Ayurveda Secret Marma Therapy Massage/Self Healing Course
3.7 (110 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
697 students enrolled

Ayurveda Secret Marma Therapy Massage/Self Healing Course

107 Hidden Points Healing/ A Rare Indian Ayurveda Treasure
3.7 (110 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
697 students enrolled
Created by Dr. Himani Sharma
Last updated 7/2020
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What you'll learn
  • You will get a Certificate of Completion when you finish this Marma Therapy Massage course from Vidya Retreat personally
  • This is a very comprehensive course, you will be a PRO after taking this course.
  • You will be able to treat so many diseases effectively.
  • The goal of this course is to provide students with a basic foundation in Ayurveda and learn its secret part i.e. Marma.
  • You will learn Marma Face Uplift & Rejuvenating Massage . No Facial or Face Treatment Can Ever Match It.
  • You will know how to find the relevant Marma massage points on the body to stimulate them using specific Marma massage techniques
  • You will be able to understand the energies and elemental forces present in your being.
  • You will be able to give remedial exercises to do at home to clients to help alleviate their problems
  • You will have a fundamental understanding of how to treat others and self treat your own diseases, pains with Marma massage today!
  • You will be able to help people(or yourself) with back pain, sciatica, neck pain, upper back pain, lower back, knee and shoulder pain by using specific Marma massage combinations
  • You will have an excellent knowledge of what works and what doesn't in Marma massage and why
  • You will learn how to apply simple daily practices to further improve your good health and bring harmony to body, mind and soul.
  • You will learn a bit about Aromatherapy & TriDosha In Ayurveda.
  • No previous knowledge of Ayurveda needed.
  • If you are going to perform Marma massage on clients you will need either a massage table or a futon
  • If you are going to do Marma massage techniques for your partner or friends you can use a bed, a futon, a place on the floor with a few blankets or something to make it softer or if you have one, a massage table
  • Among the hidden sciences (Gupta Vidya) of India, Marma science is the most important.

  • Marmas are not superficial landmarks on the body surface but these are deep-seated important physio-anatomical structures. Far more powerful than any Acupressure, Acupuncture, Tapping points.

  • Marma Therapy is a Science that was preserved and associated largely as a support to martial arts and warfare can now be used and applied for normal healing on a wide range of physical and mental diseases as a result of research and application, since 1993, of this little known branch of Ayurveda. Marma science and therapy, based on re-energizing vital points in the body, this course releases it from its hidden status as Gupta Vidya, known in a limited way to a few practitioners.

  • Marma science and marma therapy is an untouched chapter of Indian Surgery. With the exploration of marma science the whole scenario of Indian Surgery may change in multidimensional approaches.

  • Marma therapy is the original point system of healing in the body. As it spread out of India, it influenced the development of Chinese acupuncture and Kung fu. Its origins are South India within a martial arts tradition known as Kalaripayattu. It was utilized to defend kingdoms during times when expertise in hand-to-hand combat was the mark of a great warrior. These ancient warriors understood subtle energy, and they used their knowledge to disable or kill an opponent.

  • Marma therapy is an ancient Indian practice whose focus is the manipulation of subtle energy (prana) in the body for the purposes of supporting the healing process. Marma therapy is based on the utilization of 107 points in the body which are considered to be access points to body, mind, and consciousness. Knowledge of Marma allows the practitioner to influence the flow of prana through both the gross and subtle bodies for the purposes of restoring health and peace of mind.

  • To simplify you can think of Marma Therapy as acupuncture without needles.

  • Marma science is the combination of scientific attitude and religious practices by the mediation of experiential philosophy and is part of the human beings' long experience in day to day life for the achievement of mortal and immortal gains.

  • In scientific, mortal state, nothing can be absolutely provided because the scientific results are predicated on assumptions.

  • Marma science is an instant, permanent, natural, non-invasive way of healing today, because it succeeds in conserving many of the highest moral values of its adherents.

