Basic Guitar Technique: Finger Independence and Exercises

Nail down your technique and gain finger independence
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Finger Independence
Synchronizing the right and left hand on the guitar
Exercises to improve picking speed, flexibility, and facility
Exercises to learn how to play across strings cleanly


  • This course is for a beginner or the intermediate/advanced player who wants to revisit their technique.


In this course you will learn exercises that will help your fingers gain independence from each other. You will learn exercises on one string and exercises moving across multiple strings that will help with your speed, endurance, and flexibility. Learn and work on exercises that will help the synchronization between your left and right hand and allow you to cleanly play across different strings.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning Guitarists
  • Intermediate/Advanced Guitarists
  • Guitarists who want to tighten up their technique and gain finger independence

Course content

3 sections10 lectures33m total length
  • Right and Left Hand Technique
  • Tap to Pressure
  • Finger Independence - 1 Finger
  • Finger Independence - 2 Fingers
  • Finger Independence - All Fingers


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I am a guitarist who loves to figure out how to learn and play efficiently. I love rock, blues, jazz, and gospel music. I have been playing for 12 years and I have studied with three great guitar teachers. I taught in a private studio for 2 years and I love working with students. I have a big background in music theory and I am currently working towards a Bachelors of Music degree.