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Able to Keep up with Current Science/Environmental Issues.
Able to Recognize that Change is Needed to Protect a Great Number of Animals from Becoming Endangered, or even Worse, Extinct.


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Audrey(AUDREY4CARE) is the Winner of 2018 U.S. President's Environment Youth Awards!

Welcome to AUDREY4CARE! And Thanks for Signing up "Best Science Learning Videos" in advance (wink! wink!). I am your instructor for this course, just call me Audrey, and I hope that you enjoy all the chapters. 

All the contents are from reputable sources like CNN , BBC, the Guardian, National Geographic, World Wild Life(WWF), NYTimes, Animal Planet, Reuters, the Journal, Washington Post, CBS, ABC, UN, etc. Sounds hard and complicated ? Don't worry! I will summarize them to you with very easy explanations by a little girl, me!!. If I understand, you can understand too!

These videos are for people who want to keep up with "Current Science Issues" or who have got kids and you want to get them on board with learning about everyday "Science/Environmental Issues", so "YOU over there!  Check it out!"

I have tried to make each videos easy to grasp and joyful.  I have been creating weekly videos highlighting <Current Science/Environmental News & Endangered Animals>, which have been used as educational videos in different schools in her local community. What's to lose?  It's free classes anyway!! :)

So what are you waiting for?  let's get started... and have fun!! 

Love, Audrey

-All topics are weekly updated-


If you have any problems or questions, I encourage you to contact me through the course Q&A or the Udemy message system.  You may also directly contact me at my email address (AUDREY4CARE@gmail.com).  I would appreciate any comments, suggestions and feedback that will help us to enhance the videos.

Who this course is for:

  • Do You Want to Keep Up with "Current Science Issues"​?
  • or If You’ve Got Kids and You Want to Get Them on Board with Learning about Everyday "Science/Environmental Issues", Check it out!


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“AUDREY4CARE-Care 4 Animals and Respect 4 the Earth” is a project that a 6 years old girl started after reading a book about oil spills which made a great impact on her understanding of the responsibility in protecting the ocean mammals and environment. This project is an initiative that increases public awareness of the importance of “CARE” through communication and taking actions.

In the summer of 2016, Audrey wrote a letter to a former President Obama to share her concerns about oil spills’ negative effects on the environment and received a very inspiring letter back from him. It encouraged her to start her own fundraising site and raised over $3300. To bring awareness to her local community regarding “CARE”, Audrey has donated her birthdays and made more than 1000 paper roses and natural soy candles to hand out for free. Audrey’s story was introduced on TV, radio, and national and local newspapers.

Audrey’s continued interests in making others aware of “CARE” led to an expansion of her project. Audrey asked her classmates to join her for beach clean-up activities and raised funds to donate to Pacific Marine Mammal Center as a class project. She volunteered to display her works that showed “CARE” at a local library. Audrey has also worked closely to Korean-American community, and spoke to Korean American Business Forum regarding “CARE”. Audrey has been creating weekly videos highlighting endangered animals and current environment news, which have been used as educational videos in different schools in her local community.

AUDREY4CARE has not only generated interests among young people about “CARE”, but also inspired grown-ups to get motivated to “CARE”. Long-term goals of the AUDREY4CARE are to promote environmental awareness and encourage appropriate public involvement to treat the earth with respect, ultimately ensuring a healthy planet for future generations.

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