Discover Augmented Reality Games - Unity/Vuforia *Updated*
4.3 (362 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,450 students enrolled

Discover Augmented Reality Games - Unity/Vuforia *Updated*

Augmented Reality Development The Fun Way. Learn Mobile App Development In This Complete AR Game Development Course
4.3 (362 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,450 students enrolled
Created by Diego Herrera
Last updated 2/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Master mobile app development with augmented reality games in Android & IOS
  • Realise the potential of Augmented Reality gaming in real world field tests
  • Increase your skills in Unity 3D on a basic / intermediate level
  • Understand how to use the Vuforia Augmented Reality package
  • Increase your portfolio with augmented reality applications / games
  • How to install both Unity 3D and Vuforia SDK for free
  • Understand the basics of C# with my step by step instructions on screen
  • Learn about collision detection
  • Learn about triggering audio upon collisions
  • Create App menu screens
  • Import 3D models into Unity
  • Assign animations to 3D models in Unity
  • Animated Text Titles
  • Export to IOS & Android devices
  • Upload your app to the Google Play & IOS App Store
  • Basic AI fighter attacks
  • Save scores locally on the device
  • Publish to the App Stores
Course content
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+ Installing Unity and Vuforia. Learn the basics and find your feet.
15 lectures 02:23:31

Hi all, this is my course introduction video.  It looks at installing Unity for the first time.  I understand some of you may already have Unity installed so you can skip through this video if you like. 

Thanks for taking my course,

Diego :)

Preview 02:49
Unity 2017.2 - Update Video Nov 2017

In this video you will learn how to choose the right account and run Unity 3D for the first time.  This video covers the absolute basics and looks at navigating around the Unity workspace.  

If you are a beginner, this video is perfect, if you are familiar with Unity already you may find this a little too basic.

Download & installing Unity - Beginner Level

In this video we create our first Unity project and look at the absolute basics of the workspace.

Unity first run. Learning the basics of the workspace - Beginner Level
Vuforia for Unity 2017.2

This video explains how you can create an account on Vuforia, install image targets and get vuforia setup and running for the first time.

Unity 2017.1 and Under - Creating an account and installing Vuforia

This video shows how the Vuforia software is now installed via Unity 2017.2's asset store within the editor.

Unity 2017.2 - Installing Vuforia to begin the Augmented Reality experience

This is the first AR example video.  You will learn how to create a 3D cube in augmented reality using Vuforia.

Installing Vuforia & Hello AR - Part 2

We download a free zombie asset and look at animation for the first time in augmented reality.

Preview 09:23

In this video you will learn about one of my favourite resources to obtain brilliant 3D models and prepare to assign animations to a model in Unity 3D.

Please note the track 'invisible' has been purchased specifically for use in this course.  If you would like to release your app later you would need to either purchase a commercial license for the track or change the track to be one you have permission to use.

My favourite animation resource.

In this video you will learn how to transition between two simple animations from mixamo.

Animation continued - Transitioning to a second animation.

In this video you will create your first button and learn about how the canvas can resize to adapt for different devices.

Basics - UI Canvas component & your first button

Create your first script in the popular programming language c# - Absolute beginner level.

Creating your first script - Beginner Level.

The magic starts to happen in this video as we connect our button to the animator and control the transition ourselves.

Controlling the Augmented Reality dancer with your button script.

We upgrade our function to dynamically switch between animations using different buttons on the UI Canvas.

Dynamic buttons - Upgrading the function and preparing for an AR version

Just a quick quiz to cover the absolute basics :)

Mini Quiz 1
5 questions
+ It's Party Time
32 lectures 04:52:31

Are you ready to party?  The granny is.... Let's get going into our first full game Dance Party.

Preview 02:33
Unity 2017.3 - Using A User Defined Target for your Augmented Reality app

A look at creating a UDT in Unity 2017.2 as of Nov 2017.

Unity 2017.3 - Building a custom user defined target. (Jan 2018)

Hi guys, in this video we start creating our first user defined target however, don't forget to download the zip folder containing the required UDT files.

Unity 2017.1 & Lower - Building a custom user defined target.

The video for the mixamo fix

Mixamo Character Import Update Video 2018 - Video
Camera Button Assigned

Learn how to connect our custom target to the AR camera and generate the Granny on any surface you choose to.

Connecting the camera button to the UDT.

Learn about the benefits of extended tracking.

Create a working template with extended tracking.

In this video we connect audio in preparation for our first field test.

It's field test time, let the magic happen - Part 1
Unity 2017.2 Exporting settings

Learn how to prepare your app for deployment onto an Android device.

Field test preparation 2 - Creating an Android build ready for your device.

Build your APK file to the Android phone ready for the field test.

Field test preparation 3 - Installation

In this video we look at converting to project to an IOS Xcode project, running and installing the app on an Apple device.

Bonus - IOS Build For Dance Party, Exporting & Running On IOS Devices

My example video from my field test results.

Field test - My Demo

Learn how to turn the flash on and off to improve Vuforia's visibility.

Flash Torch Hack Improving The Augmented Reality Experience

Learn how to import images and use the sprite slicer to create multiple images from one file.  Then look at creating our intro scene foundation.

