Astrology - Keep an eye on your future with Cosmobiology.

Cosmobiology is one of the easiest and most acurate ways to read the Astrological charts of people and events
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Once you have completed the course, you will have a general understanding Cosmobiology and how it differs from traditional Astrology. Gloria also gives some examples from her life, when she has been able to put Cosmobiology to good use. If Glorija has sparked your interest, then you can move on to take her course "Astrology: an introduction to Cosmobiology" where she teaches you her knowledge and experience of Cosmobiology.


  • No prior knowledge of Cosmobiology or Astrology is required. Just an interest in your future.


This introduction to Cosmobiology outlines how and why we need to present Astrological charts in a slightly different way that makes reading them easier and more accurate. Although we still need to use our intuition, the way the planetary alignments are presented in Cosmobiolgy makes for a much more rewarding experience in a far shorter time.

As well as telling us how the charts differ and why, Glorija runs through a number of events in her life where she has used Cosmobiology to guide her and her family to the most advantageous outcome. Glorija shows us the charts in each case and gives us her reading of them and tell us of the eventual outcome.

Who this course is for:

  • If you have an interest in Astrology, Gloria explains why Cosmobiology makes reading the stars so much easier and more accurate.


Astrologer and Cosmobiologist
Glorija Lawrence
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I am a professional astrologer with over 30 years of experience practising Cosmobiology.

I was a student and, later on, personal assistant to the late, great Doris Greaves. My early lessons with Doris kindled a life long passion for Astrology, in particular the German practise of Cosmobiology.

It was the clarity and simplicity of Cosmobiolgy charts that allowed me to initially use my intuition and later on to find and release the Phycic powers that are locked away with in all of us.

Being a Astrologer carries great responsibilities toward our clients. We must be careful not to let our words influence outcomes in a negative way.

Some experiences in life seem to be already written, already scripted and appear like a cross we have to bare. Planetary aspects are such that sometimes we are in a tight corner with very little room to move and we just have to wait until the ordeal is over. Other times it seems that everything just falls into place with the greatest of ease.

Either way, as we move through life’s experiences, it is all in the perception and our attitude to the overall conclusion which shapes our character and creates our destiny.

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