Barry Method Rehab Fitness
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Barry Method Rehab Fitness

Claim A Pain Free & Strong Body No Matter How Much You Weigh or Age. Begin The Road To Recovery NOW! See Results Fast!
5.0 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
605 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • By attending this course, you will notice an almost immediate change and feel like you are finally on your way to a healthy body with less aches and pain and greater strength and mobility. See from our testimonies below.
  • This program requires a Gravity Total Trainer Machine
  • What will you learn?
  • -- Perfect Alignment (effortlessly)
  • -- Perfect Breathwork (bring your muscles alive!)
  • -- Perfect Healing (foolproof to heal)
  • Gravity Machine - Total Trainer
  • Wall Space



"I like the way Colette breaks down exactly step-by-step the results we are looking for in every movement and which muscles we are stretching and why because it helps me do the exercise correctly and benefit from the workout instead of just going through the motions." -Sue

"It amazes me that after one hour of the Barry -Method class I felt better than I have in years, and I feel this is going to be more effective than any other therapy I have been through in rehabilitating my back and core strength. I look forward to my next session this week! Most Effective Therapy" -Kurt P.T.

"I’m approaching 40 and my friends tell me I look better now since I’ve been training with her then I did in my 20’s!! Colette’s one on one program is absolutely addicting!! You have to try this ~ and you won’t find anyone better to train with then Colette! Thank you Colette for everything!! You've changed my life!!!” -Lisa

A Few Short Sessions Make a Difference

Barry Method is a dual combination of yoga and Pilates on a gravity system similar to the Total Gym. Exercises by the Barry Method emphasize strength and core work which helps to restructure and realign the body into perfect balance.

Barry Method incorporates a technique designed by Colette called “Muscle Memory Contact” which involves commanding mind over muscle to help heal the body quicker and restore optimum movement and functioning of whole body rhythm.

Ideal workout as a rehabilitation as well as for serious athletes. This technique allows participants of almost any age or physical condition to benefit and experience remarkable results in just a few short visits. There is nothing like this on the market today.

From professional athletes to those who suffers with chronic pain have experienced wonderful results from our programs.

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Who this course is for:
  • Barry Method is used by NFL linebackers to pre- and post-op surgery patients and those who are seeking an exercise program perfectly tailored for the human body.
  • Barry Method is ideal for back, knee, shoulder or general body pains and discomfort.
  • By attending this course, you will notice an almost immediate change in your overall well-being! See from our testimonies below. These testimonies are by clients who tried everything, yet found hope through the Barry Method Gravity System program.
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THE FIVE ANCHORS: The Five Barry Method Anchors are used as guidelines to help you understand and apply proper alignment for quick results. When the body and mind experience initial success, it's easy to remain motivated. The five anchors act like stakes. They anchor the body and shift the entire body structure back into proper alignment.

1. HEART POINT:The Heart Anchor is located on the anterior center of the sternum. When applying the Heart Point, allow the tip of your sternum to rise forward and upward causing your shoulders to draw down and back. The five anchors act like stakes. They anchor the body and shift the entire body structure back into proper alignment.

2. SCAPULA POINT:The Scapula Point is located at the lower tips of the scapula (shoulder blades). To engage this point, the tips of the blades needs to be drawn downward toward the hips and inward toward the center of the spine.

3. PUBIC POINT:The Pubic Point is located on the anterior portion of the pubic bone. By tipping the Pubic Point forward and slightly upward, the entire pelvic region is now shifted to the posterior position. This reduces the lumbar curve and shifts the entire spine into a more relaxed, natural state while allowing the navel to scoop to the spine. This alignment will neutralize the pelvic region.

4. CHIN POINT:The Chin Point plays an important role for the five anchors because it acts as a sealer to all the previous points. Without applying the fourth point, all other points are vulnerable to disengagement. The Chin Point, like all the other points, occupies an isolated location. To apply, lower your chin toward your chest, allowing a small fist size space between the chin and neck. The Chin Point acts as an imaginary connection to the Pubic Point. By keeping the Chin and Pubic Points connected you are encouraging proper alignment of the spine in both passive and active states.

5. FOCAL POINT:The Focal Point is also actively known as "Muscle Memory Contact" in the Barry Method. After the muscles are aligned and the body is centered, direct your eyes toward a specific point or gently gaze between the brows. Focal Point takes you inward. When you master this last stage, it quiets your thoughts and creates a natural neurological change in your nervous system that affects the muscle and mind connections. Just as a proper body alignment aligns your muscles, the Focal Point helps "seal" the image in your mind—creating a vivid image or identification that is accurate and "familiar" (since the alignment is considered to be in a state of "homeostasis"). As your eyes focus, your mind aligns. Focal Point permits muscle/mind connections, which allow your muscles to identify. When done properly, the image is imprinted instantaneously, which will allow the activity to be accurately recruited every time. Memory occurs in the mind, not the muscles. This is the formula of Muscle Memory Contact™.

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Pranayama (yogic breathing), the formal practice of controlling thebreath, lies at the heart of yoga. It has a mysterious power to soothe and revitalize a tired body, a flagging spirit, or a wild mind. The ancient sages taught that prana, the vital force circulating through us, can be cultivated and channeled through a panoply of breathingexercises. In the process, the mind is calmed and rejuvenated. - Yoga Journal

Experience this gentle and easy to follow Pranayama exercise - Quite your mind and body.

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The Three Culprits of Aging

Nowadays, life seems to move at a faster pace than ever before, with youth slipping away like the sands of time and old age sneaking up on you faster than expected. Your body becomes weak and stiff and the lack of energy becomes almost constant. The aging process has been accelerated in spite of all the modernization and advancements in the medical field. More and more people flock towards yoga studios and try to improve their diet, but first they need to understand exactly what their target should be in order to impede aging.

First Target: The Stiff Spine

In this day and age, education, work and entertainment all have us sitting on desks and chairs. The major problem is the way we sit. The Thoracic Vertebrae form the part of the spine at the back of our chest and abdomen. Not only do they affect the body’s flexibility and mobility, they also protect the spinal cord which contains all the nerves that supply all four limbs. Furthermore they also serve as sites of attachment for major muscles in the body and host most of the circulatory system. Bending forwards towards your office laptop, slumping in your seat in class or craning towards the television, in all of these daily life activities we are causing major damage to our spine due to our posture. For optimum health, flexibility and energy it is essential to have the perfect posture at all times, with the spine stick straight and shoulders pushed back.

Second Target: The Pelvic Floor
Many Chiropractors find that most of their patients suffer from an uneven pelvic floor that gives rise to all the ailments that make them sore and frail and susceptible to diseases. An irregular pelvic floor can result from one leg being shorter than the other, or even in normal cases in people who tend to lean on one leg. Since the pelvis is not perfectly aligned, the muscles of the uneven side cramp and tighten all the way up the spine reaching the neck and shoulders, sending pain radiating in all directions. So the pain in our shoulders and neck that we often write off as merely being due to exhaustion actually has a deeper cause albeit one easily fixable by improvement of posture.

Third Target: The Arch of the Feet
Another easily ignorable area of concern is the arch of the foot. Massage therapists often focus on the contours of the feet and for good reason too as flat feet can restrict blood flow, strain the muscles and send jarring impacts all the way through the knees to cause back ache and even neck pain. The arches of the feet are essential for maintaining balance. Being the foundation of the body, even a slight constant imbalance can twist muscles all over the body in the unconscious effort to sustain equilibrium. The very same muscle spasms can even cause chronic pain if the normal solution of pain killers is taken without proper diagnosis.

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Three Culprits
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