Basic Computer Fundamental Course

Computer concepts and applications
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The concept of computer
The history and development of computer
Different classifications of computer
Understand the different component that makes up computer
Understand the impact and applications of computer in our society today


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In a world where every aspect of our lives are influenced by computer and computer enable tools and resources, having computer skills has become a necessity.

In this basic computer introductory course, you will learn what computer is all about, what its made up off and how computers are impacting our society today, this basic knowledge of computer will equip you with the right understanding to make the most of computer and computer enable tools and resources that are used in social, profession, business or other aspects of our lives today.

If you are an individual seeking job opportunities in the labour market today, one of the skills every human resources manager will require of you is Computer skills.

They just have to demand that from you, because in the world we live in today everything is now being carried out with computer and digital tools and resources.

When businesses and organizations are hiring for a position today one of their priorities is always to hire someone who has the skills and abilities to work in a computer and digital-enabled work environment.

This is why they always demand Computer and digital skills as their prerequisite.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you need computer and digital skills to be able to implement business and marketing strategies that can help you build and grow your business online today.

As a career person, A Consultant, Lawyer, Doctor, etc not having computer and digital skills will limit the chances of you finding new clients and growing your career in the kind of world we live in today.

This course is designed to build you with the right foundation to master computer skills and make the most of computer.

Dive into it today and start learning computer skills

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone curious about learning computer skills

Course content

1 section14 lectures1h 58m total length
  • Introduction
  • What Is A Computer
  • Basic Part And Port on Computer System
  • Computer Terminologies
  • Classifications Of Computers
  • Computer History And Development
  • Computer Generations
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software
  • Computer Memory
  • Applications Of Computer
  • Advantages and Disadvantages Of Computer
  • Computer Virus
  • Computer Care


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Emmanuel Onyewuchi
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Hi, my name is Emmanuel Onyewuchi aka ChuksEmma, an Ex-computer Instructor turned Digital Coach and Internet Marketer 

I help business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals optimize digital tools and resources to build and scale impactful business and freedom for themself.

I'm the founder of Digitaltopnotch Academy, a community of  Digital optimizers made up of individuals who have decided to make the most of digital tools and resources.

You can learn more about me on my blog at digitaltopnotch,com, where I share my ideas, knowledge, and skills on topics like online business and digital marketing.