AutoCAD 2020 and Artificial Intelligence Tools: Part 2

Further Mind-Blowing In-depth Video Tutorials created with AutoCAD 2020
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Measuring a drawing in AutoCAD 2020 and creating dimensions
Executing a RAY command in AutoCAD
Executing ARRAY command in AutoCAD
Executing MIRROR command in AutoCAD
Learn to use tools to draw special lines in AutoCAD
Executing SCALE command in AutoCAD
Learn to draw a polygon in AutoCAD
Executing CIRCLE command in AutoCAD
Learn to offset an object in AutoCAD
Explore various new-age tools in Artificial Intelligence in the field of civil and 360-degree tours


  • Basic knowledge of windows operating system
  • A free version of AutoCAD 2020 for students or educators should be installed on your windows PC
  • Should have joined "AutoCAD 2020 and Artificial Intelligence Tools: Part 1" Course created by the same author on Udemy


This brilliant and engaging course on "AutoCAD 2020 and Artificial Intelligence Tools: Part 2" taught by "Srinidhi" and "Saranya" will take a step further from the Part 1 course to help you explore and understand more functions and features in AutoCAD including measurement of drawing, creating dimensions, executing commands, offsetting objects etc.

We will also get access to a bird-eye's view of some special tools and technologies in Artificial intelligence (AI) that can simulate crowds, design prototypes and create virtual reality 360-degree tools that will serve to be great examples of incredible technology in application. An example of Taj Mahal in a 360-degree tour is also showcased here, in this course.

Benefits of learning AutoCAD in 2020:

  1. To increase the design productivity and capabilities to the maximum potential

  2. To improve the quality of the design itself

  3. To create a full-fledged database for manufacturing

  4. Design a product with the greatest accuracy that is needed

  5. Plan and map out spaces very quickly or easily

  6. Save time and money in 3D production or streamlining the design

  7. Easier data transfer and to improve communication through the documentation process

  8. Calculate Mass, Area, volume, Center of Gravity in the fastest time ever possible and much more.

  9. Visualise the end-product beforehand

  10. It provides an opportunity for operational professionals to review the drawings and tailor it according to any kind of needed requirements.

Your next incredible adventure awaits in Part 2.

Enrol now and let us await the wow-factor to show up from the first video itself.

Who this course is for:

  • Working professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills and learn AutoCAD 2020 commands to speed up their design work faster
  • Students who have no prior knowledge of AutoCAD who wish to start their learning journey
  • Anyone who is interested to learn new AI technologies to integrate with AutoCAD 2020
  • All passionate learners are welcome

Course content

1 section8 lectures56m total length
  • Introduction to the course and usage of important commands in AutoCAD
  • Usage of MIRROR Command, ROTATE Command, OFFSET Command, LINE Command & ELLIPSE
  • Usage of ARRAY Command, MOVE Command, LINE Command, CIRCLE Command etc.
  • More usage of LINE & SCALE Command with star shapes
  • Dimension tools & Area COMMAND
  • Onshape & Rhino Software: Use Case
  • Other Artificial Intelligence tools & virtual reality tour creation tools
  • Bonus Lesson


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