Bash Shell and Scripting Fundamentals

A beginners course to BASH Shell and Scripting fundamentals.
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Students would learn a lot about Linux BASH shell fundamentals which would be invaluable for them in their journey to become Linux Shell Scripting experts.


  • Knowing fundamentals of Linux is a prerequisite.


The course would not only serve as a stepping board to learn more lucrative languages such as Python. But it would help you to understand the small things regularly ignored by most writers and content creators. You should never start with learning Linux commands. The starting point should always be the SHELL. That black hole is full of secrets, and this course puts you in the driving seat to navigate the intricacies of the shell and the rest would follow. It is a combination of reading the books attached with the course and watching the video to gain full advantage of this course. If you miss one or the other, you will gain nothing. Life is not a magic, and for most of us, we have to work hard. Don't blame others. Instead, check and identify your faults. Blaming me for your lack of comprehension or language problems will not certainly solve your problems. You must buy the sister courses as well. Life is not a free lunch either. Few of you have left negative marks, while the majority have been truthful. For those few, I am not responsible for the state of your education or your lack of English comprehension! Please be respectful, or please do not take this course. After taking this course, please go ahead and buy my C shell scripting course.

Who this course is for:

  • People who have just started their Linux journey would be target students. If you are revisiting Bash shell after a long time this is a great refresher course.


Engineer, Trainer and a Writer
Sujata Biswas
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My name is Sujata Biswas. I had 25 years of IT experience in system administration, hardware management and worked in several verticals that include banking, aviation, library management to electronic automation software. I have been training students, colleagues since 2002 and have written several books.

This course is based on my most popular book Linux Proxy Server - Squid.

I hope and pray that you have an enriching learning experience.

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