Basics of meditation and happiness

Happiness and Peace generation
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Self Development, meditation & Mind Power


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This course will help in understanding the elements of a good meditation. Need for a good meditation. Different types of meditation. The core of the correct posture of meditation will be understood. The course will help you to connect with yourself and achieve happiness and peace. Different ways to meditate and the right posture for meditation. The correct pronunciation of postures is a characteristic of a meditating person. This is a plan of meditation. Whoever is sitting with full awareness for a long time becomes the fountain of super knowledge. HAPPINESSS 10 steps to achieve happiness in life. Learn the first steps to achieve health, happiness. Fasting enough to achieve the first step to good health. Nature and its importance and how air, water, fire, earth and ether. Custom videos will bring further steps to happiness. With meditation we become attached to ourselves and enjoy life. We will live a more fulfilling life. Learning to concentrate and focus on it is the same as learning to play a musical instrument or play. It is easy when the activity is enjoyable, interesting and engaging.

Happiness is based on a variety of factors, when we understand that we heal the Theim in life then we have the power to make our life in the direction of ultimate bliss and ecstasy.

We will all learn to talk to ourselves and heal the pain of our past and enjoy the present and create a brilliant future.

Once you train yourself. To focus on an idea, your thoughts begin to appear in your life. Meditation can unlock your imagination in unimaginable ways.

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  • Beginners in Meditation,Seekers of happiness and hope

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  • What is Important for Good Meditation


Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner & Lifestyle Coach
Renu Kaushik
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Renu Kaushik is an NLP Practitioner, Lifestyle Coach, Happiness and Hope Generator

Academically Masters in English,Bachelors in Botany and Education and Diploma in Computers and work experience in Education for over 20 years . Now believe education and work experiences does not give the correct learning to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Imparts the education Life lessons and correct learning for self enhancement.

Quest for Life Lessons and contentmen further encouraged to Certification in Neuro Liguistic Programming and Accelerated Goal Mastery and many other courses on psychology. Read a number of self help books and definitely learned a lot from Life lessons.

Master of all NLP techniques to do subconscious re-imprinting.Wellness and Relationship coach.Take personal one to one sessions , group meditations and workshops and seminars.