Deep Tissue Massage Certificate Course (5 CEU's)
4.6 (1,841 ratings)
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Deep Tissue Massage Certificate Course (5 CEU's)

Master Deep Tissue Massage and Other Advanced Massage Techniques from This Bestselling Deep Tissue Massage Course
4.6 (1,845 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
9,745 students enrolled
Created by Mark Perren-Jones
Last updated 7/2020
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What you'll learn
  • You will get a Certificate of Completion when you finish this deep tissue massage course from best-selling massage course instructor, Mark personally
  • Perform deep tissue massage and advanced massage techniques with great confidence
  • Implement the deep tissue massage techniques learnt in this course into any of their other massage sequences
  • Learn what are the most important factors when it comes to giving a great deep tissue massage!
  • You should have a basic understanding of my relaxation massage course or have had some massage experience

Wouldn't you just love to know how to do this incredible form of deep tissue massage?

Well you can from best-selling massage course instructor, Mark Perren-Jones!

Mark has done deep tissue massage for elite athletes, celebrities and even Presidents of Countries and is going to teach you exactly the same massage sequences that he did on them.

Mark is an Approved Continuing Education Provider(APCE) with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork ( NCBTMB #1805)

"This is one of the best deep tissue massage courses i have ever taken!""I had gotten to a point where I wasn't sure if massage therapy was a career I really wanted to continue but now I have a renewed sense of passion!"

The Award Winning Isla Verde Spa Deep Tissue and Advanced Techniques Massage Course! 

"its one of the best massage training courses i have ever had online!"

In this deep tissue massage course, Mark Perren-Jones guides you step by step to show you from the basics to advanced massage techniques on how to give your massage clients an incredible Deep Tissue massage experience. You will learn not only deep tissue massage techniques that you can use but also will be able to incorporate these massage techniques into any of your other massages such as your relaxation or hot stones massage sequences.

Mark shows you not only what his 25 years of experience has helped him, but also he shows you the ways to avoid the mistakes that he has made along the way. When it comes to a massage clinic or spa, your best asset is your massage.

Without an incredible deep tissue massage sequence, it will be very difficult to have a thriving spa or practice. This online massage course will give you the skills set to give your clients an amazing deep tissue massage experience.

In this massage course you are going to learn:

  • Acupressure Techniques

  • What equipment is needed for deep tissue massage

  • Effective Spa/Clinic Marketing Strategies to making a successful business

  • To Correct Body Alignment and Postural Problems

  • To Set up the right atmosphere for your Client

  • The Importance of First Impressions

  • How to use your forearm Techniques correctly when doing deep tissue massages

  • Plus so much more..

The most important aspect to any spa or massage clinic is the quality of the massages, because without the ability to deliver great massages most therapists will not succeed and be taken over by the competition in this highly competitive industry. 

You will be shown not only our secrets to giving incredible deep tissue massages to your clients, friends, partners or family members but also know how to use your body correctly and avoid the pitfalls that many therapists fall into. You will be taught advanced techniques, the correct ways to apply pressure, how to correctly use acupressure and we also share with you other aspects of the spa business that have helped our business grow from just one person to needing 4 massage therapists in under 2 years!

Enroll now and start learning deep tissue massage today!

On completion of this course you will receive a certificate from the Isla Verde Spa Training Academy  and also be eligible to join to CTAA if you so desire.

All of Mark's Course are accredited with the CTAA (Complementary Therapists Accredited Association).

On completion of this course, you will have access to join the CTAA if you please. As a member of the CTAA you will receive these benefits:

  1. A Professional Certificate showing that you have full membership with CTAA as a Practitioner.

  2. Access to discounted Therapist Practitioner Insurance with your membership (subject to their Insurance Partners)

  3. Access to their CTAA Logo to place on your Website/Social Media/Email

  4. Free CTAA Directory Listing

  5. Have the opportunity to write a blog/article within the complementary therapy field that you work, that will be shared on their Website and Social Media to enable you to reach a larger audience and have exposure to yourself and your website.

Who this course is for:
  • This deep tissue massage course is designed for students that want to take their massage to the next level.
  • The online massage course is specifically set up to give the student massage therapist a greater depth of massage techniques to use on their massage clients
Course content
Expand all 74 lectures 06:10:10
+ Introduction
3 lectures 04:32

Welcome to my new deep tissue and advanced techniques massage course!

Preview 01:13

Hi there! I just wanted to show you how everything works here if you are a newbie. If you are aware of how to use the Udemy platform then you can go straight to the next lecture. Also, I explain the horrible captions at times.