Creating the intro scene and using multiple sprites

Build on our intro scene and look at our first animated panel.

Intro scene continued - Adding new buttons and a high score panel

Complete the intro high score panel animation in this video.

Controlling the highscore panel animation

Learn how to save scores in the player preferences file.

Saving and loading a highscore with PlayerPrefs

Upgrade the animations and check out our first look at the point scoring system.

Additional animations & creating the points button prefab - Part 1

Learn how to spawn point buttons in this video.

Creating the points button prefab - Part 2 & Spawning Items

Learn how to dynamically change the point value on the spawned buttons, change the scores and alter the background colour of the buttons randomly.

Moving the button, changing the point value and background colour dynamically

Learn about collecting the buttons as they pass through the scene, destroying the objects to save memory and updating the score as we click on each button.

Buttons and updating the score

Complete the button maths to update the scoring system based on user input.

Buttons and updating the score - Part 2

Make the game more user friendly by upgrading the script to remove the child objects as the game plays.

Destroying the children, changing the dance moves.

Its field test time again, check out my video and record your own to share with other students.

Preview 01:34

Addressing the font issue with some installations.

Quick tidy up

Improve the user experience further by adding an instructions panel and controlling the audio start time.

Instruction panel and upgrading the audio control

Control the spawn start time in this video by upgrading the code once more.

Upgrading the spawn process

Create a real time countdown for the gameplay to control the end of the game.

Creating a timer for the Augmented Reality game

In this video I show how you can change the timer to be based on track length more than a defined time.

Track length & updating the high score

In this video I upgrade the player preferences saving of the high score on Android devices.

Dance Party wrap up and PlayerPrefs quick fix
+ Fight Club - Augmented Reality Unity App
25 lectures 04:34:51

Check out my demo video to show you guys what you will be creating by the end of this section.

Preview 01:12

This is an update video demonstrating the new way to import the UDT

Update Video Jan 2018 - The New UDT

The pace picks up again now we have the foundation behind us and we enter into our Fight Club game setup.  You'll need the UDT Template files for this video so prepare your files. If you don't have it to hand, don't worry, I've attached them to this video as downloadable resources.

Preview 10:51

We now look at adding a user interface and creating the foundation of our player controller.

GUI Buttons & Player Controller Part 1

Learn how touch controls can be detected and upgrade the player controller further to allow movement of the AR character.

Player Controller Part 2

Connect additional attacking animations and implement the first stage to the melee attack system.

Kick Punch Hit - Step 1

Improve the melee system by detecting when the player can attack.

Kick Punch Hit - Step 2 - Detecting the idle state and resetting isAttacking

In this video we look at line of sight and how to maintain eye contact whilst the fighters are fighting in the AR environment.

Maintaining Eye Contact Between Fighters

In this video we ensure that the collision only occurs from the enemy box colliders by tagging the corresponding GameObject colliders.

Collision Detection

Adding health to the characters and reducing the amount based on taking a hit.

Taking A Hit

In this video you will see how to trigger a knockout animation based on the decreasing health amount.

It's A Knockout

In this video we go back to the GUI and add health bars which will decrease upon collision contact from the players.

Creating A Working Set Of Health Bars

In this video we look at the foundation of the enemy AI system and start making him aware of the player GameObject.

Basic AI - Part 1

In this video you will learn how to make the AI character kick and punch based on his magnitude.

Basic AI - Part 2

Improve the gameplay by adjusting the box colliders and learning how to deactivate them when the fighter is in an idle state.

Disabling The BoxColliders & Tweaking The Collision Detection

Finalise the code for Dreya's box collider disabling gameplay.

Disabling The BoxColliders & Tweaking The Collision Detection - Part 2

In this video we add the sound clips to the models and add background music addressing the issue faced with the AI firing the audio multiple times based on Dreyer's magnitude.

Let Me Hear You!

Learn how to hide and show GUI elements upon Vuforia detection, then enable a 321 countdown and autostart Dreya's movement.

Game Controller Part 1

We continue the work on the game controller adding on screen points and triggering off the round audio tracks.

Game Controller Part 2

We apply more work to the game controller and start looking at an end of game reset function.  In addition, we revisit the player colliders.

Game Controller Part 3

We correct the positioning for Arissa after she is knocked out and fix the Y axis issue where she moved under the grid position.

Fixing The Reset Position After A Knockout

In this video we polish up the game content and resolve any minor issues which still need addressing such as audio win / lose etc.

Polishing The Content Ready For The Final Field Test

This video is after my final field test where I spotted an issue with Arissa not resetting correctly when the game ended.  I quickly fix this in the video with a line of code and then set you a challenge.

Field Test Result Quick Fix

In this video we look at converting to project to an IOS Xcode project, running and installing the app on an Apple device.  

Don't worry if the cosmetics of this video don't match your current screen, the video was added slightly later on in the course development process.

Bonus - IOS Build For Fight Club, Exporting & Running On IOS Devices
+ App Stores
3 lectures 41:35

In this video we look at the requirements to submitting apps to Google app store.  I point you in the right direction and take a look at app signing.

