Basics of Conflict Management

Down the rabbit hole of conflict
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Basics of conflict management
Conflict in theory and practice
The development of conflict
Spiral model
Covert phase of conflict
Overt phase of conflict
What causes conflict
Whether conflict is always bad
De-escalation of the conflict spiral
Conflict management styles
Immediate conflict management steps


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Conflict is unavoidable, therefore it’s important to manage it the right way. This course is centered around the basics of conflict management to enable you to better understand the concept, and how to manage it effectively. Throughout the course we focus on the theoretical aspects of conflict management, and how these translate into our everyday lives. Additionally, we look at practical ways to deal with conflict. Lastly, there are crucial self-reflections that will enable you to better relate what you learn to your unique life or setting.

In this course you will be taught Basics of conflict management, Conflict in theory and practice, The development of conflict, Spiral model, Covert phase of conflict, Overt phase of conflict, What causes conflict, Whether conflict is always bad, De-escalation of the conflict spiral, Conflict management styles, Immediate conflict management steps.

This course includes a range of downloadables that will guide you along the journey to mastering Conflict. This course was proudly created by TrainingBunny in collaboration with Wilmari Horn, an Industrial and organizational psychology masters student.

We hope that this course will empower you with the needed skills to manage conflict in a healthy way in both your professional and personal life. Enjoy !

Who this course is for:

  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Persons working in HR or IR
  • Managers
  • Small business owners
  • Individuals
  • Anyone looking to master the art of conflict


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