Workplace Stress Relief: Short-Form Mindfulness Program
3.1 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
15 students enrolled

Workplace Stress Relief: Short-Form Mindfulness Program

Enjoy daily mental and emotional guidance and support for boosting wellness, engagement, creativity and performance.
3.1 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
15 students enrolled
Created by John Selby
Last updated 3/2016
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This course includes
  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 36 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • Shift into a more mindful and creative mood at work
  • Let go of negative thoughts and emotions
  • Feel more empathic and cooperative on your team
  • Break free from chronic 'hurry habits'
  • Actively tap your creative muse at work
  • Learn to listen to your inner voice of wisdom
  • Discover the elicitor power of special Focus Phrases
  • Enjoy professionally-produced video guidance that makes learning a pleasure
  • Boost your wellness and performance at work
  • Give yourself a 3-minute 'breather break' every day!
  • return to these 42 experiential videos often for lifelong support and mindfulness practice
  • There are no materials or requirements for taking this course
  • Each 3-minute guided video teaches you everything you need to know as you become more and more mindful at work

This unique at-work mindfulness course provides daily short-form video training and reminder support for step-by-step boosting engagement, enjoyment, wellness, creativity, and leadership qualities. Our entertaining and relaxing video guidance provides you with a direct experience of high mindfulness - helping you develop permanent habits of mindful success in your work.

Each workday for 6 weeks, you spend just 3 minutes immersed in a special video experience that brightens your mood and uplifts your spirit. Using our WizeWell Focus Phrases, you can also enjoy this short uplift experience throughout your work day.

Numerous Bonus video programs are also included for further exploration and benefit. The course is taught by John Selby, a noted psychologist and innovator of stress-reducing mindfulness training. After the initial 6 week daily training, you can also repeat the course and go steadily deeper : this is a lifetime guide to enjoying a more mindful and fulfilling work experience.

Who this course is for:
  • This is an integrated at-work program for everyone
  • No previous mindfulness training is needed - this is equally valuable training for everyone
  • The WizeWell program is non-religious and equally valuable to people of all faiths and philosophies
Course content
Expand all 51 lectures 01:55:07
+ Welcome and Introduction
2 lectures 04:43

In this unique 6-week stress-relief program, you will learn to quickly quiet your mind of worries and distractions, focus on your wholebody presence - and in this mindful state return to your work feeling more balanced, creative and engaged.

Preview 03:14

The creator of this course, psychologist John Selby, has spent his professional career developing core elicitor statements that instantly stimulate an associative flow of ideas and insights in your mind - these are called Focus Phrases.

Focus Phrase Intro
+ Short-Form Mindfulness Guidance
7 lectures 16:05

This first week teaches you our basic 5-step mindfulness process. Learn to effortlessly quiet distracting thoughts, as you shift into a clear mindset that keeps you engaged and 'in the zone' at work - or anywhere!

Preview 02:03

In this first guided mindfulness video, you'll learn a Focus Phrase that helps you instantly shift your attention away from past-future fixations - and focus instead on present-moment clarity and engagement.

Preview 02:28

The power of mindfulness is activated by focusing on your own breath experience. This inner choice stimulates a natural rebalancing of your thoughts and emotions - and will help you feel alert, friendly, and healthy at work.

Day 2: Brighten Your Breathing Experience

In this guided video you learn to expand your awareness to include the movements in your chest and belly as you breathe. Today's Focus Phrase will help you tune regularly into your heart and deeper sense of personal power.

Day 3: Wake Up Your Power Center

To be fully effective at work, it's important to maintain whole-body awareness. Today's video experience will expand your awareness throughout your body. Rather than being lost in thought, you will feel alert and responsive in the present moment.

Day 4: Expand Your Wholebody Presence

You have now learned five Focus Phrases that move you through the core mindfulness process in less than a minute. Today's video will reinforce this mindful state to keep you bright, patient and centered in your work.

Day 5: Enjoy A Mindfully Productive Day

You can return to this 3-minute guided video anytime at work (or at home) and move effortlessly through the basic WizeWell Mindfulness Process to quickly regain your mojo ... each time you move through this process, you get better at it!

Preview 02:09
+ Mindful Mood Management
7 lectures 16:02

You're now ready to learn a short daily process for honestly tuning into all your feelings, accepting them ... and then letting them go - as you integrate old emotional contractions and discover a new sense of inner peace and personal power.

Preview 01:52

This week's "Mood Management" process begins with tuning into whatever feelings you find in your face ... your throat ... your heart ... and your belly. You begin to relax and breathe more freely as your body lets go of habitual negative contractions.

