Basics of Sets - Mathematics

Mastering the Basics and Operations on Sets In Mathematics
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Sets Basics and Definitions
Concepts: Sebset, Power Set, Universal Set
Venn Diagrams
Operations on Sets: Union, Intersection, Difference, Complement
Mathematical Reasoning/logic Used in Proving Theorems Related to Sets


  • Understand Mathematics all the way up to the End of Class 10 (Indian Educational System). The exact requirements can be looked up in our Road Map Which you can find in the Description.


In order to understand this course well, you need to have completed class 10 (Indian Educational System) or have an equivalent background in mathematics. To know the exact details of the prerequisites of this course, please take a look at our road map.

To access the road map, please search for "greatitcourses" on the Internet. Once you have arrived at the website, please read the page titled as, "Mathematics 6-12 Standard". On that list, please choose, Class 11 and the course can be found as the first course on the list. All the courses that come before this course in the road map are assumed as a prerequisite for this particular course which in this case would be all the courses related to class 6 through 10.

The described road map starts mathematics at the very preliminary level (class 6) and takes you to calculus (class 12). Completing this road map might take a year or so but it will give a very strong and sturdy foundation in mathematics. We recommend this road map if you are planning to have any career in engineering, science or mathematics.

Thank you!

Who this course is for:

  • High School Students who are looking to learn and master mathematics to use in different branches of science or engineering.


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At Great IT Courses, you can follow a simple but effective system to learn mathematics. By following our road map, you'll be taken through all the ups and downs of mathematics starting from the basics (class 6) all the way through calculus (class 12).

Wherever you get stuck, we will assist you so that you can keep moving and finish the road map.

With us, you will learn how to reason your way through mathematics logically and not just memorize some formulas.

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