AWS for Software Testers : Learn Cloud Services

Step by Step Setup | EC2 Services for Virtual Machine | S3 Service for Cloud Storage
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Detailed understanding of AWS Usecases for Software Tester
Realtime understanding of EC2 Service to Create Windows and Non Windows Virtual Machine
Realtime understanding of S3 Service to start Cloud Storage
Ready to face AWS Interviews from Software Testers point of View
Ready to Implement AWS EC2 service in Automation Testing(Creating Nodes for Execution)


  • Windows Machine with High speed internet Connection & Admin Rights
  • Basic Understanding of Software Manual Testing and Automation Concepts


There was a dramatic shift in the software development industry over the past 3 years towards cloud technology. In the past agencies might favor dealing with their own infrastructure. This means that more usually than not the software developed and the infrastructure it was deployed on would be in the same place. Or deployed on servers on customer site.

This process has shift vastly towards hosting development & production software on the rented framework provided by big cloud companies like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. There’s a bunch of advantages associated with the move and plenty of ability downsides as well. AWS is a great starting place because with its market dominance there’s a very good chance that you’ll be testing software programs running on it.

What Is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a fully secure cloud services provider. It provides common services like compute power, database storage, Machine learning & AI services, security, monitoring, developer tools, content delivery, and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

There are numerous tools available on the AWS Marketplace for QA testing, making it tough to determine where to begin. What should a company look for when choosing among QA tools?

Firms invested in AWS have a few options to get their QA jobs finished. They can look to native AWS testing tools, as well as the AWS Marketplace to find an arsenal of third-party tools that combine with their cloud workloads. In practice, users should mix a combination of these testing tools to figure out their applications and workloads for security, performance standards, configuration, and more.

Course Coverage

Introduction of AWS

Usecases of AWS in Software Testing

Step by Step Setup of AWS Free Account

EC2 Service : Create and Connect with Linux Virtual Machine

EC2 Service : Create and Connect with Windows Virtual Machine

S3 Service : Cloud Storage

Who this course is for:

  • Manual Tester looking to Learn Cloud Services
  • Manual Tester wants to setup Test Environment for Test Case Execution
  • Automation Tester looking to setup execution environment for Software Testing


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