I know what I said, a PDF file..ahh, forget it.

I have created a Facebook group that is for educational purposes so you can ask questions and either I or other students will answer. You can share information and it really is so that we can all help each other to learn, share and have fun.

You can join our Facebook group if you want, its a great resource!
+ The Massage Essentials
15 lectures 53:02

I just wanted to explain why some of you may have seen this section before from my other massage courses

Preview 05:03

Welcome to my deep tissue massage course!

Download the summary of this section from the resources here

As you will see, unless you have a table that has the correct components-you are fighting a losing battle

Massage Tables-The 4 Most Important considerations

Creams or oils? That is the question

Creams and Oils-Whats Great and whats not

Here I show you how to set up your table properly

The Set up for the table

Its the little things that can make a huge difference. Here I show you some things that will make your massage even more incredible before you even start the massage.

Some things that make the massage experience even more amazing.

As they say, timing is everything

It's all in the timing

In my massage there are certain choices i make whether to include them or not

Why i Don't include these things in my massages

Learn this very quickly!

Do no Harm

Getting honest feedback is vital

The Perfect Person to Practice your massage on

This could be the most important lecture in the entire course

Why Most Therapists don't last- and what to do instead

You now need to groove these things in to make them a habit

Now is the time to put the time in.

These are also things that you need to consider for the perfect massage environment

Some other factors to consider before you get started

A contraindication is a situation when massage should not be performed. Continuing with treatment may be more detrimental than beneficial and in some cases may cause serious medical problems. Here is a list of those contraindications.

Contraindications of Massage, intake forms and more

Maybe one day you would like to use essential oils to enhance the massage experience even further. Here are the dilution rates and also oils that are contraindicated for children, nursing mothers and pregnancy.

What to consider if you want to do an aromatherapy massage
+ The massage strokes-correct and incorrect ways
8 lectures 30:22

Download the massage strokes from the resources so that you can remember the techniques correctly.

Now lets look at the massage strokes

Here are the massage techniques from my relaxation course which shows you the right way and wrong way to do these basic strokes.

The importance of using soft hands vs rigid

Here are the massage techniques from my relaxation course which shows you the right way and wrong way to do these basic strokes.

Mastering the effleurage stroke to give a great beginning to the massage

Here are the massage techniques from my relaxation course which shows you the right way and wrong way to do these basic strokes.

This stroke is done so poorly so often-kneading

Here are the massage techniques from my relaxation course which shows you the right way and wrong way to do these basic strokes.

The scissor stroke- how to do it correctly

Here are the massage techniques from my relaxation course which shows you the right way and wrong way to do these basic strokes.

Using your forearms correctly will win your client over completely

Here are the massage techniques from my relaxation course which shows you the right way and wrong way to do these basic strokes.

Acupressure techniques- The correct and incorrect ways to perform them

As you practice I want you to focus on applying the correct pressure. It will take some time as you develop your palpation skills but this will make your massage feel incredible to your client .

How to apply the correct pressure for an amazing massage experience.
+ Full Body Deep tissue Massage
12 lectures 01:03:45

ok, now let's go through how to massage each body part individually.

Its time to start putting the techniques that you learned to work

I am constantly asked what music I like to massage to. Here are a few of my favorites for you to check out. If you go to the resources you can click on the links directly

Vive.   Clinical aromatherapy Sarvetaratra

Anugama.   Shamanic Dream II

Brian Eno.   Thursday Afternoon

Peter Kater.   Elements of Air

Road to Perdition soundtrack

Deuter.   Illumination of the Heart

Olafur Arnauls.    Living Room Songs

Dan Gibson.    Solitudes

Deva Premal.    Dakshina

Dean Evenson.   Healing Sanctuary

Some of my favorite massage music for you to listen to.

The Start of any massage is vitally important-you make your first impressions on your client as soon as you put your hands on them so be conscious from the get-go

Massage start sequence

The back sequence is perhaps the most important area to do fabulously. We carry our tension in our backs and necks so if you can give a person a great back massage you will definitely have them rebooking!

Deep tissue massage techniques for the back 1

This is the area i call the 'tipping zone'. I tell my students that if you do the back and neck massage exceptionally well this is where you will get your tips from your clients. Why? because everyone wants a great back and neck massage because this is where we hold the majority of our stress.

