Beating Mortgage Stress

How to recognise it and how to fix it!
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How to recognise Mortgage Stress
How to avoid bill shock
How to pay off your mortgage early, saving you $10,000's!
How to take control, take action and negotiate with your Bank


  • No outside materials or software is required to take this course.
  • No knowledge of mathematics or statistics is required for this course.
  • No prior personal finance experience is required for this course.
  • The only thing you need is access to the internet and a willingness to learn!


With the number of borrowers behind in their mortgage repayments growing year on year (despite record low interest rates), it’s vitally important to recognise mortgage stress and be able to withstand the strain skyrocketing living costs, personal loans and credit card liabilities can place on a family. The added complexities around COVID-19 are only adding to the financial pressures felt by households.

To ensure you’re ahead of the game and have your mortgage under control, listen in to learn from the experts and have your home loan paid off years in advance. Beating mortgage stress but, most importantly, saving you $10,000’s!

As for how this course is structured, we’ve designed it to maximise your enjoyment and engagement. That’s why we teach you an entire personal finance curriculum through a series of short, engaging videos. Each video teaches you everything you need to know (practically-speaking) about a specific topic, like mortgage stress, in a way that even a total beginner can understand.

Finally, as for your presenter, Rob has been a Financial Planner and Specialist Self Managed Super Fund Adviser for over 20 years and loves offering common sense solutions to financial problems in the most effective way possible. So what are you waiting for?

Get started today!

Please note the information provided in this course is for education purposes only. In preparing this information, Robert Goudie has not taken into account your investment objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making an investment decision, you need to consider whether this information is appropriate to your needs, objectives and circumstances. You may need to obtain professional advice to help you make an investment decision on whether this information is appropriate to your needs, objectives and circumstances.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for anyone looking to take control of their mortgage and gain a practical knowledge of financial budgeting and debt consolidation. Sound intimidating? Don’t worry! This course is designed with complete beginners in mind. No previous personal finance knowledge (or math!) is required.
  • This course is NOT meant for anyone looking to learn advanced investment techniques or financial modeling.

Course content

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My passion is to work with Self-Managed Super Fund Trustee’s and other Motivated Investors who love having control and input as to how their money is invested for their future.

For the past 17 years I’ve been working as a financial adviser helping superannuation investors, small business owners (including farmers) and direct share enthusiasts take back control of their financial situation from the banks and the large institutions.


In case you're wondering, no. There are no “get rich quick” schemes here, the advice I give is based on common sense that my clients understand that get results. No fluff, no hype. 

My weapons of choice... Common sense. If you don’t get it we don’t move ahead until you do. AND investing directly and avoiding bank product reduces fees, saves tax and gives you control.

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