Basics of Groundwater Flow Modelling Using MODFLOW

Fundamentals of Groundwater Flow Modelling Concepts in English
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Basics and Theoretical Background of Groundwater
Aquifer Types
Groundwater Flow Equation
Concept and Steps of Groundwater Modelling Using GMS Software
Finite Difference Method to Solve Groundwater Flow Equation
Introduction to GMS software
Grid Approach in GMS


  • No Groundwater experience is needed. We will master the fundamentals of groundwater from the ground up, and by the end, we will be experts in groundwater flow modelling concepts.


Master groundwater flow modelling from the ground up using the MODFLOW code and GMS software. You will learn the fundamentals of groundwater in general and groundwater modelling in particular during this course.

No matter how much groundwater knowledge or expertise you have. Most importantly, you must be willing to learn about groundwater modelling.

During our  course we will discuss interesting topics as follow:

  • Basics of groundwater

  • Theoretical background of groundwater flow

  • Aquifer types

  • Groundwater flow equation

  • Concept and steps of groundwater modelling

  • Creating Models using grid approach

Also, during our course we will use and practice on many software like:

  • Groundwater Modeling System (GMS): for groundwater flow modeling simulation

  • ArcGIS: for building the model conceptually, extract shape files and extract raster

  • Excel: to solve finite difference manually, to read spreadsheets and extract CSV files

  • Global Mapper: for extracting Digital Elevation Models (DEM), rectify images and convert projection

By the end, you will not only be able to create groundwater models by following the steps in this course, but you will also be able to understand the concept of groundwater modelling and how the MODFLOW code uses finite difference to solve the groundwater flow equation, as well as how to judge whether your model is correct or not and how to find and fix problems on your own.

So, let's start :)

Who this course is for:

  • Professional Geologists and Hydrogeologists who are interested in expanding their groundwater knowledge
  • Professional Hydrologist and Water resources engineers
  • Researchers in the field of groundwater modeling in particular and water resources in general
  • Student who are interested in studying groundwater topics from scratch
  • Engineers who are interested to work as groundwater/hydrogeologists


Senior Hydrogeologist / Groundwater Modeler
Ibrahim Sherif
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Experienced hydrogeologist / groundwater engineer with a demonstrated history of working in many groundwater mega projects. My groundwater experience includes, but not limited to,  groundwater assessment, water resources management, groundwater modeling, wells drilling, pumping test analysis and designing of subsurface drainage systems.

Online instructor for many groundwater flow modeling courses, also online instructor for data analysis, programming, marketing, market analysis, and data visualization courses.

Certified data analyst, having wide programming skills who can manipulate any sort of data with more than programming language (e.g. Python, Matlab, R, SQL, etc.) with good data visualization skills (e.g. Tableau).

MBA (Master of Business Administration) holder.

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