  • It promotes calmness; self control, self healing, realization and happiness and does much to prevent sufferings and sorrow.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Ayurveda, the Art of Life. Ayurveda is not limited or restricted by age, gender, place of birth or religion.
  • Anyone can take this course. Marma massage is fun, safe and extremely effective in helping people's diseases, pain or your own
  • Anyone who is interested in living a healthy, natural lifestyle and bringing a spiritual practice to the next level.
  • Yoga students who have heard of Ayurveda and want to learn more.
  • Anyone who wants to improve his or her life, by self-knowledge and acceptance of the energies present in his her being.
  • Anyone who wishes to learn secret Marma Science, which is still rare.
Course content
Expand all 79 lectures 03:01:14
+ Introduction
5 lectures 24:20
Historical View
Importance of Marma in Ayurvedic Practice
Marma and Similar Therapies
+ 107 Points to Healing
26 lectures 26:16

107 Points to Healing

Marma therapy utilizes 107 points or “doorways” into the body and consciousness. The mind is considered as the 108th marma.

Major marma points correspond to the seven chakras, or energy centers of the body, while minor points radiate out along the torso and limbs. These points range in size from one to six inches in diameter. The points were mapped out in detail centuries ago in the ‘ Sushruta Samhita ’, a classic Ayurvedic text.

The points cover both the front and back of the body, including

22 on the lower extremities

22 on the arms

12 on the chest and stomach

14 on the back, &

37 on the head and neck

Preview 00:56
Size Of Marma
Amsaphalaka marma

Knowledge and information about Talahridaya Marma. How to Identify, treat, Massage this Marma for Treatments/ Self Healing.

Preview 01:04
Vidhura Marma
Krikatika Marma
Vitapa Marma
Kukundra Marma
Katika Taruna Marma
Parsvasandhi Marma
Kanth marma
IndraBasti Marma
Hridya Marma
Sthapni Marma
Seemant marma
Stanarohita Marma.
Nabhi Marma
Manibandh marma
Kurpara marma
Kshipra marma
Gulpha marma
Fana marma
Basti marma
Apang marma
Ani and Urvi marma
+ Distribution and Description of Marma Points in the Human Body
6 lectures 09:23
Whole Body Marma Points Charts
Marma Categorization
Description of marma points in the human body
Detail of effect of trauma on vital points (marma)
+ How To Perform Marma Therapy Session
8 lectures 25:27
How To Find Exact Marma Points
Methods in Marma therapy
How To Perform Self Marma Therapy Session
How To Stimulate/Massage Every Individual Marma Point Differently
How To Stimulate/Massage Every Individual Marma Point Differently Part -1
How To Stimulate/Massage Every Individual Marma Point Differently Part -2
How To Stimulate/Massage Every Individual Marma Point Differently Part -3
Tips To Enhance Efficacy Of Marma Therapy Session
+ Practical Demonstration Videos
6 lectures 15:52

People suffering from diseases related to chest like the common cold, chronic cough, interstitial lung diseases, allergic bronchitis, bronchial asthma can easily get relief by stimulating two marmas which are located in the chest two fingers below the nipple i.e stanamoola marma and two fingers above the nipple are stanarohita marma.

Preview 02:07

Kshipra marma is situated at the webspace of the thumb and index finger of both hands as well as legs. By applying pressure about 15-18 times over the kshipra marma you can get relief from the diseases related to neck, thyroiditis, tonsillitis, oesophagitis, pain in legs, convulsions and many more.

Preview 02:47

Maladies like common cold, sinusitis, rhinitis (runny nose) makes you hard to breathe thus leaving you with heavy head, headache, sluggishness and irritation. Stimulation of fana marma that is present on the base of nose on either side helps you to relieve blocked nose and is beneficial in above disorders.

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Marma point located four fingers above elbow/knee in both arms and legs is called as ani marma similarly marma point that is located four fingers above the Ani marma in both arms and legs respectively is Urvi marma. Proper stimulation of these marmas helps in curing edematous and inflammatory processes in both upper and lower limbs besides also increase the work efficiency of thorax organs like heart, lungs, oesophagus.