Preview 02:15

We tend to go around negatively judging our own feelings. Today's Focus Phrase helps you verbalize the positive choice of accepting all of your feelings - this is an essential first step toward emotional healing and wellness.

Day 7: Stop Judging Your Emotions

Worrying is mostly a mental habit - and the resulting anxiety is of zero value in your life. It's time to confront and reverse that "worry reflex" by clearly stating your intention to let go of your worries - right now. The relief is immediate!

Day 8: Letting Go Of Worry Habits

Most people are chronically unsatisfied because their core needs don't get enough attention. "Energy flows where attention goes." Today's Focus Phrase aims your attention directly toward feeling, and fulfilling, your core needs.

Day 9: Tune Into Your Deeper Needs

Ultimately you choose each moment where to focus your attention. This week ends with by helping you choose to breathe more mindfully as you relax and enjoy this moment - no matter what you're doing at work.

Preview 02:04

Whenever you want relief from negative emotions, play this Emotional Balancing review-video ... move often through this basic process of experiencing, accepting, and letting go of emotional tension. Each time you do this you get better at it.

Week 2 Review: Daily Emotional Balancing Process
+ Learning To Let Go Of Stress
7 lectures 14:58

Most stress at work is caused by your habitual inner reactions to ongoing challenges. This week you learn how to focus your power of attention in specific directions that set you free from ingrained reactions to time pressure and at-work challenges.

Week 3 Intro: Welcome To Mindful Stress Relief

Stress tenses your breathing. Relax your breathing and your stress goes down. Today's Focus Phrase video begins this essential process by encouraging you to consciously balance your inhales and exhales - this in itself works wonders!

Day 11: Balancing & Deepening Your Inhales And Exhales

Nobody fights reality and wins - but at work, we often do just this. Today you learn a Focus Phrase that encourages an acceptance of your present situation - so you can relax, regroup, and deal with your situation effectively and positively.

Day 12: Choose To Accept Your Present Situation

We tend to run on automatic - reacting to situations reflexively and often improperly. Your challenge is to consciously pause, take a deep breath, reflect on the situation - and then respond accordingly. This is the essence of mindfulness at work.

Day 13: Respond Mindfully To Challenges

When we hurry, performance drops down, stress goes up - and our work experience feels negative. Today's Focus Phrase activates the choice to stop hurrying, so that you enjoy your work and perform at more productive levels. Instant relief!

Day 14: Breaking Free From Chronic Hurrying

We all want to feel that our work is of value, and serves the higher good of our extended community. We end this week by letting go of tense personal fixations and choosing to surrender to the higher good in our lives.

Day 15: Relax & Promote The Higher Good At Work

We end this week's mindfulness training with an effortless guided experience that you can return to whenever you want, to actively defuse stress habits and develop a healthier, more creative presence at work.

Week 3 Review: Focus-Phrases For Quick Stress Relief
+ Stimulating Creative Breakthroughs At work
7 lectures 13:05

This program is called "MindfulPLUS" because, in contrast to traditional 'passive' mindfulness programs, you learn new ways to apply the benefits of mindfulness to specific at-work challenges ... such as stimulating innovative thinking.

Week 4 Intro: How To Use Mindfulness To Gain New Insights

Being creative requires a definite mental shift out of habitual linear thinking into a more playful, stress-free, present-moment mindset. Today's Focus Phrase class actively encourages this cognitive shift - whenever you want it.

Day 16: Nurture Your Natural Creative Playfulness

Everyone tends to be quite careful and predictable at work - but creativity requires the opposite. Today's lecture encourages you to be more spontaneous both in your inner thoughts, and also in the external expressions of your creative ideas.

Day 17: Trust Your Spontaneous Thoughts & Expressions

Even at work, the creative source of inspiration and breakthrough thinking is a mysterious inner process. By actively choosing to feel connected with this inner source of vision and inspiration, you maximize your creative power on the job.

Day 18: Access Your Inner Source Of Inspiration - Every Day!

There's an ingrained defensive mechanism in the brain that shuts out new ideas that might be off-the-wall and thus a danger to our security at work. But the most creative people are those who consciously stay open to receive new ideas ...

Day 19: Open Up & Receive Breakthrough Ideas

Great flashes of new ideas sometimes appear in our minds - but we must then shift into manifestation mode if we want to bring our creative vision into successful physical expression. This week ends with this intent to manifest our inner vision.

Day 20: Choose To Manifest Your Higher Vision At Work

You've now learned a 5-step process for regularly waking up your creative muse at work. This Weekly Review can be used often to strengthen your power to tap creative insight at work. You can also use the special Bonus Creativity video below.

