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All the REQUIRED Knowledge from Basic-level to Expert-level of Atomic Structure
Bohr's Model
Quantum Mech Model
Quantum Number
Atomic number, Atomic Mass, Isobars & Isotopes
De-broglie & Heisenberg development
Electronic Configuration


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In this course you will learn about the Atomic Structure.

Consisting of Below Topics:

1)  Cathode Ray Tube Experiment.

2) Thomson's Model: Plum pudding or watermelon model.

3) Gold Foil experiment.

4) Rutherford nuclear model.

5) Atomic number, Atomic Mass, Isobars & Isotopes.

6) Bohr's Model of Atom.

7) Wave Nature of Electromagnetic Reaction.

8) Quantum Theory : Max Plank.

9) Photoelectric Effect.

10) Einstein Photoelectric Effect Equation.

11) Atomic Spectrum.

12) Separation of Hydrogen.

13) Wave Number.

14) Bohr's Model:

i) Postulates ii) Line Spectrum of Hydrogen Atom iii) Drawbacks.

15) De-broglie & Heisenberg development.

16) Quantum Mechanic Model.

17) Schrodinger's Equation.

18) Quantum Number.

i) Principle Quantum Number.

ii) Azimuthal Quantum Number.

iii) Magnetic Quantum Number.

iv) Spin Quantum Number.

19) Quantum Mech Model.

i)   Afbau's Principle.

ii)  Pauli Exclusion Principle.

iii) Hund's Rule.

20) Electronic Configuration.

Who this course is for:

  • Students preparing for JEE(Main|Advance) & NEET
  • Students preparing for any Competitive Exams where this chapter is there in Syllabus
  • Students preparing for class-12 Board Exams
  • Anyone Who want to Learn about the Atomic Structure
  • Anyone Who want to Learn about the Chemistry

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