Philosophy of an Athlete

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Reflect and learn about athlete philosophy


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Hi, I’m Eli Edson Leite, Athlete (Athletics 400 meters), Udemy Instructor and University Student both Physical Education and Sport and Leisure Management.

The Course of Athlete Philosophy is FREE and based on my practical experiences, my reflections and my mental abilities and psychology aspects as athlete. You will see my life philosophy in the sport.
At the final includes the Champions Quotes.

You will learn to reflect on another point of view, how an athlete thinks, the failures and successes and how to deal with the challenges.
For those who are athlete or coach for example, through their self-reflection based on my practices, can help you in your performance or to lead in the sports, because everything is in our mind.
I believe in my philosophy of life as athlete (change of the human being) and I believe in the sport and the corporal culture of the movement as a pedagogical instrument of education for people and for society.

The Course of Athlete Philosophy is based on the continuous learning system and always presents more new content always based in my athlete experiences, giving you the opportunity to continue studying without pay again. Help us to share this free course.

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Who this course is for:

  • Curious and professionals to develop thinking and reflections about, focusing in the athlete mental aspects.

Course content

4 sections30 lectures45m total length
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