Power of Forgiveness: Learn How to be Free
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Power of Forgiveness: Learn How to be Free

Seeing from a Biblical Perspective to Experience the Liberating Power of Forgiveness
3.9 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
7 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Define forgiveness and explain its importance in their personal life.
  • Develop a personal plan based on biblical truths to forgive themselves or the person(s) that offended them.
  • List at least 5 of the 10 biblical truths on forgiveness
  • Recall the Scriptures used to establish the premise on forgiveness
  • Study the biblical examples to judge themselves on the matter of forgiveness
  • Explain the three areas affected by prolonged unforgiveness
  • Ability to use PC or mobile app

Are you a Christian struggling to forgive someone who hurt you?  Have you tried to let go of past offenses, but cannot? Have you forgiven yourself for the pain you have caused others? Perhaps you are seeking forgiveness, but the person you wronged refuses to forgive you.

If you have experienced life's challenges, more than likely, you have been faced with the decision to forgive or not to forgive. Your decision affects your total well-being. Forgiveness is always a personal choice, whether you are the one seeking forgiveness or the one needing to forgive. 

It is natural to feel justified for not forgiving the person who wronged you...hurt you and caused you so much pain. A familiar declaration is, "I'll forgive but I'll never forget." Unfortunately, many Christians think it's okay, but is it? Forgiveness is never really easy. God understands that it is sometimes difficult for us to forgive those who betrayed us, crushed our spirit and drove nails through our heart. Jesus understands; He is our example. However, if we are serious about our relationship with Jesus Christ, we must obey His commandment and seek to please Him by following His principles of forgiveness while living in this society with all its ills. When we seek to see from God's perspective on forgiveness and ask Him to help us, He will. The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit imparts into us a forgiving spirit, gives us peace, binds up our wounds, and makes us whole. We will know the truth and experience the liberating power of forgiveness. You will be FREE to MOVE FORWARD.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone struggling to forgive themselves for past mistakes and failures.
  • Christians struggling to let go of offenses and hurts caused by other believers.
  • Anyone having thoughts of revenge, or overcome with anger and bitterness.
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 09:25

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you should know these things:

  • You are on a faith journey.  On your  faith journey, your greatest adventure is getting to know Him. In other words, you should grow in the knowledge of him (2 Peter 1:1-10). As you grow in your knowledge of Him, you will find out His requirements.  
  • God's standards/requirements are different. He requires His followers to live by a different set of standards, which identifies us as His disciples. That means we should become more like Him in our attitude and actions, character, and conduct since we are learning from Him and getting to know Him. 
  • Your experiences are good and not so good. (Notice I didn't say "bad." You will have some experiences that will be hurtful, but from God's perspective, they will be helpful to you in growth as a Christian and your intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Your past and future experiences will all fit into God’s plan and specific purpose for your life.  
  • God's desire for you. His desire is for you to live an abundant and victorious life in Jesus Christ.  Sure, you will make some mistakes along the way.
  • God's promises to you. God promised that He will never leave you nor forsake you and He will never stop loving you. Regardless of what life throws at you, God is with you and for you. He is never out to hurt you, although in this life you will be hurt, but not by God.  

Knowing these things will be essential on your faith journey when the storms of life and painful experiences break your door down and invade your life. You will have to look at everything from God's perspective, not to try and make sense of it, but to simple trust Him in the process. 

On this Christian faith journey, we must learn to trust God's heart. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are required and expected to deal with life challenges, issues, failures and shortcomings differently; being assured that His enabling power is available to help us.  One such requirement and expectation on this Christian journey is the matter of forgiveness.  

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+ The Premise
1 lecture 14:55

This lecture establishes the premise on forgiveness from a biblical perspective, and also states the Christian belief that the Holy Bible is the inspired and infallible written Word of God, and that God's perspective is revealed in His Word--the Bible.

In addition, the base Scriptures for the book, "Be Free to Forgive: Seeing from God's Perspective to Experience the Power of Forgiveness, and this companion course is set forth in this lecture.

By end of this lecture, students will be able to recall the Scriptures that establishes the premise for this course.

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+ Living Dangerously
4 lectures 26:09

This lecture introduces the upcoming lectures that will discuss the three (3) areas that are negatively impacted by unforgiveness.

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After completing this lecture, students will be able to list some specific dangers to the physical body as a result of unforgiveness based on scientific research. 

Some people think it's exciting to take life-threatening risks and life life on the edge. While God desires that we enjoy life, there are some areas we should avoid taking risks--lack of forgiveness.  Living with unforgiveness in your heart affects you physically and emotionally according to Dr. Luskin of Stanford University.

Preview 05:17

Upon the completion of this lecture, students will do a self-evaluation to discover if they are personally affected by unforgiveness.

This lecture will give a graphic description of how unforgiveness of self and others can cause bitterness and emotional instability.

Psychological Dangers

This lecture's focus is the dangerous risk unforgiveness has on the soul and overall spiritual well-being.

Upon completing this lecture, the student will be able to recall the one thing that will meet God's requirement if you've made bad decisions that you regret.

