Learn Basics of Kinematics in High School Physics

Learn all the important concepts of Kinematics in this course
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Distance, Displacement, Speed, Velocity and Acceleration
Equations of Motion
Laws of Motion


  • Completion of Grade 10
  • Knowledge of Calculus


In day to day life, we see several objects moving. In this course, we will see how to analyze the motion of objects. It is the first step for science students to develop concepts used in Physics. The topics in this course will be used in later courses as well. No prerequisite is required to take this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Students curious about high school Physics

Course content

1 section4 lectures44m total length
  • What You Will Learn In This Course?
  • Distance, Displacement, Speed, etc.
  • Equations of Motion
  • Laws of Motion


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I have MS from UC Berkeley and B.Tech. from IIT Bombay. I have a specialization in Transportation Engineering (sub-discipline of Civil Engineering). I have passion for K-12 Physics targeting students for competitive exams. I have created a series of courses in Transportation Engineering as well as AP Physics to benefit the students preparing for competitive examinations. Over the period of time, I have received many favorable reviews for my courses encouraging me to build more such courses. Stay tuned and follow me on social media.