Basic Python/Machine Learning in Bioinformatics

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Python in Bioinformatics


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This is a course intended for beginners interested in applying Python in Bioinformatics. We will go over basic Python concepts, useful Python libraries for bioinformatics/ML, and going through several mini-projects that will use these Python/ML concepts. These mini-projects include a sequence analysis (with no libraries) Python example, a Python sequence analysis example using libraries, and a basic Sklearn Machine Learning example.

Who this course is for:

  • People that have little or no prior Python knowledge interested in Bioinformatics

Course content

2 sections6 lectures1h 57m total length
  • Bioinformatics and Basic Python Concepts
  • Python Concepts Examples
  • Python Libraries/Packages


Bioinformatics Researcher
William Kang
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My main area of focus is bioinformatics/computational biology. I have a lot of experience in bioinformatics research as I have worked at several labs (notably UCSD and Scripps Research) and am in the process of publishing a research paper in bioinformatics. I also have experience in tutoring and hosting workshops in bioinformatics or related subjects.