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Review of Section 3, Lectures 3-5

Living Dangerously
8 questions
Based on research by Dr. Luskin of Stanford University the body does not function properly when living with unforgiveness.
Know the Physical Dangers of Living with Unforgiveness
1 question
A video is uploaded that addresses Judas Iscariot as a biblical example of the danger of unforgiveness, guilt and shame.
A Biblical Example of Psychological Danger
2 questions
+ The Power of Forgiveness
4 lectures 19:37

This lecture introduces the three reasons forgiveness positively impacts one's life physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

At the end of this section, students will be able to explain how forgiving others really benefits the "offended' rather than the "offender"

Preview 03:28

When you truly pardon (release) the person(s) who hurt you, you experience renewed strength, power and freedom to move forward. You have a new attitude and perspective on your future instead of focusing on your past.

Upon the completion of this lecture, students will do a self-evaluation to judge where they are,,,if there are any symptoms that could mean they need to release someone.

Physical Strength, Healing & Renewed Mind

This lecture will focus on the benefits of letting go and the empowering results when an offender and the offense are released, Additionally, the signs that one has truly forgiven are also described.

Upon the completion of this lecture, students will compare positive and negative emotions and decide the benefits of letting go of offenses.

Psychological Freedom

Confession is good for the soul! When you truly forgive yourself, acknowledge your wrong behavior and confess to the Lord, He forgives you (Psalm 32:5).  The reasons God forgives are also explained in this lecture.

After completing this lecture, students will be able write a confession expressing their feelings to God about their shortcomings and mistakes, and asking for personal forgiveness.

Spiritual Freedom & Transformation

This quiz is designed to evaluate the student's understanding and application of what was presented in this section of the course.

Power of Forgiveness
3 questions
+ Family Matters: Restoration & Reconciliation
2 lectures 04:14

This Section/Lecture introduces a new dynamic on forgiveness as it relates to the family. Restoration and reconciliation begins with forgiveness. 

Upon the completion of the lectures in this section, student will be able to explain the two-sided responsibilities of forgiveness; they will also be able to analyze a biblical story as a perfect example of the power of forgiveness, and process that resulted in family restoration and reconciliation.

Preview 01:37
Family Restoration Begins with Forgiveness
This assignment is for students to conduct a self-evaluation to determine where they are on the walk of faith toward forgiveness
Judge Yourself
3 questions
+ Case Study: Joseph's Story
4 lectures 24:21

This lecture introduces the story of Joseph's journey to forgiveness as it relates to family matters. Upon the completion of this section student will be able to note principles that can be applicable to family restoration and reconciliation.

The lectures in this section are presented in narrative format and note taking is recommended as students listen to the instructor's reading.

Preview 01:47

This lecture is a narrative that identifies the problem with Joseph and his siblings, the plot against him because of their bitterness and hatred of him, and introduces the start of Joseph's journey...the process to forgiveness.

The narrative in this lecture tells the start of Joseph's process to the fulfillment of his God-given dreams and God's plan/purpose for his life.

Upon completing this lecture, students will be able to evaluate Joseph's family issues and interpret how he was able to go through the process.


The Problem, Plot & Process

This lecture narrates Joseph's journey concerning his encounter with his estranged brothers, records his first act of forgiveness and the fulfillment of his dreams, which intensified his brothers  hatred.

Upon completing this lecture 15, students will be able to elaborate on the "Point of Focus" and discuss the impact of fear and guilt combined.

Joseph's Journey Toward Forgiveness

This lecture records the narrative that tells of the family's restoration and relocation to Egypt.

Upon completion of this lecture, students will be able to compare Joseph's estranged family with today's family matters.

Family Restored-Forgiveness Reassured

This quiz will test the student ability to analyze Joseph's ordeal with his brothers and his ability to forgive them for their cruel treatment of him.

Case Study: Joseph's Story
10 questions
Student engagement and application of principles and relevant points stated in the narratives.
Personal Essay
1 question
+ The Ultimate Act of Forgiveness
2 lectures 21:47

This lecture introduces Jesus as the perfect example to emulate when it comes to forgiveness.

By the end this introductory lecture, students will be able to discuss how Jesus' example can motivate them to forgive others


The focus of this lecture is what Jesus knew that empowered him to endure the Cross. In comparison to Jesus' knowledge students can apply it in their situation as empowerment to forgive.

Upon completion of this lecture students will recall the knowledge that can empower them to forgive others.

The Power of Knowledge

Associate Jesus' knowledge concerning his suffering and how he was able to endure, and relate to your personal offenses. 

The Power of Knowledge
4 questions
+ Wrap Up
2 lectures 12:07

The three (3) main principles of the course are reviewed in this lecture and identified as "guiding" principles. Upon completion of this review, student will be able to recall the guiding principles to apply in their situation.

Guiding Principles

Review of the principles established in the course.

Guiding Principles
5 questions
Student summarization of the personal applicability of this course
Applicability of Course and Expected Outcome
1 question

This is the final lecture in the course that summarizes some key points applicable for experiencing the liberating power of forgiveness.  Upon completion of this lecture, student will be able to evaluate their situation and discuss how they can apply the principles and points in their life.

The Conclusion