audio engineering: EQ and Compression for beginners

this course will teach you EQ and compression used in audio engineering
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understand how to use an eq
understand how to use a compressor
understand what an eq and compressor does
learn what bands are on an EQ
learn the controls on an EQ
learn the controls on a compressor
Learn what the range of an EQ is
Learn when to use EQ
Learn when to use compression


  • nothing is needed for this course, but a daw with a compressor and EQ plugin is highly recommended.
  • Having a DAW with a compressor and EQ plugin will allow you to practice everything I'm teaching in this course
  • If you want to use the DAW I'm using it is called Presonus Studio one. The free version does not come with a compressor and eq but a free demo version of the version that does come with a compressor (artist and up) is available to be downloaded.


Eq and compressors play a very important role in controlling and shaping music, movies, and TV shows. So it shouldn't be a surprise its the most used tools in audio engineering. Eq is widely used even outside of the audio world. Anything you do adjust the bass or treble of a sound is using eq. Car stereos, ipod, smart phones music player, computers, all have eq controls. Even when you adjust the sound presets on your TV you are using eq. With the EQ spread use of EQ in our everyday life you can see why its so important to get EQ right when we are engineering. After completing this course you will see just how powerful EQ can be.

Compressors aren't widely used as EQ outside of audio engineering, but is still very important to learn. Using compression is the most understood tool used in audio. And because there are so many different compressors its no wonder they can be confusing.

This course will teach you the basics of EQ and compression. Two tools vital to becoming a good audio engineer. With over 15 years of experience in audio I will share with ways to understand what eq and compression does, as well as how its used. After this course stay tuned as I will more courses coming soon. Since Compression is always a hot topic in audio I have a few more courses on compression planned out. This course is for beginners, but even if your past a the beginning stages of engineering I encourage you to still subscribe to this course. You may learn something you didn't already know. This course will take one hour to complete and will be followed by a quiz. If you want to further your knowledge about compression check out Basics of Compression course. Any questions my contact info will be provided in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • anyone wanting learn the fundamental of EQ
  • anyone wanting learn the fundamental of compression
  • anyone who has began audio engineering and needs an introduction to eq and compression
  • If your an audio engineer and you have been introduced to compression but want to learn more than check out my basics compression course
  • no matter your what kind of audio engineer you want to be (recording, mixing, mastering, post production, live sound) this entry course to compression and eq will benefit you if you struggle understanding them


Independent Audio Engineer
Christopher "Czar" Smith
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Czar was born in Nashville, but got his musical roots while being raised in Memphis. He worked for a few studios in Memphis as well as owning his own recording studio called the Kremlin. In 2000 Czar founded Throneholder Productions, a production company for hip-hop, R&B, pop, and dance music. After years of producing independent artist, Czar later returned to Nashville to pursue a BA in audio production from the Art Institute of Tennessee Nashville, which he received with honors. During school he began to focus on engineering and mixing, which is where he finds most of his work since moving to Nashville. When he's not busy in a studio engineering or in the Kremlin mixing, Czar spends his spare time researching gear, blogging about audio, writing gear reviews, and posting helpful tutorial videos online to help others learn.

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