Basics of IC Engine

IC Engine and calculations for power, efficiencies and Heat Balance Sheet
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Basics of IC Engine


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I C Engine means Internal Combustion Engine. Internal Combustion Engine means Engine in which combustion takes place inside the engine cylinder.

I C Engine can be classified as below

1. On the basis of Fuel used : Petrol Engine and Diesel Engine

2. On the basis of strokes of cycle : 2 stroke and 4 stroke

3. On the basis of combustion cycle : Otto Cycle and Diesel Cycle

4. On the basis of motion : Reciprocating and Rotary Engine

Mostly reciprocating I C Engine is used in all applications like Automobile, Power Generation, Locomotive etc

In this course reciprocating I C engine is discuses in details

In "Engine Terminology" video all terms related to I C Engine like cylinder bore, stroke, TDC, BDC, piston displacement etc are explained in detail.

In "working of 2 stroke engine" construction, working, advantage and disadvantages of 2 stroke engine is explained in detail.

In "working of 4 stroke engine" construction, working, advantage and disadvantages of 4 stroke engine is explained in detail.

In "power and efficiency of engine" video discussed indicated power, break power, frictional power, mechanical efficiency and related efficiencies in detail with its formula..

In "heat balance sheet and its calculations video discussed heat balance sheet in detail and its calculations with formula.

In "numerical on HBS" video one numerical on heat balance sheet is solved in detail.

Who this course is for:

  • Diploma Students of MSBTE Mechanical Engineering

Course content

1 section6 lectures1h 19m total length
  • Engine Terminology
  • Working of 2 stroke Engine
  • Working of 4 stroke Engine
  • Power and Efficiency of Engine
  • Heat Balance Sheet and its calculations
  • Numerical on Heat Balance Sheet


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