Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 1

Leadership in Car Sales and Creating your Authentic Management Style
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English [Auto]
The foundations required to be a leading sales manager
Discover the leader you were born to be through personal branding
The Star Performance Concept - A key process to successful strategy implementation and success


  • For all aspiring and existing Automotive Sales Managers


This first part of the Sales Manager's Programme is Free for a limited time only. 

It is paramount to the success of any sales manager that they lead in their own image and not that of the departing manager.  How many times have you said to yourself "if I was the manager I would do things differently."?  Well now is your chance.  Too many newly promoted managers lose fresh eyes approach and start their careers trying to play the role of manager, not be a true leader.

In this first step along our journey we will consider the leader you wish to be.  We will also aim to ensure that your first impression is one which calms your new team and instantly provides you with a foundation on which to build their careers, the department's performance, and consequently deliver personal success through your management style.

It will provide you with clear rules of engagement which will provide you with clarity as to what your responsibilities are, and those for which you are not.  Furthermore it will introduce to you my Star Performance concept.  This framework will ensure you understand that inputs are your primary focus.  You will understand how this model can be used in day-to-day strategy implementation and in so doing, give your the process which delivers results every time.

Enjoy this first step on your journey.

Best Wishes


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Who this course is for:

  • Sales executives
  • Business Managers
  • Sales Controllers
  • Sales Managers
  • Automotive

Course content

1 section5 lectures33m total length
  • Leadership Characteristics
  • The Qualities of a Leader - Developing your Personal Brand
  • Bitesize Tip 1 - What is the first meeting of the day for a manager?
  • The Star Performance Concept - How to effectively deliver strategies
  • Bitesize Tip 2 - A winning entry to your new department


Personal Development Specialist for Life and Business
David Cain
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David Cain is an experienced and award winning Head of Business, Learning and Development Manager, and Sales Development Specialist in the Automotive Industry  He has represented both Ford and Audi and delivered exceptional levels of performance through the nurture of his teams.  His passion and commitment to business and personal excellence is infectious and inspiring. David's strategies and techniques are practical, deliverable, and proven to succeed.

Drawing from his real life experiences in business and life, David's approach to learning and development is to teach from the heart and not from the text book.  Having shaped and developed hundreds of peoples careers, by taking these courses you will join them in understanding what makes David such an unique trainer and coach. 

David asks “What do you want your future to be? Do you want to survive in your new/existing position, or do you want to succeed? Well, you were born to succeed, so in order to make your success a reality, you need to choose wisely how you are going to grow and develop the right skills and techniques to realise your potential.  In life we learn from others knowledge and abilities and once we add them to our own, we gain the talent and know how to become something far greater, unique and special. My programme's are demanding and will challenge you to let go of what you know, retrain your brain, step outside of your comfort zone, for after all “anything in life worth having is worth working for.” (Andrew Carnegie). But by embarking on this journey you will come to appreciate your undiscovered potential, grab the future in your hands, expand your vision, increase your confidence, unlock your maximum wealth, positively engage relationships, live your best life, and never give up.”

David is a keen follower of Rugby League, a lover of music, and enjoys spending time with his wife Kathryn and their two beautiful children. 

He commented "Having started my career in 2002 I enjoyed a promotion every 2 years, from Sales Executive, to award winning Sales Manager, Sales Training Manager, Learning and Development Director, and Head of Business.  In this series I share my winning formulas and experience to help the next generation of automotive professionals realise their potential and dreams."

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