AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Exam Course PE-104
3.8 (34 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,208 students enrolled

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Exam Course PE-104

30 curated practice exam questions, video answers, hands-on labs with video walkthrough, PDF handouts, and much more
3.8 (34 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,208 students enrolled
Created by Kasey Shah
Published 8/2018
English [Auto]
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This course includes
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  • 8 articles
  • 13 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • Prepare & Pass AWS CCP certification
  • Learn about the benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Learn about AWS high level architecture
  • Learn about AWS shared security model
  • Learn about AWS IAM (Identity and Access Manager)
  • Learn about AWS Billing
  • Learn about AWS solutions at a high level
  • General computing knowledge
  • Access to Mac or Windows computer
  • Access to the Internet

This Course ID: HCC-AWS-CCP-PE-104

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training based on Kasey’s Practice Exam Q&A based Training Program. 

This course includes:

  • 30 curated high quality practice exam questions, 

  • video answers with detailed breakdown of correct and incorrect answer choices, 

  • hands-on labs with video walkthrough and PDF handout with  steps to complete the lab, 

  • video lectures on related substantive topics,

  • exam relevance of each topic, 

  • Kasey’s outlining approach and Outline template for all AWS Certifications,

  • one hour free 1:1 guidance session for Active Learners.

  • technical synthesis of the course, and

  • Numerous resources to prepare & pass this certification exam.

This course includes the following AWS CCP (Certified Cloud Practitioner) Exam Topics:

  • AWS Solutions, when to use what AWS solutions.

  • AWS Security, shared security model, well architected framework

  • IAM (Identity and Access Management)

  • AWS Technologies such as EC2, S3, Snowball, EBS, EFS etc.

What is Kasey’s Practice Exam Questions based Training Program?

Over my career I have passed over 100 certifications and achieved over 40 certifications. Through success and failure I have learnt a lot. Practice Exam based training is one of my such learnings that I have been sharing with my learners and it has produced great results. e.g. I have 4.97 rating from dozens of reviewers over a year for a course that I have published on Udemy based on this method. Here is how it works:

  • These courses contain 30 curated practice exam questions.

  • In the beginning of the course I provide you with the course outline template that you will fill over time.

  • I will give you a Google Search exercise for topics related to questions 1 through 10.

  • I will quiz you on questions 1 through 10. You answer the quiz.

  • I will then give you my answers for each question in Video and PDF formats.

  • You will update your outline based on your learnings.

  • I have inserted hands-on labs related to these practice exam questions as appropriate. Follow the instructions on my recommendations about hands-on lab in the PDF handout for each lab.

  • We repeat this process for questions 11 to 20 and then questions 21 to 30.

  • You continue to update your outline as you learn more.

  • In the end, I provide a complete synthesis of all key learnings from these 30 questions.

  • You update your outline based on my synthesis.

  • You should have learnt a lot from this 30 question practice exam based training.

  • This is one of several PE based training courses for this certification. e.g. PE-102, PE-104, PE-106, PE-108, PE-110, PE-112, each containing 30 uniquely curated questions with answers and supporting technical content to prepare the candidates for this certification exam.

Sample Practice Q&A from this Course (in text format. For video, see the preview)

[Question ID = HCC-AWS-PQ-1270]

Which of the following are IAM best practices according to AWS? [Choose two]

(A) Turn on CloudTrail audit to monitor IAM activities.

(B) Use autoscaling for EC2 for optimal performance of your application.

(C) Restrict use of MFA for only privileged users such as C level staff.

(D) Use managed services such as RDS as much as possible to increase security of your environment.

(E) Use IAM roles to share access.

Correct Answer is A & E.

Turn on CloudTrail audit to monitor IAM activities.

Use IAM roles to share access.

[Question Difficulty Level = 65]

IAM Best Practices

  • Do not use your AWS account root user access key.

  • Create individual users for anyone who needs access to your AWS account.

  • We recommend that you use the managed policies that are created and maintained by AWS to grant permissions whenever possible. A key advantage of using these policies is that they are maintained and updated by AWS as new services or new APIs are introduced.

  • Instead of defining permissions for individual IAM users, it's usually more convenient to create groups that relate to job functions such as administrators, developers, accounting, etc.

  • When you create IAM policies, follow the standard security advice of granting least privilege—that is, granting only the permissions required to perform a task.

  • To improve the security of your AWS account, you should regularly review and monitor each of your IAM policies. Make sure that your policies grant the least privilege that is needed to perform only the necessary actions.

  • If you allow users to change their own passwords, require that they create strong passwords and that they rotate their passwords periodically.

  • For extra security, enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for privileged IAM users (users who are allowed access to sensitive resources or APIs).