Preview 02:21

Kurpara means elbow therefore the marma point situated at the elbow is called as kurpara marma. These are of two types internal as well as external which are stimulated simultaneously. The organs between the navel and hridaya plus all the diseases related to liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen, pancreas like diabetes, hepatitis, cholestasis can be cured by stimulation of kurpara marma.

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When a person is in unconscious state we start rubbing the feet and hands of the person. Think for a while why hands and feet of the person are rubbed unknowingly we are stimulating the marma points located in the bottom of hand and feet. The stimulation of marma points is also very beneficial in diseases related to heart like hypotension, hypertension, epilepsy, seizure disorders.

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+ Marma Therapy in Different Diseases
7 lectures 08:22
Traumatic peripheral nerve lesions
Facial paralysis
Sciatica and other lesions of lower extremity
Torticolis/Cervical spondylosis
Brachial neuralgia and wasting of shoulder joint
+ Concept of Pain in Ayurveda and its Management through Marma Therapy
2 lectures 00:32
Concept of Pain in Ayurveda and its Management through Marma Therapy
The management of pain
+ Precautions & Different Procedures / Methods in Marma therapy
2 lectures 04:13

Marma therapy is gaining popularity as an effective and rapidacting way of treatment. For effective marma therapy, diagnosis of disease and proper technique application is mandatory. It gives prompt results in different kinds of muscular, ligament, joint and nerve pains, tingling sensation, inflammation and heaviness. Marma therapy gives response in many other diseases in due course of time. Marma therapy is more effective than the conventional techniques like acupressure and others.However, being a rapid-acting technique, it should be performed very carefully. If not, there may be some complications and results may be variable. In other similar techniques like acupressure sometimes there is delayed response but it does not confer any adverse symptoms. Contrary marma points are very powerful, so in self-marma therapy and marma therapy for diseases, to get the best results some precautions are always advisable. Where proper precautions and procedures are followed accidents and complications in marma therapy are neither serious nor frequent.In a daily routine of self-marma practice, accidents are uncommon but in marma therapy administered by another person, accidents are more likely to occur because of lack of experience, overlooking the type of marma, excessive pressure exertion over the marma point. In all these conditions where there is any complication like vertigo, vomiting, desensitization of body part, severe pain, unconsciousness, immediate medical help is required.

It is advisable that those doctors who are engaged in regular practice of advanced marma therapy should be capable of managing these emergencies. To avoid accidents one should keep the following things in mind.

1. One should learn marma therapy properly with the practical training under the guidance of well-known experts of marma science.

2. One should keep the anatomical structure of particular marma in mind and exert pressure accordingly. For example sira marma should not be treated as asthi marma. Maximum pressure should be applied or exerted on sandhi, asthi, mansa, snayu marma but sira marmas should not be pressed forcibly. Gentle massage in upward, downward and from center to periphery directions should be done at the site of sira marma. Any extra pressure over the sira marma may give rise to complications. Especially the marma of the neck and head should be treated carefully and gently. Tappings, rubbing, knocking, gentle touch, alternate gentle pressure and release, application of medicated oil, paste are the methods of treating these marma.

3. The patient should be in sitting, upright or lying down position on a hard bed. Especially in severe condition marma therapy should be given in lying down position. In some cases of severe cervical lesions, pressure exerted in sitting posture over the marmas of upper extremity may lead to severe vertigo, nausea, vomiting and unconsciousness. This is more common in female patients. During marma therapy one should keep watching the facial expression of the patient.

Exertion of pressure on marma should be avoided immediately when the patient feels agonizing pain and discomfort.

Immediate medical help or following measures are needed for recovery.

1. Immediately place the patient in recumbent position on the bed or floor.

2. Try to lift the legs and keep the head end low.

3. Try to make proper ventilation.

4. Initiate the talahridaya marma and rubbing of palm and sole.

5. Massage the sides of neck in upward direction gently.

By following the above precautions, one may successfully take advantage of this powerful science of marma and marma therapy.

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Different Procedures / Methods in Marma therapy