Astrology Professional Quick-Starter Complete - Part 1
4.7 (13 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Astrology Professional Quick-Starter Complete - Part 1

Get started with your own independent analysis
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4.7 (13 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,993 students enrolled
Created by Jo-Ann Bryant
Last updated 6/2020
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  • 6 hours on-demand video
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What you'll learn
  • Astrology - basics and overview
  • Astrology - reading a birth chart
  • Astrology - know the limits
  • Astrology - prepare for in-depth upgrade courses
  • Astrology - reading natal chart beyond sign placements
  • no entry requirements

This is your basic starter package to professional classic Astrology. Without lengthy introductions, straight to the point. Plain, easy explanation, outlines and templates to start your own analysis.

The course deliberately saves on lengthy explanations and expects you to also research for yourself, read up more in-depth on things that interest you more than is covered. So if you want to learn quick and also invest in looking up things for yourself ourside of this course in the offered sources and elsewhere: this is for you.

You'll find some content here that you might not find anywhere else as your instructor has studied and worked all over Europe, all over the Americas North and South, as well as in Asia and South Africa. Her teachers were from Europe (Austria, Germany, Hungary), North America (USA/New York, Canada), Mexico, Brazil, India, Tibet, China, Japan and South Africa. 

Nevertheless, despite doing a course, please expect that much practice, reading, researching and exchange is required. This is best done outside the course. You'll find a link to a Facebook Group inside the course for the Alumni of this course as well as suggestions and useful resources for further learning. Please feel free to ask questions here in the Q&A section or join the Facebook group where posting charts and asking for input is encouraged (unlike in other Astrology groups).

Due to its complex nature, Astrology is mostly learned by practical experience. This is why I want to make your start as clear and structured as possible. Here is all you need is to get started with a generic and clear knowledge base. From there you need to train with real life examples. Then you train more ... and more ... and then you get interested in the next course upgrades for special in-depth analysis methods. After this course you can immediately dive into Parts 2 and 3 (they will be finished shortly within the next couple of weeks). After that some practie time will be needed for you to digest and apply for a while. This also gives me time to prepare the Special Courses for all those who still wish to know more. Please share your preferences for future courses, so that I can prepare first what is most needed.

My recommendation is also that you look at other Astrology courses and absorb as much as possible to build the unique experience you can only construct within yourself. I created for you a wealth of desk references that will help you get into your practice quickly, until you know it all by heart (yes, you will!).

The clear-cut basics of this course will give you a good sense of what is quality and what is gibberish in the realm of Astrology all over the world. The structured courses you find here are a good way to start your journey. Also, if you feel that there must be something more to Astrology than you read up so far: odds are you are going to find it here.

If you are looking for a systematic and structured quicker starter guide: this is for you.

Who this course is for:
  • anyone interested in Astrology
  • individuals who see Astrology as their full-time or part-time profession
Course content
Expand all 11 lectures 05:47:59
+ Introduction
1 lecture 13:28

Lecture 1 will familiarize you with basic principles and things you need to know to get started - and you'll get a first brief tour across a chart and its elements. All together it will be brief - since it's a quick starter course.

Astrology is a complex matter by nature. So please try not to get frustrated in case you don't seem to grasp all the concepts right away or still feel you can't apply all that to your own chart immediately. Do not worry, this is normal - it will all start making more sense when we work through the first chart together. I don't recommend to skip the first lessons though - as I speak about examples and concepts that are not too widespread and you won't easily understand the interpretation lesson without the lessons before. You may miss some very useful hints. Don't forget: this is a professional course and you are supposed to learn more than in hobby courses.

With each lesson you can access the related desk references, the presentation and materials of every session. There will also be white background & black font versions of the presentations available in case you wish to print them - they are marked with _bw and _bw_short in the file name. The short version shows two slides on one page with smaller print but less paper use.

With the last lesson you'll also find the complete compendium of all desk references and presentations as a complete book. Depending on your learning style downloading and printing one by one or having the whole thing at hand once off - you're taken care of.

Please jump to the last lesson of the course to join a new Facebook group for the alumni of this course - to discuss, learn and ask questions. Typically, the Facebook groups restrict posting charts and asking for advice. In this group this practice is explicitly encouraged. This is the way we learn best. I do see the limitations of a course - it can only provide you with a systematic foundation. Nothing replaces the learning on the real case and researching for yourself.

This is the first release of this course and your feedback would be appreciated for further improvements. Please consider that the idea is a quick-starter course, so offering too much detail would be another course for another type of learner. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your impressions. I do hope that you find this course useful.

Great to have you, and welcome to the Astrologers' community!



Preview 13:28
+ The Signs
1 lecture 21:15

This guideline on the interpretation of the astrological star signs provides you with the basics for interpretation and for the influence of the signs  and their interrelation with the various planets.

Watch the course video for in-depth explanation.

Also part of this lesson is the so-called "Void of course" and the specifics of interpreting the change of signs.

Preview 21:15
+ The Planets
1 lecture 25:04

This guideline on the interpretation of the planets is about the interpretation and meanings, but also shows the signs in which the planets dominate, are exiled, in a favorable or unfavorable position.

Watch the course video for in-depth explanation.

The Planets
+ The Houses
1 lecture 46:06

In order to understand in which life field the influences of signs and planets play out we need to understand the astrological "houses".

Watch the course video for in-depth explanation.

The Houses
+ The Aspects
1 lecture 31:35

Our next step is to combine what we've learnt so far - and relate the qualities of planets, signs and houses to each other and draw clues from the meaning of these links.

Special attention also to planets without aspects and ways to interpret this specific condition.

The Aspects
+ The Aspects Finery and Special Properties of the Planets
1 lecture 32:00
The Aspects Finery and Special Properties of the Planets
+ 4 Elements, 3 Qualities, 2 Polarities
1 lecture 26:27

Elements, qualities and polarities determine a basic feel of the entire chart, something like a typology if you will.

4 Elements, 3 Qualities, 2 Polarities
+ Interpretation: Your first horoscope
2 lectures 02:13:42

This section gets you started with a generic setup as recommended for an in-depth interpretation session for a chart - and then walk you through the actual interpretation process step by step.

Preview 14:07
Your first horoscope
+ Useful Resources
1 lecture 09:48

This is a brief section with a few useful resources for mobile Astrology - apps to use on the go or to quickly check. Most of them are free. In addition, there will be links to free resources on terminology and further learning and to an Astro Database with a wealth of birth data of prominent personalities and mundane events.

Useful Resources
+ Further development of your skills
1 lecture 08:34

Contemplate about possible future learning options, depending on your field of interest.

Optional: You are invited to join a Facebook-Group of Alumni of this course, founded with the first release of this course in June 2020.

Wish you great success and much inspiration with Astrology!

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