Week 4 Review: Daily Creative-Boost Process
+ Team Cooperation & Shared Success
7 lectures 14:06

Mindfulness is usually seen as a solitary practice - but in this MindfulPLUS process we apply what you've learned thusfar to interactive team situations. Week Five's introductory video begins your exploration of mindfulness as a team sport.

Week 5 Intro: Shifting Into The Zone At Work

When you quiet your mind and listen with full attention to your team mates, you activate a cooperative spirit that stimulates breakthrough thinking and success on your team. Today's Focus Phrase helps you choose to listen more effectively.

Day 21: Learn To Listen And Support More Effectively

Everyone hates to feel they're being judged - but often we tend to judge others reflexively at work. We can however learn to accept everyone on our team just as they are - in order to tap the full potential we all bring to the challenge at hand.

Day 22: Accept Everyone At work - Just As They Are

Blaming others when something goes wrong at work is another reflexive habit that we can free ourselves from. As today's Focus Phrase demonstrates, we must make a conscious choice to let go of blaming - it's a mindful act.

Day 23: Breaking Free From The Blame Game

When we run on automatic at work, we tend to get stuck in self-defeating mindsets where we feel habitually threatened, uncertain, and unworthy on our team. Instead, we can choose to focus on our strengths, passions, and accomplishments.

Day 24: Boosting Self Worth & Confidence In Your Work

When in a group at work, there's sometimes an underlying sense of distrust, tension, and competition. Today's video training aims to set you free from this ingrained defensive stance - so that harmonious teamwork can flourish.

Day 25: Nurture More Trust & Harmony On Your Team

Again, practice makes perfect. Here's the three-minute review video that guides you through the 5 Focus Phrases of this theme. Be sure to return to this learning process often so that you steadily strengthen your team presence.

Week 5 Review: Your Daily 'In The Zone' Process
+ Developing Mindful Leadership Power
7 lectures 15:00

This course has been building toward this moment when you apply all you've learned thusfar to the core challenge of making wise decisions. This final section will help you lead your team with maximum confidence and trustworthy vision.

Week 6 Intro: How to Lead Mindfully At Work

Successful leadership requires first of all a physical presence where people perceive you as strong, balanced, confident and trustworthy - and this begins by feeling these qualities inside your own skin ... choose to be mindfully present in your group.

Day 26: Use Today's Focus Phrase To Strengthen Your Social Presence

Leaders must not appear to be emotionally imbalanced - so before you stand up to lead, the wise inner act is to consciously calm, balance, and clear your thoughts and emotions. This entire course has been training you to do just this.

Day 27: Actively Calm & Balance Your Emotions

To be a true positive leader, it's essential to first of all love and honor yourself just as you are - so that you elicit trust and confidence on your team. Today's Focus Phrase and video will guide you in this exact direction - focus here often!

Day 28: Honor & Love Yourself - Just As You Are

It's essential for leaders to regularly tune inward to tap their inner source of wisdom and guidance. Today's training will help you to lead your team in trustworthy, heartful, sustainable directions.

Day 29: Listen To & Trust Your Own Inner Wisdom

A leader without a purpose is hardly a leader at all. Therefore we end this section with a Focus Phrase and guided video to help you regularly aim your attention inward - to clarify and fulfill your deeper sense of purpose in life.

Day 30: Choose To Manifest Your Deeper Purpose & Vision

You've now moved through this course once. Please remember that mindfulness is an ongoing challenge. You can move through this course however often you want to, as you continue to develop a successful 'in the zone' presence at work.

Week 6 Review: Long-Term "In The Zone" Leadership Support
+ Bonus Video Programs
7 lectures 21:08

This guided video takes you effortlessly through the first 5 Focus Phrases ... watch this video often so that you internalize those 'mindfulness' reminders, and strengthen your mental muscle for shifting into a quiet peaceful mindset.

Bonus Video 1: QUIET YOUR MIND

This is an early mindfulness meditation created by John Selby during his Kauai years, with his son Shon playing the jazz/meditation guitar music. There are 12 Focus Phrases in this meditation - enjoy often, whenever you want an uplift.


Perhaps the most popular of John Selby's short mindfulness videos, this three-minute immersion in natural beauty and Focus Phrase encouragement will help you tune into your inhales and exhales ... and quickly relax!


Whenever you feel under emotional pressure and need to safely release pent-up feelings - turn to this video for professional guided help. If you're alone, go ahead and express your feelings out loud!


Another 'breathing easy' video with Kauai nature visuals to sooth your soul and key elicitor phrases to guide your attention into enjoyable healthy relaxation. Watch this after work to regain your inner charge and vitality.


This is a 5-minute special video to experience when you want a guided process for shifting into creative gear to solve a particular challenge.. Each tie you watch this video you'll get better at making this creative shift.