Basics of GSM and GPRS

Introduction to Basic Concepts of GSM and GPRS
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The students will learn the basic concepts of 2G and GPRS and their architectures,their working and functions of various components etc


  • Basics concepts of data communication


This course will help you to learn and understand the basic concepts of mobile communication.Its a very helpful course to make you understand the basics of mobile networks. and wireless.As we all use mobile phones in our day to day life so we all must  be also aware about the working and the concepts of mobile phone like how it works,how call is been processed,what frequencies are used and so on.

In this course you will learn the basic principles of wireless communications from. You will learn about basics of mobile communication and host of other topics. This course is for you if you are a student and have just started learning about wireless communications or if you are a guy in the field who wants to get a better handle on the fundamental concepts of wireless communications. I recommend this course first to anyone interested in learning and understanding  basic wireless communication concepts.

This Course  will help students to understand the basic concepts of Wireless Networks.

Students will learn following tonpics :

  • Basics of PCS and GSM

  • PCS architecture

  • GSM architecture

  • GSM frequency Spectrum

  • GSM RAdio Aspects

  • GSM Services

  • GSM Channel types

  • Call processing in GSM

  • Handoff and its types

  • GPRS basics

  • GPRS architecture

  • GPRS channels

Who this course is for:

  • 1)Electronics &Telecommunication Engineers
  • 2)Information Technology & Computer science Engineers
  • 3)Any one who wants to understand wireless communications concepts

Course content

3 sections9 lectures1h 18m total length
  • Introduction to Personal Communication Services


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Hi , I am Kalyani Pawar working as a Lecturer in Vidyalankar Polytechnic since last 10 years. I have completed my Diploma and Degree in the field of Electronics and Telecommunications .I like to learn new things related to various technologies. I teach subjects like Data Communication,Communication Techniques,Wireless and Mobile networks.I have done my Masters  i.e M.E(Electronics and Telecommunication )with distinction.I have published various  books on Data Communication.