  • To provide credentials to the application in a secure way, use IAM roles. A role is an entity that has its own set of permissions, but that isn't a user or group. Roles also don't have their own permanent set of credentials the way IAM users do.

  • Change your own passwords and access keys regularly, and make sure that all IAM users in your account do as well. 

  • Remove IAM user credentials (that is, passwords and access keys) that are not needed.

  • To the extent that it's practical, define the conditions under which your IAM policies allow access to a resource. For example, you can write conditions to specify a range of allowable IP addresses that a request must come from. 

  • You can use logging features in AWS to determine the actions users have taken in your account and the resources that were used. The log files show the time and date of actions, the source IP for an action, which actions failed due to inadequate permissions, and more.

Sample Encouraging Quotes from my Learners

“A passionate teacher, with excellent didactic, besides showing strong competencies. We need instructors and professors like this. I strongly recommend his training.”

”The approach with the highlighting, explanation, and detailed including additional information are very helpful to learning.”

"This morning, I passed my AWS CCP exam!  Thank you for your course!  If you look at my progress in your course, you'll note that it LOOKS like I haven't viewed all the videos; I have actually viewed them all but had reset my progress.

When I arrived at the exam site -with 15 minutes to spare- there were already people taking the exam.  Start time apparently was apparently flexible but, as you know, the test limit of 90 minutes was enforced.  

I'm writing to tell you that, despite being the LAST person to start, I was the FIRST person to finish!  Practice exams prepared me for the format of the test, but the preparation for the CONTENT of the test was from you (and the resources you indicated we should study).  I didn't attempt to rush the test; I finished quickly because I had a thorough understanding of all the material!  I don't feel "lucky" I passed; I feel I could take the test with whatever they "throw at me" and pass; whatever scenario they propose in a question, I will have the answer!  I didn't study for the test; I studied for the material and content.  It felt so good to know and understand the material and be confident in my abilities and knowledge.

Thank you!

Next up!  Solutions Architect Professional!"

"I had experience with some videos from this course from a friend. I was impressed enough that, despite having been able to study with my friend together using his one account, I decided I wanted to support the guy that made the course (Kasey!). I'm doing this because I want MORE from him! I want to go up to professional."

"Hi Kasey,

I am just now listening to your final wrap-up. I enjoyed your course very much, and will rate you to 5 stars. I am scheduled to take the Exam on July 17. I have 12 years of experience in support of patent litigation as an expert witness and technical analyst as well as four years managing the patent lawyers for a startup in Silicon Valley (i.e. Director of Intellectual Property). Much of my work has been with company engineers to get their ideas inspired, expressed and carried all the way through the patent process.

As you can guess, even with all that experience, it is a big step to take on the MPEP and become a registered patent agent. I have been jumping through hoops for months, and am now down to the final few weeks before the test. If you had another 100 questions (especially hard ones), I would buy them right now.

Thank you for making this available."

”It is a wonderfully organized course. I have been studying for the exam for a few weeks now and this course has helped me a lot. The course is formatted in a way that it provides you preparing material very precisely, this has saved me a lot of time”

“Mr. Shah immediately reminded me of my graduate professor for Finite Element Methods in that he is a proponent of the students success and fluid understanding of the material.”

“The course was very helpful as the instructor provided in-depth explanation for some important topics”

”I just finished your class and wow.. amazing!! “

”I am absolutely motivated and I am going to pass the exam.”

Who this course is for:
  • Leaners who want to become AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP)
  • Learners who are involved in AWS in any capacity
  • Anyone who wants to enter Cloud Computing field
Course content
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+ Introduction Section
5 lectures 15:02
Kasey's Getting Started Guide for this Course
Kasey's Targeted Outcomes for this Course
Resources for this Course
+ Practice Exam Q&A 1-10 Section
15 lectures 01:38:20
Assignment for Q1-10

Quiz for Questions 1-10

Quiz Q1-10
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EC2 Exam Focus Summary
Answer to Q1
Hands-on Lab - AWS Console Walkthrough
Answer to Q2
Answer to Q3
Hands-on Lab - Deploying your first EC2 instance on AWS [1034]
Answer to Q5
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Hands-on Lab AWS IAM [1022]
Answer to Q8
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Quiz for Q11-20
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Assignment for Q21-30

Quiz for practice exam questions 21 through 30.

Quiz for Q21-30
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Answer to Q21
Answer to Q22
Answer to Q23
Answer to Q24
Hands-on Lab - Creating S3 buckets in AWS environment [1068]
Answer to Q25
Answer to Q26
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Answer to Q28
Answer to Q29
Answer to Q30
+ Important Information Section
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Kasey's Outlining Approach and AWS Template
AWS CCP Exam Guide
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Kasey's Exam Taking Tips
+ Conclusion Section
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Outcomes Achieved!
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