Axure RP 8 - Comprehensive training for UX Design
4.1 (635 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,534 students enrolled

Axure RP 8 - Comprehensive training for UX Design

Learn the basic, intermediate and advance level Axure RP skills for creating interactive prototype for web and mobile.
4.1 (635 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,534 students enrolled
Created by Anand Padia
Last updated 6/2019
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This course includes
  • 4 hours on-demand video
  • 82 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • Confidently create interactive prototype of website and adaptive design for mobile.
  • Practically learn how to use conditional logic, math, function and expression in your prototype.
  • Effectivley using the masters, dynamic panel, repeater widgets, web font as you master the course.
  • Create and manage mobile design with adaptive view
  • Take advantage of dynamic data driven prototype through repeater widgets.
  • Add e-commerce interaction to your prototype.
  • Working with IF / ELSE conditions
  • Embed google maps and youtube video to your prototype.
  • No previous Axure experience is needed
  • A free 30-day trial of Axure 8 for (Mac or PC)

KICK START your prototyping with this 4 hour online, video training of Axure RP 8 course.

The course includes basic, intermediate and advance level of prototyping. This will help you understand the UX fundamental of prototyping and master the intermediate to advanced level as you learn and practice it with resource files.

In this course you will get practical experience on -

  • Understanding widgets and styles

  • Creating a style that can be used as may times as you want.

  • Adding SVG file to prototype

  • Annotating widget for easy understanding to another colleague

  • Adding interaction  

  • Page styles

  • Effective use of Master and dynamic panel

  • Using the option provided in generating prototype 

  • Math, Functions, Expression and Variables

  • If / Else conditional logic

  • Shopping cart interaction

  • Exploring the true power of the repeater widget by adding dynamic data in it.

  • Making adaptive design for mobile

W̲h̲a̲t̲ ̲s̲t̲u̲d̲e̲n̲t̲ ̲s̲a̲y̲

"The teacher is professional and passionate, I really learn a lot form this course " - Jusin   

"Very usefull course. A good overview for a beginner with also some cool advanced stuff. Almost every topic is covered." -  Felix Staab 

"Great course! I liked very much! The course shows us many tips and techniques on the Axure in a very practical way. It does not explain much what each function is but shows how to execute something to make it work. I recommend this course." - Bianca Faraj

"I am beginner in Axure RP and keep on updating my knowledge around it. Whenever I stuck somewhere i go back to the course and refer that particular video and that helps me a lot in concepts because - It is very easy to understand and follow - And point to point explanation Thanks for creating an informative course." - Abhishek Korpe

"Very informative and explanation is too good. Anand is explaining everything in good pace and with examples which makes it easy to grasp and implement. Thanks a lot for this amazing tutorial."- Vikrant Singh

This course will teach you everything you need to know to start prototyping.Because, prototyping is a crucial part of iterative design and later you can incorporate in design thinking process too.

For that reason, individual person or organization need to create wireframes and prototypes in order to make a successful user experience (UX) , and Axure RP 8 is the tool to do that quickly, easily and efficiently. Taking early feedback in design, so that you don't need to run at the end. Showcase you client how their design transform as the project go ahead.

Why Axure RP ?

  1. Because Axure RP is the tool known for rapid prototyping, and you can create the whole user experience design of a product without writing single line of code.

  2. Secondly, you can create simple click-through diagrams to highly functional, rich prototypes with conditional logic (IF/Else), dynamic panel content, masters, repeater widgets, web fonts, animations, math functions, and data-driven interactions that too all in one tool. Furthermore, we will look into the details of all those as we move forward in courses.

  3. Thirdly, you can sharing your prototype to your anyone with just click's of buttons.

Who this course is for:
  • UX Professional who want to take their skills to next level in prototyping
  • An organization who want to make the UX team member more efficient in prototyping
  • Individual who want to learn prototyping or make a step ahead towards UX career
Course content
Expand all 111 lectures 04:03:08
+ Introduction
3 lectures 04:31

You will come to know what all things are getting including in Axure RP 8 online video course.

Preview 02:43

Download practice resource file so that you can practice on it. Helping you to master the Axure RP 8 as you go ahead.

Preview 00:53

Knowing the course structure, will facilitate you to jump for one section to other very quickly.

Preview 00:55
+ Let's get started
8 lectures 15:13

Steps for installing Axure RP 8 on your Mac and PC machine.

Installing Axure RP 8

In this video, you will see how different panels like page pane, libraries pane, master pane, inspector pane and outline pane work together for making Axure RP interface.

Preview 01:05

In this video, you will customize your Axure RP tool bar as per your need and gaining more control as you start working with interface.

Preview 00:54

In this video, we will walk through different variety of guides and later effectively using it throughout the course. 

Type of guides in axure

Different project have different needs, hence customizing grids is very handy option to change grid and guides as your project need.

Customizing guides
Customizing grid

Axure file is knows as .rp file too and it very easy to create one and start building prototyping.

Creating a new axure file

In this video, we will go through the various ways for organizing page to manage your project in Axure RP.

