"Be A New You"- 26 Happy Life Mantras

Follow one mantra everyday for 26 day and be "NEW YOU"
Rating: 3.6 out of 5 (28 ratings)
1,701 students
"Be A New You"- 26 Happy Life Mantras
Rating: 3.6 out of 5 (28 ratings)
1,701 students
Students will fall in love with life and present themselves with great confidence.


  • Students should have thirst for relishing every moment of of life.

This course consists of 26 Mantras of life. If we follow one Mantra daily, we can explore a new personality out of us. This course will help you to bolster your confidence and carve a "NEW YOU". When we are child, we learn A-Z. Now we are grown-ups, now we shall learn Life's ABC.

Let's embark this beautiful journey of life.Ready???

Who this course is for:
  • The students who wants to get drenched in every droplet of Life-Rain.
6 sections • 23 lectures • 39m total length
  • Introduction
  • Let's learn "A" of Life MANTRA
  • B- "Body Language"
  • C- Communication Mantra
  • D- E -F - G
  • H- Hold reactions and design your outcomes yourself
  • I- I am the best friend and worst enemy of mine.
  • J- Jovial :)
  • K- Your KARMAS are with you and mine will be with me , so make GOOD karmas
  • L- Life is a one shot - Do or Die !
  • M- Management Mantra
  • Are You ready for the quiz ???
  • N- Never Say Die
  • O- Opportunities are in front of you.. See right away!!
  • P-Problem !! I am the Problem for you ,Problem.
  • Q- If Question is me then answer is me
  • R- Role - Play
  • S- Snap Mantra
  • T- Thank you :)
  • U- You are the DRIVER of your LIFE.
  • V- Visualize Mantra
  • W- Who are you? and What are you taking from your present moment and words?
  • X- Y-Z of Life
  • Are You ready for the quiz ???
  • sMiLe :)

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