Awesome Energy Amplifying Coaching

Connecting With The Power of Your Emotion For Manifesting
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How to use the power of emotion to create increased energy for the Law of Attraction


  • Have a space with a comfortable chair, a door, a pen/notebook (if you don't want to download the workbook) and some time to yourself.


You know danged well that the Law of Attraction likes it when you feel good. The biggest problem for most of us is the accumulation of crazy, often negative energy that bombards us every day.

Hands up if you want to have a quick solution to kick the burden of daily stress to the curb so you can up-level your Law of Attraction results. I know you do!

This sweet, virtual coaching session (yup, I'm a Law of Attraction coach) is here to help you out. Use it on those days when the noise and the stress get to be just too much, and you're begging for some emotional surrender to better feelings.

Illuminated You Lifestyle Coaching is eternally indebted to Purple Planet Music for the use of their amazingly appropriate and uplifting sounds in this session.

Who this course is for:

  • Law of Attraction students, Law of Attraction beginners and manifesting enthusiasts who want to achieve better results.

Course content

5 sections10 lectures1h 15m total length
  • Welcome To Video One About Your Awesome Energy Amplifying Coaching
  • It's Nice To Meet You! Here's A Little About Me.
  • The Setup, Your Need-To-Know Basics For Your Awesome Energy Amplifying


Law of Attraction Coach and Manifesting Teacher
Marcie Robinson
  • 4.9 Instructor Rating
  • 10 Reviews
  • 615 Students
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I'm a fearless lover of universal principles and a shameless manifesting addict; I just can't stop! I turned my passion for the LOA into a career in 2007 when I combined it with my purpose of helping others. Now I'm a certified coach that teaches people how to realize their own dreams through the Law of Attraction.

If you're not too crazy about the "woo-woo" nature of my subject matter, don't worry. I get that not everybody's the spiritual type. Sometimes you just want some info and some inspo. So, I'm dedicated to making what I do easy enough for a kindergartener to understand, intriguing enough to want to stick with, attractive, fun, and as painless as humanly possible to implement.

If you get to know me through one of my courses, challenges, or memberships, you'll also find out I'm an enthusiast of bevies (yup, both coffee, and tea are my things. And I'd never turn down a great cocktail. Why limit myself?) a complete nerd, an organization freak, and a reforming perfectionist.

I'm also eager to see your success! In fact, I'm already almost beside myself about the results that you'll achieve. I'll be so happy that I can feel the warm fuzzies I'll be sending you virtually.