AWS VPC Transit Gateway - Hands On Learning!

Learn AWS VPC Transit Gateway hands on by implementing 3 practical scenarios
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Understand the importance of Transit Gateway and problems it solve when compared to VPC peering connections, VPN Connection features
Learn practically implementing the AWS Transit Gateway between VPC's
Understand and implement Transit Gateway concepts (Attachments, Association and Propagation)
You will learn practically implementing Transit Gateway with default route tables which are auto generated (Full Mesh Architecture)
You will learn practically implementing Transit Gateways with custom Route Tables (Control the connectivity between VPC's using TGW Route Tables)
You will learn practically implementing Transit Gateway sharing across cross accounts to enable connectivity to cross account VPC's.
You will learn practically implementing AWS Resource Access Manager basics when implementing cross account transit gateway sharing.


  • Should have basic understanding about AWS Cloud Services primarily VPC & EC2.
  • You must have an AWS account to follow with me for hands-on activities.


Welcome to this Amazing course on AWS VPC Transit Gateway. We will learn by practically implementing AWS VPC Transit Gateway in 3 practical scenarios.

1. Implement Transit Gateway using default route tables.

2. Implement Transit Gateway by sharing it with cross accounts.

3. Implement Transit Gateway by creating multiple custom route tables and controlling the traffic between different VPC's as desired.

4. During the process, we will create VPC's, Subnets, Route Tables, Internet Gateways and EC2 VM's where we gain knowledge about these features by practically creating them 4 times during the course.

***************Section wise course details**********************


  • 01 Step 01: Introduction

  • 01 Step 02: AWS Transit Gateway Introduction

Pre-requisite Environment required for Transit Gateway

  • 02 Step 01: AWS Transit Gateway Environment Setup Introduction

  • 02 Step 02: Create VPC, Subnet, Internet Gateway & Route Tables

  • 02 Step 03: Create EC2 VM's in all 3 VPC's

  • 02 Step 04: Test VM's by login to them

Create Transit Gateway with Default Route Tables

  • 03 Step 01: Create Transit Gateway

  • 03 Step 02: Create VPC Attachments for Dev and QA VPC

  • 03 Step 03: Test Connectivity for Dev and QA VPC

  • 03 Step 04: Create VPC Attachment for Shared (shrd) VPC and Test

  • 03 Step 05: Add new subnet in existing Availability Zone selected in VPC Attachment and Test

  • 03 Step 06: Add new subnet in new Availability Zone not selected in VPC Attachment and Test

Cross Account Sharing - Share Transit Gateway with external AWS Accounts

  • 04 Step 01: Introduction about Cross Account Sharing of Transit Gateway

  • 04 Step 02: Create Resource Share using AWS Resource Access Manager

  • 04 Step 03: External / Second / Cross Account: Create VPC, Subnet, IGW, Routes & EC2 VM's

  • 04 Step 04: Create VPC Attachment in External/Second Account and Accept it in First Account

  • 04 Step 05: Test the connectivity b/w Cross Account VPC and Dev, QA, SHRD VPC in First Accnt

  • 04 Step 06: Cross Account Transit Gateway sharing - Conclusion

Transit Gateway with Custom Route Tables

  • 05 Step 01: Introduction to Transit Gateway with Custom Route Tables

  • 05 Step 02: Cleanup current Associations & Propagations in default Route Table

  • 05 Step 03: Implement TGW Custom Route Table between Dev and QA VPC

  • 05 Step 04: Implement TGW Custom Route Table between Dev and Shared (shrd) VPC

  • 05 Step 05: Implement TGW Custom Route Table between QA and Cross Account Dev VPC (cadev)

  • 05 Step 06: Perform Negative Tests

  • 05 Step 07: Conclusion - Custom Route Tables in Transit Gateway

Who this course is for:

  • Technologists who have basic AWS knowledge
  • Technologists who want to implement AWS VPC Transit Gateway in their AWS network architecture


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