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Making a description, Reading, Writing proper caption and grammar, Express your thoughts, Stating obligation, Passive vo
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Students are to be able to use proper expressions in speaking, writing, reading and listening in the real contexts of conversation.
Able to understand medium to long texts by using proper reading comprehension strategies.
Able to express yourselves in writing by using proper grammar and language / expressions.
Student are expected to be able to plan and revise your rafts ion making argumentative writing and use MUST and HAVE TO, to state necessity and expectations.
Student will be able to learn about passive voice more comprehensively, you will also be able to write your ideas academic writing genre properly.


  • No special skills required


This is an English course designed for Indonesian grade 12 students learning English. Videos in this MOOC explore topics to strengthen students’ proficiencies in Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. Topics covered in the video include writing caption, describing a place, reading comprehension strategies, writing an argumentative writing, and many more.

In general, students are expected to learn how to use proper English expressions in four language skills, i.e., speaking, writing, reading, and listening. In a more specific context, students are also introduced to the skills in modifying texts and verbal expressions put in real life contexts. For example, students are introduced to write captions in English and perform dialogs as tourists in a foreign country where English must be used to achieve specific objectives. To get a better understanding of writing genres in English language, students are also introduced to the writing of nonfiction genre. One of which introduced is the factual or scientific methods of writing a report, which are preceded by the introduction of close reading techniques and differentiating between facts from opinions.

In order to produce and perform such tasks and dialogs, the accuracy of students’ language usage is sharpened through the discussion of important English grammar like the review of passive voice and if clause usage in sentences.

Who this course is for:

  • Student who wants to learn Be Proficient in English


Ing Madyo Mangun Karso
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Taman Belajar merupakan sebuah program pembelajaran bagi masyarakat yang dikelola oleh Teach For Indonesia (TFI), sebuah organisasi nirlaba yang dibangun oleh Bina Nusantara University. Taman Belajar dibangun sebagai wujud komitmen dan dedikasi membina dan memberdayakan masyarakat. Dengan motto ‘Ing madyo mangun karso’, Taman Belajar hadir di tengah masyarakat untuk membangun semangat belajar siswa sekolah. Taman Belajar menyediakan beragam materi pembelajaran untuk tingkat sekolah, keahlian, dan prakuliah secara online. Pendapatan dari course berbayar akan digunakan untuk kegiatan sosial dan pengembangan masyarakat.

Taman Belajar is a learning program for the society managed by Teach For Indonesia (TFI), a non-profit organization founded by Bina Nusantara University. Taman Belajar is built as a form of commitment and dedication to fostering and empowering the society. With the motto of 'ing madyo mangun karso', Taman Belajar is present in the midst of society to build the learning spirit of school students. Taman Belajar provides a variety of online learning materials for school, skill, and pre-college levels. Income from paid courses will be used for social activities and community development.

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Bina Nusantara University (BINUS University) adalah universitas swasta terbaik di Indonesia. Visi dari BINUS University adalah "A World-class university, fostering and empowering the society in building and serving the nation". Misi dari BINUS University adalah "to build the nation and to contribute in global community development by providing world class education". BINUS University memiliki 7 fakultas dan lebih dari 40 program untuk tingkat Sarjana, Magister, dan Doctorate, 30000 mahasiswa, dan 9 kampus. Berdasarkan QS Stars ranking, BINUS University telah mencapai 5 dari 5 bintang dengan peringkat 7 di Indonesia (peringkat 1 untuk universitas swasta), peringkat 227 di Asia, dan top 1000 di dunia.

Bina Nusantara University (BINUS University) is the best private university in Indonesia. The vision of BINUS University is "A World-class university, fostering and empowering the society in building and serving the nation". The mission of BINUS University is "to build the nation and to contribute in global community development by providing world class education". BINUS University has 7 faculties and more than 40 programs for Undergraduate, Magister, and Doctorate level, 30000 students, and 9 campuses. Based on QS Stars ranking, BINUS University achieves 5 of 5 stars with ranking of number 7 in Indonesia (number 1 for private university), number 227 in Asia, and top 1000 in the world.

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Irfan Rifai is a faculty member at Binus University, specializing in Reading and Literacy. He holds a Ph.D. in Reading and Literacy from The Ohio State University and is currently the Chair of the English major at Binus University. With expertise in reading and writing instruction, multiliteracy, book talk, creative responses to reading, and drama in education, Irfan  is renowned for his innovative teaching approaches. He was a Fulbright awardee from 2015 to 2019 , completing his Ph.D. program in the United States . Driven by a passion for literacy, Dr. Rifai continues to shape the field and inspire students and educators alike.

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