Deep tissue massage techniques for the back 2

A combination of smooth but deep massage techniques as well as some powerful acupressure point massage

Deep tissue massage techniques for the back of the legs

Here are some nice stretching techniques that you can incorporate into your massage

Legs Prone Stretching

Some students had asked me how I turn the client over using the towel. I will refilm this lecture when I have a massage table again( I have just moved), but I  hope this gives you a bit of an idea. Also, I explain what I do when I start the massage and how I end it.

How to turn the client over with the towel

For a great massage, you must give a great neck massage. Here we show several techniques that will relieve even the tightest necks

Preview 04:33

Now that your client is totally relaxed we remove the stress down out of the arms, forearms and out of the palms and fingers-some of these techniques are my favorites in the massage

Deep tissue massage techniques for the arms and hands

Now for some nice deeply relaxing massage on the front of the legs

Deep tissue massage techniques for the front of Legs

Here are some stretches that you can do to loosen up the hamstrings, hips and lower back

Front of Legs stretching techniques
+ Full Massage Sequence-There is no sound for a reason
5 lectures 02:02:33

Its now time to put everything together! Make sure that you do this before every massage that you give. It will make a huge difference to the massage experience for both you and your client

Preview 01:46

Here is the part where you can put on your favorite music and watch the massage sequence whilst you practice

Full Body Massage Sequence

Many students wanted to have the sequence without music so that they can watch it and also put on their own music at the same time from the same computer/tablet/iPad so that is why I have this lecture included for you.

Full body sequence without music

Here are a couple of lectures on how you can simply perform chair massage on a normal chair

A Little Bonus! Chair Massage(Body Mechanics)

Here are a couple of lectures on how you can simply perform chair massage on a normal chair

A Little Bonus! Chair Massage (Techniques)
+ A Fun Look At Our Anatomy And Physiology.
8 lectures 13:04

Here, for a bit of fun, I teach you some interesting facts about our bodily systems

Welcome to the World's quickest anatomy and physiology lessons

Let's look at the skin, hair, nails and other parts of the integumentary system in under 2 minutes

The Integumentary System

And now a look at our skeletal system in under 1 minute!

The Skeletal System

It's time to learn about muscles.

The Muscular System

It's time to see how are circulatory system works

The Cardiovascular System.

So just how does our digestive system work?

The Digestive System

The communications center for your body-the nervous system

The Nervous System

And now for a look at our wonderful respiratory system.

The Respiratory System
+ Starting Your Own Business-what to consider
4 lectures 25:08

Here are several things that need to be considered

Working and making money as a therapist

It is important to have these traits to succeed.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Here are some things that i do that work very well to market my business.

What marketing ideas have I found to be successful?

Oh, as they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing. If only I had done these things early in my career I would have been a much better massage therapist sooner.

My two top tips for massage therapists
+ Questions from my students and other cool stuff
19 lectures 57:43

Your questions answered!

Here I answer many common questions that I get from my students

Here are some tips on how to get more money per client and also happier clients

Great ways to earn more money per client

They were correct! It feels great!

The torture tool that I have grown to love!

What to do when the friend comes too

Not the friend too!

What I do in this situation when the client has the cell phone on

No cell phones allowed!

This is untrue so let's stop saying it. It is a myth and does not happen

The water after massage to flush away toxins myth

Can you beat me?

The Palpation Challenge! Can you beat me?

How to massage that really hairy client.

How to massage the really hairy client

Should you? Here is what I think

Should you massage someone that is pregnant?

It can be difficult to know which carrier oil to choose when doing massage. Here are the qualities of the most popular ones and also some lovely recipes for you to try out.

The qualities of the carrier oils and massage blends

It is really important that you store your essential oils correctly and also replace them when they are past their use by date.

An important word about using essential oils

I had a question about what I do, if anything to help my body physically. Do I stretch? Take supplements? or do I do something else? Yes, I do something else. Here is what I do and it is great!

What do I do to help my body physically?

Do balms, salves and liniments really work? What does the research say?

Balms, Salves and Liniments-How do they actually work?

You know what it is like. You go to the gym or do some unaccustomed exercise and then are hardly able to move a day later. This is known as D.O.M.S. ( delayed onset muscle soreness), but there are a lot of myths about what it is and does massage help it?

What helps DOMS? ( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

Here is what a lot of research has been continually showing. EAMC ( exercise associated muscle cramps) are not due to what we commonly have believed

Muscle cramps are not due to what you think they are.

Ok, it is time to test your memory.

Final Exam
25 questions



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So how do you get your certificate from me?

Does this certificate allow me to start working?

Does this certificate allow me to start working?

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