Basics of ESRI's ArcGIS Software

Introduction to ESRI's ArcGIS, Georeferencing, Re-project, Digitization and Advance Digitization Tools
ESRI's ArcGIS software, Georeferencing of Scanned Raster Map, Assigning Coordinate System (Projection),
Digitization- Shapefile and Geodatabase Method , Advance Editing etc


  • Basic Computer Literate, Interest in GIS


In this foundation course in ESRI's ArcGIS, you can learn about,

  • Introduction to ArcGIS- History, Components and Extensions

  • Georeferencing the scanned raster map (SOI Toposheet)- Lat-Long Conversion, Assigning Coordinate Reference System

  • Digitization/Editing of Raster Data (Toposheet)

  • Shapefile - Point/Polyline/Polygon feature creation and digitization, change color and symbol

  • File Geodatabase- Feature Dataset, Feature Class: Point/Polyline/Polygon feature creation and digitization, change color and symbol

  • Advance Editing/ Modify Digitized Layers: Split/ Merge, Edit Vertex, Reshape, Cut Polygon, Auto complete polygon tools

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner in GIS, Geoinformatics Students, GIS Professionals, Researchers, Professors in Geography/ Geology/ Geoinformatics/ Environmental Science/ Agriculture/ Civil Eng./ Town Planning etc

Course content

1 section6 lectures1h 34m total length
  • Introduction to ESRI's ArcGIS Software
  • Georeferencing a Scanned Map (Toposheet) and Assigning Coordinate System
  • Re-Project/Project Raster, Coordinate Reference System (GCS and PCS)
  • Digitization by Using SHP File Method
  • Digitization by Using Geodatabase Method
  • Advanced Digitizatioin Tools


GIS Consultant
Ramesh Nannaware
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I am a Freelance GIS Consultant based in Pune (India). I have 10 Years Experience of academic and industry in Geospatial field. I have hands on experience on ArcGIS, Erdas Imagine, QGIS, Google Earth Pro, Autocad Map etc GIS software. I am continuously involved in awareness of geospatial technology among graduate students and hence I have given speech on geospatial technology in many colleges/ institutuions.  I am also the founder of Knowhere Geomatics, Pune.