Audience Analysis - Coping Strategies for Business Writers

Issues involved with writing content appropriate for your intended target audience and strategies to overcome them
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You will understand the real issues involved with “Audience Analysis” and will learn approaches + strategies to guarantee maximum readability and comprehension.
You'll learn how to analyze an audience by occupational titles and categories.
You'll understand various ways to research for proper audience analysis.
You'll develop a sense of the challenges of audience analysis and develop strategies as a writer to cope with such challenges.


  • No special software or hardware is needed. You can use any word processor you like on any operating system. Knowledge of written English is all you need to finish this course successfully.


  • NOTE: This course is NOT for public speakers or creative writers but for business and technical writers.

  • NO DEADLINE to finish the course. Take it, study it, and finish it anytime you like.



Lecture 1 – SUPPLEMENTARY TRANSCRIPT – “Audience Analysis – Theory and Practice” (Downloadable PDF)

Lecture 2 – SUPPLEMENTARY LIST – “Readability Indexes and Tools” (Downloadable PDF)

Lecture 3 – EXERCISE and SOLUTION Sheets — “3 Types of Readers” (Downloadable PDF)

Lecture 5 – EXERCISE and SOLUTION Sheets — “Rewrite Text for Occupational Categories” (Downloadable PDF)

Lecture 7 – SUPPLEMENTARY TRANSCRIPT – “Audience Analysis – Best Practices Good for Any Audience” (Downloadable PDF)


Audience analysis is an important issue to which all writers should pay a lot of attention.


Because if your writing (whether it's an article, a report, a book, or a technical document) is not appropriate for its intended audience, then it'll turn into a waste of time, energy, and resources. So, you have to make sure that what you are writing fits the intended audience well.

But here is problem, a BIG problem: most of the time a writer is not quite sure who his or her audience is. Especially if you are working for a corporation or are a part of a writing team, you'd have an approximate idea about the nature of your audience but not a perfect one.

So what do you do?

My answer: you apply methods and strategies to increase the chances that your writing would be appropriate for your audience.

It's a matter of degrees. You may never create something that is 100% appropriate for your audience but by applying the strategies explained in this course, you will hopefully get close to that lofty goal. 

If, of course, you have direct access to your end-users and audience and you know them well, then this course is not for you.

But on the other hand, if you are not sure who your audience is or if you have doubts about the nature of your audience and you do not have direct access to them, you may certainly benefit from the practical solutions offered in this course.

In that case -- welcome! See you in the class!


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Who this course is for:

  • All business and technical writers, managers, trainers, and teachers. Anybody writing a technical or business document for an intended audience will benefit from the well-tested practical ideas and techniques shared in this course.


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For his copy writing clients, Ugur created all kinds of marketing materials and press releases while honing his skills as a Desk Top Publisher and even publishing a biweekly magazine for a number of years by using DTP techniques.

In mid-90s we see Ugur as a full-time accredited journalist, covering the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Congress for a daily publication.

In 1998, Ugur has discovered the joy of technical writing, marrying his love of science and technology to his artistic sensibilities and design skills.

Working for Fortune 100 hi-tech corporations like Fannie Mae, ADP, and Honeywell, Ugur created many user guides, system admin guides, reference sheets, release notes, quick start guides, and all kinds of similar software, hardware and networking documents, sometimes as a part of an international documentation team.

Ugur enjoys teaching a wide variety of writing, software tools, content development, and document design skills both online and also in person.

He is a Toastmaster (CC), an active senior member and Associate Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and a Past President of his award-winning local chapter, STC Washington D.C. -- Baltimore.

With decades of writing and technical communication experience under his belt, Ugur teaches not only the general principles of good writing and content development but also the insider tips that will save you a lot of grief and headaches. Learn software documentation and different kinds of writing from an industry professional who is still working in this exciting field.

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