AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) Explained for Beginners

Learn what is the AWS CDK, its core components and witness the true power of the AWS CDK
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Understand the current infrastructure as code landscape
Understand the value add of AWS CDK into the current infrastructure as code landscape
Understand what is the AWS CDK
Understand what are and how to use Apps, Stacks and Constructs
Deploy a static website using AWS CDK
Deploy serverless web service (API Gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB) using AWS CDK
Use aspects for Tagging, Monitoring and AWS Best Practices


  • Basic understanding on AWS and its services
  • Basic understanding of programming languages
  • No knowledge of AWS CDK or IaC required


If you are interested in the AWS CDK, this course is ideal for learning about the AWS CDK in a way which makes sense.

The main goals of this course are to explain what is the AWS Cloud Development kit, what it brings to the table that has been previously lacking in other solutions and how to use the AWS CDK through hands-on practice. Other beginner courses focus very heavily on setting up basic infrastructure and teaching the core components - but fail at communicating the true power of the AWS CDK. This leaves it to beginners to spend a lot more time using the AWS CDK to understand its true value and decide whether it is the right tool for their use case. This course puts the value and power of the AWS CDK at the centre of the stage.

This course will:
- Explain how the AWS CDK sits within the current IaC landscape.
- Explain what is the AWS CDK, its core components like App, Stacks and Constructs

- Demo the creation of a static website in less than 10 lines of code

- Demo the creation of a serverless web service

- Demo the power of aspects for tagging, monitoring and AWS best practices

Who this course is for:

  • Cloud Architects interested in leveraging AWS CDK
  • Platform Engineers interested in AWS CDK
  • Terraform/CloudFormation/Pulumi users interested in AWS CDK
  • Application developers interested in AWS CDK


Senior Consult Specialising in AWS and DevOps
Faizan Raza
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
  • 10 Reviews
  • 1,972 Students
  • 1 Course

I am a Senior Consultant specialising in AWS Serverless and GitOps (the application of DevOps on infrastructure as code). My software career was born in the cloud with IaC - it is all I have ever known and Terraform was the first language I ever learnt! I have led the DevOps approach for two substantial projects in two FTSE 100 companies so I have an in depth understanding of the challenges of enterprise grade IaC and communicating the benefits of IaC and DevOps to individuals for the first time.

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