My Advanced Trading Course - Band Trading Techniques

Unlock the power of your mind to earn consistently.। Trading Mindset । Bank nifty Special। Day and Positional Trading
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You will learn the best highly accurate and Profitable Band Trading system (This is a Bank nifty Special Course) But you can also trade in stocks.
You will learn the technique with right Mindset (Trading Mindset)
Proper money management and risk to reward and Emotions control techniques.
Learn a step by step approach of how to execute trade.
Learn Powerful day and very short term positional trading techniques.
You will learn the output of my 10 years experience in this course.
you will understand why 90% people lose money in the market.


  • Some basic knowledge is required for example what is candle, candlestick pattern, chart pattern, etc.?


My Advance Trading Course - Band Trading Techniques

Unlock the power of your mind to earn consistently.। Trading Mindset । Bank nifty Special। Day and Positional Trading

The profitable simple Trading system means an Advanced Trading system for me.

Bank Nifty Special

Day and Very Short Term Positional Trading System

Are you in a searching mode for any profitable trading system?

Have you enrolled in so many courses and you feel something is missing?

Are you tired of constant losses in the market?

And you have started losing confidence in all those complicated indicators?

And you struggling to find ideal entry and exit points in the market?

You even find it difficult to spot trends in the market and often catch the trends when it's too late.

It doesn't matter whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, if the answers to all these questions are big "YES", then this course is a perfect solution for you.

Now, what is My Advance Trading Course - Band Trading Techniques?

Please read carefully,  if a trading system (Strategy/Technique) is very simple and it makes me profitable consistently. It gives me regular income then I can say that this simple trading system is the Advanced Trading System for me. If I have a profitable simple trading system then why should  I do complicated things with my chart?  It will unnecessarily divert my mind all the time and will force me to do things that are out of Trading rules. Remember, as a trader if you want to become a successful trader then keep things easier and simple without adding so many indicators, complex structures, etc. Simple things will make you a Profitable, Successful Trader

My Trading Success Formula

Dear Friend if you want to become a successful trader, please watch the 1st preview lecture of this course. If you don't want to purchase this course, no matter Don't Enroll. But watch that preview video if you want to achieve something in your trading career.

The path, direction, way, road, the destination of Successful / Profitable Trading is the only one that I thought of in that video.

My Advance Trading Course - Band Trading Techniques teaches how to combine band and Price Action Trading. We do NOT promise that you will turn rich overnight. We do not make ridiculous and false claims (like those you see in other courses and Online Advertisements) that you will make 5000$ per trading session.

This course WILL, however, offer you my years of experience in the stock market. You will understand the pitfalls and keys to succeed in price action trading and the stock market. You will be saved from hundreds of mistakes I made in my Trading Journey.

So whether you want to generate some side income by trading or if you want to make trading your only source of income (like our Traders), then this course is for you.

Course Structure


1) Trading Secret Formula- Preview

2) Trading With Bollinger Band- Preview

3) Introduction- Very Important Lesson- Belief System

Foundation to Successful Trading

4) Price Action Basic

5) Money Management And Risk to Reward

6) Why 90% of traders lose money in the market?

7) Trading Mindset / How to Control Emotions?

Meditation, Affirmations, and Trading Prayer.

8) Powerful Meditation

9) Positive Trading Affirmations

10) Trading Prayer

My Secret Weapon - Band Trading Techniques

11) Band Trading Technique 1

12) Band Trading Technique 2

13) Band Trading Technique 3

Bonus Videos

14) Day Trading Using Moving Average- Band Trading Technique

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is already trading in stock market but wants to improve his/her skills.
  • Anyone who wants to learn the art of making money .
  • Anyone who wants to make a living with Day Trading and Positional Trading.
  • Anyone who wants to learn a profitable trader mindset.
  • Anyone who wand to learn the art of minimizing the losses and maximizing the profit.


Founder of Market Solutions, 11 years Market Experience.
Sanjay Nakhale
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Mr. Sanjay Sir is the founder of market solutions. He is a production engineer by education and having six years of experience in industrial organization. He is also having nine years of stock market experience. Nowadays he is working fulltime in the market and also committed to providing stock market knowledge. He is one of the best technical analysts. Many peoples have taken education from him and they enjoying their trading experience.

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