Basics of Indian film music appreciation

Indian Film music appreciation - part 1
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Students will learn to appreciate Indian film music.
They will get a basic understanding of the theoretical aspects in Indian classical and western
Gain ability to identify ragas, scales & rhythm patterns
Broad understanding of the notational system in Indian & Western music


  • No. There are no perquisites. They need to have a flair to appreciate music and seek to understand the grammar behind it


This is part 1 of the Indian film music appreciation course. This part will give you an overview of the core elements, notation system in Indian classical & wester n systems, basics of western scales, basics of the raaga structure, fundamentals of rhythm in western and Indian classical music.  The main focus on this part is the aspect of applying the theoretical concepts and in identifying the elements in the film songs. the course is a mix of videos, quiz and downloadable resources. There is a quiz in each section of the course. It is mandatory that students complete part 1 of the course before taking up part 2.  The notation system will cover areas around staff notation and the notation system in indian music. The section on scales will cover major, minor and pentatonic scales. The raaga structure section will cover the structure in carnatic & hindustani music. We will also cover the aspects of Mela & Janya ragas. The rhythm section will talk about the commonly used Taals in indian classical, the notational system of Bols. On the western side, we will cover aspects around time signature, commonly used patterns like 4/4, 6/8, 7/8. There will be audio samples to illustrate these rhythms. It is advisable to hear to the suggested songs on each of the topics. This will help you to relate to the topics better

Who this course is for:

  • Those who listen to Indian film music and would want to improve on their ability to appreciate music better


G Krishnan
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Passionate musicologist in the area of Indian film music. Author of 3 books. 'Chords & raaga', 'Rhythm & Style' and 'Counterpoint & Voiceleading'. Focused in the area of music theory. These books were published between 2004 and 2014. Chords and raaga focuses on application of chords & harmony in indian film music. Rhythm & Style focusses on application of rhythm in film music. Counterpoint explores how film music has applied the concepts of 4 part harmony

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