Organizing pages

I know that, you are trying to select the correct answer in first go, but sometimes it might happen that you end up selecting wrong answers. This is completely natural and fine.

Therefore let me inform you that "You don't have to worry at all...! Because the quiz is kept just for the fun". Hope you will enjoy it.

Check your knowledge
3 questions
+ Understanding widgets
9 lectures 15:29

Widgets are the building blocks of your diagrams in Axure RP. The most common are "shapes" widgets.

What is a widgets

Learning the basic but powerful arithmetic operators including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Using arithmetic operators

Mastering the order of widgets starting from the front and moving a widget to the back of other widgets.

Ordering widgets

Grasping different approach of placing the image on canvas. Beyond regular format like GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP it do support SVG too.

Placing an image widget
Styling the image

Understanding the right "selecting mode" based on how widgets are placed on the canvas.

Selecting widgets

When you’re trying to mock up a quick idea, don’t spend your time by manually arrange up widgets. Instead, let the align and distribute functions make everything nice and orderly for you.

Preview 02:33

When you have several widgets you'd like treat as one item for purposes of moving, editing, or applying interactions, you can group them. Instead of working with each widget separately.

Group and upgroup widgets

Making the selection of other widgets very easy by locking one widget over another.

Lock and unlock widgets

I know that, you are trying to select the correct answer in first go, but sometimes it might happen that you end up selecting wrong answers. This is completely natural and fine.

Therefore let me inform you that "You don't have to worry at all...! Because the quiz is kept just for the fun". Hope you will enjoy it.

Check your knowledge
3 questions
+ Styling your widgets
7 lectures 17:50

Styles in Axure RP are a way to centrally manage the look and feel of pages and widgets across your entire project.

Styling your widgets

Implementing the existing styles as many times as you want, hence making it reusable style all together.

Creating a reusable style

This is a big time saver, especially when you need to change the style across the project for one too many widgets.

Updating widget style
Handling deleted styles

Applying the knowledge we learn so far by creating a website header.

Assignment - creating a header

Yes! You can now add color to SVG image component and make them appear the way you want.

Using SVG files

When it comes to working with vectors in Axure RP, I’m not usually reaching for the pen tool. Instead, I love creating custom shapes by combining regular shape widgets using the available shape transforms.

Transforming shapes

The majority of time you are selecting right answer in first go, but let me tell you that "There is no harm if you selected wrong answer because the quiz is kept just for the fun". Hope you will enjoy it.

Check your knowledge
2 questions
+ Adding text
1 lecture 01:21

Going through the various ways of adding text to a widget.

Adding text to widgets
+ Annotating
3 lectures 05:13

A very useful option to take a note or add comments as text to any widgets on Axure RP.

Adding annotation

Default fields are fine, but we will look into making it customize as per our project needs.

Customizing annotation fields

We will walk through the option of combining one or more field as many times as we want.

Creating annotation sets
+ Adding Interaction
5 lectures 09:44

Showcase your prototype an HTML output because, you've got a number of options in Axure RP for viewing your file in a web browser.

Previewing your prototype

This is the heart of Axure RP. You get a clear view of trigger, event and case work together to complete any interaction.

Understanding trigger event case action

Button acting as trigger and later adding interaction to it.

Making button interactive

This is what adds value to your prototype by hiding/showing one or multiple widgets, especially when user take some action on your prototype.

Show and hide widgets

Incorporating what we learn so far with accordion menu.

Assignment creating a accordion menu
+ Page style
1 lecture 02:26

Page style is as important as widget style but page style is allowing users to add sketch effect and that what make it unique.

Applying page style
+ Adding master to your design
8 lectures 15:02

Masters are useful when creating commonly used widgets or collection of widgets.

Preview 01:02

Masters are robust tool to easily re-use blocks of your design, that you may need to edit all at once.The main benefit of using masters is that you can edit them once to impact the changes to all of your wireframes.

Creating and editing master

Learning that axure will automatically place master to each and every page with just few clicks.

Adding master to every page

Learning different type of master in depth.

Type of behavior for master

Linking all pages with one another, so that it gives users a seamless navigating experience.

Linking page
Displaying active state

Apart form regular event you can even create custom event too, we will look into details as we go ahead.

Raise event

Deleting master is more important because that will help you to manage it more effectively.

Deleting a master
+ Dynamic panel
9 lectures 20:46
What is dynamic panel

A dynamic panel is a container that holds other widgets in layers or "states". A dynamic panel can have one state or many, with only one
state visible at a time.

Preview 01:45

States is what makes dynamic panel so robust, you will learn to create, ordering and deleting it, as well as some important properties of dynamic panel.

Understanding states in dynamic panel

A widely used effect now a day on over internet in with image get slide based on user interaction.

Creating slider
Creating automatic slider

Slider that is based on "small circle shaped buttons" as navigation

Adding alternative navigation to slider

Making main navigation sticky as user scroll.

Making header sticky

This is the single source of truth, that tell about every widgets placed on the respective page canvas.

Understanding outline pane

Widely used navigation on desktop and mobile, we will look into detail on how to create one with dynamic panel.

Preview 02:19