>.

Organizing a form with fieldsets

The lab exercise for the section is explained.

Section Lab Video, PDF and Solution

Mark wraps up the content discussed throughout this section.

Wrap-up Section 6
+ (OLDER - For Reference) Professional HTML5 Practice
9 lectures 35:57

Mark sets the stage for what you will learn in Section 7 of the course.

Welcome to Section 7

You’ll learn how to comment code like a pro.

Commenting your code

You’ll learn how to comment code like a pro.

Meta Tags

You’ll learn how to work with both internal <script> tags and external Javascript files.

Inserting External Javascript Code

You’ll learn a number of techniques to best prepare your site for indexing by search engines.

Search Engine Readiness

Mark will explain the role of the hexadecimal color system used in HTML5.

It's a Colorful Wordl

You’ll learn some of the primary API’s available with HTML5 that can be implemented with Javascript.

Identifying HTML5 API's

Mark will demonstrate the HTML5 Canvas element.

Drawing on Canvas

Mark wraps up the content from this section.

Wrap-up Section 7
  • There are no skill prerequisites for this course although it's helpful if you are familiar with operating your computer and using the internet.
  • You can take this course using a Mac, PC or LInux machine.
  • It is recommended that you download the free Komodo text editor.

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Four Certifications in One
The unique Certified Web Development Professional credential will provide proof that you have mastered the fundamental skills needed by new web developers. You'll have a full understanding of HTML5, the language used to structure web sites and many mobile applications that you use every day. From there, you'll move on to Javascript-- the language of interaction on the web. The use of Javascript is growing at a lightning pace and it's been called "the most important language to learn today," by multiple experts.

Each language carries it's own individual Specialist Designation for which you earn a certificate, the privilege of using the specialist credential badge and a personal online transcript page which shows your designations, certification and accomplishments.

Prepare for Valuable Industry Certifications
This course is specially designed to prepare you for the  Web Development Professional Certification from LearnToProgram, Inc. This certification will allow you to prove that you have achieved competencies in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP/mySQL-- everything you need to create basic web applications. New for 2019:  No exams are required to earn your certifications.  Complete and submit all the lab activities for the course program and you'll earn your new certifications!

Certified Web Developers will receive: 

  1. A printable certificate indicating your new certification that you can present to employers or prospects

  2. A letter explaining the certification and its value to a prospective employer. The letter will state exactly what mastery the certification represents

  3. Authorization to use the LearnToProgram Certified Web Developer Badge on your website and marketing materials

  4. Automatic linkage to your LinkedIn account to display your certification

Who this course is for:
  • Web Designers who Want to Learn To Code
  • Traditional Programmers who Want to Learn Web Development
  • People who Want to Develop Mobile Web Sites
  • Students who want Practical Development Skills
  • Web Masters who Need to Improve Development Skills
  • Volunteers who Manage a Site for a Church or Non Profit
  • Teachers who Want to Introduce Web Development to Their Classes
  • Those Considering a Career in Web Development