Publishing Apps Part 1 - Google App Store 'Android'

In this video we look at the requirements to submitting apps to Apple app store.  I point you in the right direction and take a look at app signing and creating distribution profiles.

Publishing Apps Part 2 - Apple App Store 'IOS'

This is the final video in the course where we look at finalising you app upload and completing the course :)

Publishing Apps Part 3 - Apple App Store 'IOS' & Game Over
+ 2018 Bonus Additional Content
2 lectures 18:48

We checkout Unitys' new transform tool.

Preview 08:45

Learn how to play videos and use touch controls in Unity

Loading Video & Touch Controls - The easy way :)
  • Have access to a PC or Mac
  • An interest in immersive gaming is advantageous
  • A very basic knowledge of programming is also advantageous but not required
  • A passion to discover Augmented Reality app development
  • A webcam for the Augmented Reality development process
  • A local printer, alternatively access to email on a mobile device

Augmented reality is here to stay.  If you are looking for a new extremely useful digital skillset this is your course.  Unity Game development, mobile app development and AR has never been so current.  

Recent students Feedback

"The best Vuforia AR course in Udemy yet!!!. I've taken other AR courses in Udemy and Pluralsight, but this course has been the most complete and engaging course. Congratulations Diego." Alex Rivera Rivera

"Awesome course for beginners! Absolutely recommended. Can't wait to get more courses from the instructor on Unity3D and Augmented Reality." - Misty Hamamm

"I am currently on 20% of the course and I am already seeing all possibilities of creating my own App soon. The tutor Diego is very clear and precise and has given me the confidence to be creative using unity and vuforia. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wish to learn AR from the best , Diego is you man." - Tor Yip

"The instructor is very good at presenting the instructions, very clear in speaking and makes the whole learning experience feel easy and very fun. Great course, great instructor. What more can anyone ask for? Fully recommend." - Graeme Meakin

*** ------------------------------------------------------------- ***

Recently updated with new content for 2018, covering the upgraded November 2017 version of Unity 2017.2 and Vuforia along with 2018.2 videos which are currently in production.

To have Unity 3D and a few example applications on your job profile is an enormous advantage for someone looking to work in this field or improve an existing job position internally.  Linked In recently listed Unity developer as the 6th most posted job for companies in 2018.

This course is created especially for the beginner to intermediate community, people who are looking to not only create their first mobile augmented reality app but combine Unity game development techniques and achieve real world immersive gaming experiences.  People just like you.  

This Augmented Reality course currently offers more instructional video than any other AR Udemy Course.  In the beginning I explain Unity, Vuforia and C# (C Sharp programming language) as if it were your first time seeing them and have no knowledge.  I then introduce a steady learning curve and by the end of section 2 you are already at an intermediate speed with all the essentials in your toolkit.  I've enabled a preview video in section 3 'FightClub' so you can compare the learning curve speed increase.

I explain in depth not only how to use the Vuforia image targets, user defined targets and extended tracking but how to build games in Unity 3D. 

I've tailored the course as much as possible for forward thinkers who want to master the essentials of Unity 3D as well as AR.  The purpose is to offer the best value for money course so students gain a foundation in the basics of programming games in C#, the Vuforia Augmented reality package and realise how a little creativity can come together perfectly and produce some impressive apps on Android and IOS devices.

By the end of the course you will have discovered how to take an app idea from concept to completion and if you choose to, publish in the app store. How great would that be!

I start with the absolute basics, how to setup unity 3D and Vuforia, how to import 3D models into unity and then make it all come together.  You will have a mini quiz, real world field tests and step by step on screen coding lessons.


  1. 3D Model assets

  2. Animation packs

  3. Audio Files

  4. Image Assets

  5. Online Resources

  6. Links To Debugging Mode On Mobile Devices

Along the way I will also show you where you can find additional online free resources to create professional results.

Work at your own pace and together we will achieve these great games. 

Dance Party - Create an augmented reality dancer to place in the real world score points & save scores.
Fight Club - A versus battle in full 3D augmented reality fighting. Smash the AI user with your best beat down.
Finally you go and explore how amazing these games become with field tests in the real world.  Sharing your results with likeminded creatives just like you.

This is a more in depth look at programming games with AR. A longer more comprehensive look at how to achieve AR Games using Unity, not just how to create single AR objects.


I have over 16 years experience working in the digital field building 1000s of websites and various mobile apps.  I also have a teaching background and ensure you understand why we do things and the purpose of what each tool is for.

Please read the reviews from the course and see what others think.

Unity is an ever evolving piece of software which I try to stay on top of, if something does differ slightly along the way just ask and I'll give you additional instruction.

Why should I invest my money in this course?

With a 30 day no questions asked policy and lifetime access what do you have to lose?

Augmented Reality Gaming is the next big thing.

Sign up now to get a head start on others and really strengthen your portfolio.

Who this course is for:
  • Tailored specifically for the beginner to intermediate community
  • Forward thinkers who want to create real world immersive experiences
  • People who are looking to create engaging Augmented Reality games
  • Those interested in learning Unity 3D
  • Coders looking to expand on their portfolio skillset with Augmented Reality Unity apps