AutoHotkey FAQ 1 - What to know Before you code in AHK

This course covers the things we wish we knew when we started learning AutoHotkey over 10 years ago!
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Many of the Frequently Asked Questions about AutoHotkey
Which version of AutoHotkey to use and which Editor to start with
Why you should use AutoHotkey over other automation tools
Many of the "gotcha's" that we'd wish we'd known before starting with AutoHotkey


  • None, Zero, Zilch! This course is for anybody!


AutoHotkey is an amazing, FREE, open-source tool that can save you an amazing amount of time.   We designed this course to help people new to AutoHotkey get started with this amazingly powerful language.

Compared to most languages, AutoHotkey is very user friendly to non-programmers.  Having said that, there are some nuances that will trip-up both seasoned developers and people that are new to programming.  We tried to include all the things we wish someone had pointed out to us in this course!  Unlike other courses, this AutoHotkey course is free and will remain that way!

The course is designed to answer a ton of questions that you will have when you're first starting with AutoHotkey!

The course helps you understand things you should know BEFORE you dive into AutoHotkey:

  1. Before coding- things you'd want to know before you've begun coding

  2. While you're coding- These are tips and tricks of things you'd want to know while you're coding

  3. Troubleshooting- Uh-oh.  Here we give you a few ideas on what to do when things are going wrong

The course is also created in  a way that you can jump around in any order.   So, if you see a specific lecture you're interested in, you can jump straight to it and be able to follow along

We have a several free AutoHotkey tools we've designed to help people. 

  1. AHKEditSwap- which allows you to easily change your default editor of AutoHotkey scripts

  2. AHKAddToStartup - Makes it easy to add your AutoHotkey script (or any program) to the Windows startup process

  3. AHKScriptScan- Have a way to peak inside AutoHotkey files and highlight possible hacks that you might have missed

  4. AHKHelp- Have access to AutoHotkey help in any program.  It also searches YouTube for videos on your topic!

  5. AHKHotkeyStringLookup- Easily search all your running scripts for Hotkeys & HotStrings.  This tool is a must for people new to AutoHotkey!

  6. AHKScriptHub- Easily access, reload, edit, pause, suspend, or jump to folders of any running AutoHotkey script

  7. AutomateMyTask - Easily find and click images (or controls).  AmT helps you write your AutoHotkey syntax for you!

AutoHotkey is a very easy to learn scripting language.  It's saved us more time than we can imagine and hope you adapt it to save yourself time so you can start working smarter, not harder.

Who this course is for:

  • People wanting to automate their Windows PC (But don't know where to start)
  • People interested in AutoHotkey / Desktop Automation / Robotics Process Automation software
  • People willing to do a little work for a HUGE payout!


AutoHotkey expert / Robotics Process Automation Guru
Joe Glines
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I've been using AutoHotkey for over 15 years.  I've given ~60 webinars on AutoHotkey and have a weekly podcast discussing Robotics Process Automation with AutoHotkey.

I also have over 1,150+ videos on YouTube teaching people how to automate the mundane with AutoHotkey.

I'm not a programmer by trade so I don't explain things in a way that is ridiculously complicated.

I love helping people automate their daily tasks!  AutoHotkey is a "game changer" and will save you an amazing amount of time.  Start learning to work Smarter, not Harder today!

Isaias Baez
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I'm an instructor and programmer. Have been creating programs for more than 10 years in a scripting language called autohotkey.

I also have experience being a trainer for different companies.

My hobbies are: reading, playing chess and playing the guitar.

I hope to learn new skills in udemy as well as presenting my experience to others in an easy to understand manner.

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