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Unity Interface
Collision , Boundaries wall , rigid body in unity.
Basic scripting in unity.


  • Some Basic Knowledge of programming.


Till 2020 revenue from game development will become 79 billion dollars so it is huge market and to enter this market this course will help you. It will teach you basic of game development tool unity in easy way. This course will help you to get started and make your way to the great opportunity present in game development market. 

For this course you should have some basic knowledge of programming. And it is very shot course to get you quickly adopt to interface of unity.

This course teaches you some basic interface of unity, then about game objects, rigid bodies , unity physics and then scripting.

So take this course if you want to be in this future market of game development. 

Who this course is for:

  • This Unity course is meant for newbie who do not know about unity and want to get point to get started.
  • This course is for who know unity but want to refresh there knowledge.
  • Not for the people who are looking for some advance course.


Game Developer ,online Entrepreneur
Moneeb Arif
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Hi, friends my name is Moneeb. I have a degree in software development from FAST.

I started working for myself at the age of 18 and now i am 28, and never looked back. I explored careers in many fields like sportsman , climber etc. None of these provided a continued challenge, and stable income in the same way technology does.

I started Game Development at the age of 20 and doing it till now. During development face i have to face many difficulties and challenges which i think if i know earlier i can perform much better in it.

I have games in Apple Store and Play store which are earning a lot so i want to share with you all my knowledge that can help you to earn from this business (online games) etc.

So why not start learning to make games with me and my team now?

See you soon!

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